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2009 Fired Up! 1 Review
2006 Last Kiss, The 4 Reviews

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Fired Up! (2009)
SlzyMcNasty was written on May 16, 2009

Eric Christian Olsen's "nude" scene

Eric Christian Olsen's "nude" scene is entirely the same one as Nicholas D'Agnosto's, as the expect same amount of nudity is shown (just the chest), so the review is likewise the same:

While it is 'technically' true that Nicholas D'Agnosto appears nude in the film, the only thing you really get to see is a few glimpses of his chest. Penis and even buttocks are all covered up with conveniently placed pom-poms.

The scene in question is just past the 40 minute mark, after a raccoon steals D'Agnosto's and Olsen's clothing after their cheerleading practice in the lake. The two then run outside and eventually run into their cheer-coach, for whom they then perform impromptu cheer moves...in the nude, but again, with the pom-poms obscurity the only worthy parts of their anatomy.

Last Kiss, The (2006)
Guiseppe was written on August 19, 2007

A Surfer Dude Ass

In the Last Kiss, Eric serves as the frontamn for male nudity. While having sex with a woman, he wipes off the covers and we are given the briefest view of his smooth ass as he's straddiling her. Then comes the mouthwatering scene. He walks into camera, fully nude with his roundabout, scrumptious ass before answering the door. It's funny because not only is his ass very curvacious, but it seems that this young actor's ass is already drooping. Hmmm....might wanna get an ass lift buddy.

Opticon was written on September 24, 2006

Nude in bed; nude walking

First there's a brief overhead shot of a naked Mr. Olsen stretched out atop his equally naked girlfriend, but this is just an appetizer. We then see him walking away from the camera to answer the door. Broad back, muscular buns, good tan and no tan lines. A first-rate, 28-year-old body seen in bright light, clear focus for several seconds. Unfortunately we don't get a front view of Mr. Olsen's genitals but his walk is so assuredly masculine, you can almost hear his nuts clank together.

Deiterio was written on January 15, 2007

Walking nude to answer door

Eric Walking to the door without clothes. you get to see his really nice butt for a while. Boring movie though

wrascall was written on December 7, 2007

sex scene with cindy sampson

Eric is obviously not shy and Tony Goldwyn capitalizes on this. Continuing after naked walk to the door, he lets his friend in, and is about to go back to the girl when he is briefly framed in a doorway, his pubic hair showing, the bottom of the screen cutting off just above his penis. IN the subsequent scene where Eric and Cindy are on the rug in that very odd yoga/Kama Sutra position, as they separate and start to get up from their lying position, you see between his legs - you see darkness but no genitalia.

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