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year title
1974 Caged Heat 2 Reviews
1970 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls 4 Reviews
1968 Vixen! 3 Reviews

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Caged Heat (1974)
StevieW was written on June 15, 2002

Not much,but I still love her anyway!!

Erica only has 2 brief nude scenes here,first in the strip search scene at the begining of the film we see her hiny when she takes off her panties,it's nice and angular,her tits are briefly shown too. Then she is briefly seen topless in a shower scene. She does look great,just wish there had been more,but what can you do now,right??

Antman was written on November 7, 1999

Brief topless

She can be seen topless during the shower scene twenty-five minutes into the movie. You can only see her for a few seconds with several other girls showering nearby.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)
Cyclone was written on December 5, 1999

Topless in bed

You get a pretty decent view of her nice breasts late in the movie. It's somewhat dark in most of the shots, but occasionally the light does manage to hit them just right.

Chicago was written on July 17, 2002

3 scenes

At 1:31.25 after touching Dolly's bod, Erica's breasts are seen through a black sheer 'robe' as the two start a f/f...the shot is dark, but Erica's hanging breasts are viewable a couple of shots. At 1:34 after her f/f, Erica is lying topless in bed on her back as Dolly stands and leaves...20 sec. breasts. At 1:39.5-1:40.25, more breast shots as psycho Lazar enters the room, walks to her as she's asleep on the bed, sticks a gun in her mouth (she awakens), and he pulls the trigger.

Chicago was written on July 17, 2002


Erica's f/f scene is with Cynthia Myers rather than Dolly Reed.

nudity_elitist was written on June 23, 2002

some lezzy action for good measure

Erica's character, Roxanne is inserted into this movie for one purpose: to serve up a heapin' helpin' of pipin' hot lesbian love. And for 1970, boy does she deliver! As a matter of fact about 2/3 into the story, the entire film seems to explode into a gay soap opera. (Bonus: a couple fair views of Erica's chest.)

Vixen! (1968)
filmo70 was written on September 15, 2004

She'll bang em all!!

Erica Gavin is topless quite a bit in this movie especially for it being made in 1968. It was/is rated X but if made today would pass with an R. She looks great in the movie, you can't miss if you like big natural breasts or just love Russ Meyer movies. She starts right off making it with a Canadian Mounty, followed by her husband, then the guest lodger, later her wife!, then her brother (yep you heard me), and her husband again. Some very funny dialogue thrown in for good measure. The other stuff in the movie is a laugh riot as well to fill out the 70 minute run time. Oh and there's a constant score of late 60's elevator music playing. Classic! Review was based on the official region 1 DVD from RM films.

Cyclone was written on April 10, 2003

Numerous scenes

Erica gets naked almost immediately, barely 4 minutes into the movie. She's on her back, and she opens up her bikini top, revealing her large, beautiful breasts. We also get a good look at the side of her butt. Then, when the sex is over, she gets up and gives us a distant look at her bare butt, and a fairly close view of her AMAZING tits. Then, 15 minutes in, we get a very quick look at her breasts while she's bathing, and 18 minutes in, during a sex scene, we get a brief look at her chest while she's on her back. 25 minutes in, we get several nice views of her breast from the side, pressed up against a lucky guy. This is followed by a distant, but fully naked run through the water, and a sex scene that unfortunately keeps Erica covered up. Erica also shows surprisingly little during her lesbian scene with Vincene Wallace, which starts 33 minutes into the film. We get a quick flash of her boobs when she removes her bra, a few side views of one breast while she's caressing Vincene, a few quick hanging views of her tits, and a flash of boob when she's getting dressed at the end of the scene. Fortunately, though, she shows much more 41 minutes in, when she goes into the shower. We get numerous side and frontal views of her magnificent chest, including at least one great close-up. This scene is immediately followed by a sex scene, and we get a few short peeks at her rack during and after the sex. We also get 2 short looks at her breasts jiggling when she angrily throws something at the conclusion of the scene. And finally, about 56 minutes in, we get two close-up looks at her awesome boobs while she's riding a guy. Quite honestly, Erica looks remarkable here, and her breasts are absolutely perfect. Some great exposure from a gorgeous woman.

AdNoctum was written on December 18, 1999


Typical Russ Meyer Bosomania, both Erica Gavin and Vincene Wallace display acres of flesh mainly of the topless variety although you do get to see Gavins butt in one scene. As for the sex scenes there is plenty of writhing around and orgasmic pulling of faces, there is even a long lesbian scene between both Gavin and Wallace where both bare their quite considerable frontage. This film has almost everything thrown in, racism, nudity, sex, incest, draft dodging and communism, you name it, it's here.

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