Buenos Aires, Argentina

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year title
2002 Other Side of the Bed, The 1 Review
1999 Cuarteto de la Habana 1 Review
1998 Años bárbaros, Los 1 Review

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Other Side of the Bed, The (2002)
GDH was written on April 24, 2004


The slim Alterio provides a side view of his bum during a bed scene with Natalia Verbeke, although unfortunately Verbeke's legs block the view a bit.

Cuarteto de la Habana (1999)
Reno was written on April 19, 2002

buns and frontal

Alterio offers fans a pretty good shot of his luscious buns, however you'll wish the camera lingered a bit longer on it during a bed scene with his girl. After a second woman enters the room to deliver a message, the handsome actor rolls over onto his backside and sits up to read it, revealing his pubes and all but the head of his penis.

Años bárbaros, Los (1998)
Reno was written on February 10, 2002

A decent distant frontal

As distant frontals go, this one is pretty good. I'm even giving it three stars because in it you can still see dark-haired Spanish hunk Ernesto Alterio's penis clearly dangling from his fine, lean body. Nice shot of those buttocks, too as he undresses and heads into the see. Tip: if you receive any of the Spanish-version premium channels, watch for this well-made film which airs every now and then, usually at night.

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