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Laurie Wallace
Jqric was written on November 28, 2008

Ultra hot nudity, especially her masturbation scene.

Laurie Wallace is the very beautiful blonde lead in this flick, and she is by far and away the hottest and best-looking woman in the movie. She first shows a bit of nudity when she caresses her right breast at around the 14-minute mark.

The next scene around the 18-minute mark is the movie's absolute highlight. Laurie gets up late at one night and masturbates in front of a mirror. She first slowly taking off her nightgown, which builds up a great amount of sexual tension. We get great full-frontal nudity in this scene. The scene runs for about 8 minutes and is intercut with scenes of Darian Caine masturbating. Darian's not nearly as hot as Laurie, but I have no problem with the sight of two nude women pleasuring themselves.

Afterwards, Laurie gets into a series of lesbian encounters. They never match the masturbation scene, but by virtue of Laurie's totally nude presence, they're still hot scenes.

Misty Mundae
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Misty with other chicks only...

First scene is Misty in a three way with Ruby LaRocca and Laurie Wallace poolside. Pretty hot. Next is Misty and Ruby kissing and fondling on a couch. So-so. The finale of the "film" is an orgy where Misty teams up with Laurie Wallace to have some lesbo fun. Not one of Misty's best but its above average.

Ruby Larocca
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

I love Ruby!

Early on she has a threesome poolside with Misty Mundae and Laurie Wallace. Next, her and Misty are cavorting on a couch. The end of the film has her in a giant orgy. Hot girl with a perfect ass!

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