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Escape, The's Sexy Actors

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Brigitte Bako
justme was written on July 18, 1999

not bad.

bridget bako sure is a honey. she and patrick dempsey do the wild thing for what seems an eternity, it's a pretty good scene but you don't get to see a lot of bridget. there's some decent shots of her breasts, but i thought Dark Tide was a better perv.

Vincent Gale
yowza was written on July 27, 1999

Buns during humiliation

Gale, a prisoner, is forced outside by the guards, who force him to strip naked and spread his legs apart. The scene is shown from above and a little bit far away, so it's not a great butt shot, but if you're into humiliation you might like it. The movie is worth it for the long butt-shots of Patrick Dempsey, however.

Patrick Dempsey
MaleBeauty was written on July 16, 2001

ass, big hung balls, maybe dick

i give the scenes in this movie 4 stars, cause all the ass shots are good, well lit, and great views, but the MAIN reason why i give this 4 stars is cause it shows us how much Patrick has "growned" and matured" since his nudity in the movie "some girls," when he gets up from the bed you can see his balls and maybe dick real well, and his balls ARE HUGE, DANGLIN, JIGGLIN AROUND, he must of went through puberty later in life, cause I cant belive these are the same balls and dick from "some girls," AWESOME patrick!

Bubblez was written on October 21, 2000

Butt while having sex

Wow! Patrick is just so hot. We get to see his bum serveral times. And his butt is really great!


Samuel was written on September 29, 1998

Several good shots whilst making love and after.

Dempsey is really buff in this movie! You can see his buns briefly 2 or 3 times whilst making love. But the best scene is the next morning when he gets up off the floor completely naked an walks over to the window. Here you get a great shot of his buns!! WOW!! You can see his dick very briefly from behind between his legs as he stands up - this is a bonus, but the buns shot is worth the price of rental alone!!

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