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1993 Desert Passion 1 Review
1992 Pamela Principle, The 1 Review

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Desert Passion (1993)
Derek was written on January 8, 1999

Love scenes

Marvelous love scenes in a desert setting with this great hunk. He's a raven haired beauty with a breat bid; particularly a great ass. The camera never skimps on the views. There are some other nude hunks in this gem!

Pamela Principle, The (1992)
Derek was written on April 8, 1999

Love scene

Under his former name, Eugene Stephenson, Tony gets naked in a love scene which gives us ample views of his marvelous ass. This is a prize-winning ass, too! MUST rent the unrated version as the R-rated version--like all R-rated versuse unrated version--excises all of the MALE nudity, while leaving the FEMALE nudity in tact.

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