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Robson Green
Ozzie700 was written on March 17, 2009

See-through white boxers

In the third episode of this show, Robson decides he's tired and hot and wants to go have a bath in the water. He strips down to VERY tight white boxers, and soaks. When he emerges from the water, the front of his boxers is close to transparent, and you can make out the shaft of what looks to be a very impressive piece of equipment. Why can't more men like this appear on TV? It's just incredible. Such blatant flesh on display for so little reason, I love it.

Ozzie700 was written on March 4, 2009

Naked for a bet

Robson the person is even more entertaining than Robson the actor, as he curses and fumbles his way through a show about fishing. In the premiere of the second season, Robson and an expert fisherman wager that the man who catches the least fish will go into the water naked. Robson loses, and soon we see him slowly walk into the water wearing nothing but a cap. His hairy chest, toned body, and incredibly firm backside are seen to good effect. He emerges from the water holding a huge fish over his pixilated crotch. There's an unpixilated version of this out there which shows his penis, but it's too quick to really see much of anything. This is a great sequence, combining embarrassment as well as a hot, hot guy.

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