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Eyes Wide Shut's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sobieski, Leelee 1 Review
Leone, Lisa 6 Reviews
Kidman, Nicole 48 Reviews
Good, Abigail 12 Reviews
Davis, Julienne 15 Reviews
Charman, Kathryn 3 Reviews
Actress, Uncredited 1 Review

Eyes Wide Shut's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Cruise, Tom 7 Reviews

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Leelee Sobieski
Ghostwords was written on July 13, 2012

Not nude as such, but...

I'm going to make a special plea for the scene in which Cruise visits a costume shop and the owner discovers his teenage daughter engaged in some kind of sex game with two Japanese businessmen. Ms Sobieski hides from her father behind Cruise and, although she's wearing white bra and panties, the shot is extremely sexy. The material is very slightly see-through and you can detect the full bloom of her pubic mound. She would have been 15 or 16 at the time of filming, which accounts for the lack of nudity, but she sure radiates a 'naughty teen' vibe.
Screencap: http://www.celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/26138.

Lisa Leone
daemon1953 was written on March 28, 2011

No Nudity

I cannot believe the reviews below unless the reviewers did not actually pay attention while watching the film.

Lisa Leone is credited as Lisa, Tom Cruises receptionist. On the morning after the party at Zieglers Cruise arrives at his surgery office and greets the dark haired girl at the desk as Lisa. He then gives her instructions for an unseen Jenelle and makes a passing comment to Sara his nurse. The topless blonde patient is both unnamed and uncredited. Lisa reappears at the end of the film when she delivers a snack to Cruise in his office. So no nudity for Lisa Leone.

Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

1 scene

Duckem's description is accurate. At :20.75, Lisa is topless being examined by Tom in a doctor’s office…breasts as shot from the front for 10 sec.

RDS33 was written on November 16, 2002

doctor's room

Tom Cruise examines her breasts. The scene is too short.

duckem was written on November 16, 2001

Not unknown!

She plays Tom Cruise's topless female patient. She's also credited as the set decorator on EWS. But with boobs like that she should be spending more time in front of the camera than behind.

Fling was written on January 30, 2004

Even the (female) crew gets naked

In one sense, you have to give Stanley Kubrick credit. While he diligently protected the privacy of his male bimbo stars, Kubrick even got his female set director to appear naked.

Lisa Leone goes topless as Tom Cruise's patient at 21:07-19. Leone's rack puts Nicole Kidman's nubs to shame. Leone's chest is almost as great as those of Julienne Davis and the actresses in the mansion scenes.

BMac was written on June 23, 2005

Talented amateur

Lisa Leone was the set director on EWS who came out from behind the scenes, apparently because Stanley Kubrick couldn't get enough of naturally big-breasted woman. There's not much reason for this scene otherwise. Leone has beautiful boobs, worth 4 stars if the scene was longer. (And, yeah, one does kind of feel sorry for flat-chested Nicole Kidman, outsexed even by the crew.)

Nicole Kidman
Cyclone was written on June 15, 2001

Many short scenes

Nicole has several nude scenes in this movie, but really, none of them are especially lengthy. We see her butt several times, especially during the beginning of the movie, and we see her breasts when she's in front of the mirror, and during some brief sex scenes. And while she did look good, I can't rate her as highly as the other reviewers, because I greatly prefer more voluptuous women, and because her scenes really weren't very long.

Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007

(Breasts, Rear) No frontal but everything else is illuminated...

The opening shot of the film has Kidman in a medium wide shot, her back to use, letting a ball gown slip down her perfect naked body.

We see her breasts in the reflection of the mirror.

We see a close up of her butt and breasts while dressing

While arguing with Cruise, we can see her nipples through her undershirt- in a prolonged scene.

Midway through the film, Cruise imagines Kidman with another man (several times- shot in black and white) removing her panties from underneath her dress, her naked torso visible as the sailor reaches between her legs and later… we see him thrusting on top of her and caressing her breasts (only their nude upper bodies are visible).

Overall, great nudity in a subversive, hypnotic film.

Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

7 scenes + 2 partial see-through pj scenes

While Nicole’s true naked scenes are brief, ANY and ALL scenes of her are fantastic! At :00.25 during the opening credits, Nic drops her evening dress in the bedroom, revealing her outstanding figure and GREAT ass from behind from a medium distance for 2 sec. At :19.5-:20.25, Nic is seen naked by the mirror taking off her earrings…top ass and breasts between her arms as Tom comes up and squeezes her breasts and kisses her. At :21.25, Nic is putting on her bra, shot from behind…ass (great!) as well as her left breast the camera pans up her body for 10 sec. At :22.75-:33.5, Nicole is wearing partially see-through pj’s talking to Tom after smoking dope…breasts poking through for a nice long time in good lighting. At :45.5 in blue light, Nic is on the bed with her panties off being felt by a sailor…side ass. At 1:08.75, she’s again in bed with the officer…breasts with pointy nips and side ass for 10 sec. while she’s on her knees. At 1:31.75-1:38.75 when Tom returns home from a night out at a freaky party, while sitting in bed, Nic’s nips again are seen poking through her see-through pj’s. At 1:47 and at 1:54.5, Nic’s again seen being sexed by the officer…breasts for 7 sec. and 10 sec. respectively in blue lighting. Tom, Tom…you jettisoned Nicole for Penelope? What were you thinking, man!

Serna was written on April 9, 2003


You see her breasts in the mirror and her arse later on when she is dressing.
Later, in scenes in Cruise’s imagination you see a nice shot of her naked on all-fours having sex with a man, and she is topless lying under the same man as he f*cks her.

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

This Movie is Too Long But The Nude Sequences Are Well Worth It.

I give her **** because of her cute bottom. Plus her accent kinda sends shivers down my spine but I don't think I could ever watch this movie a 2nd time...

freezeframe was written on September 22, 1999

Plenty of Nicole

She shows skin many times throughout the movie. If not nude, she is wearing a almost see-thru white underwear top where her nipples are easily identified. Few scenes are in black and white but still great. I thought the movie was long, slow, and very boring. But Nicole and plenty of other nudes made it worthwhile.

2CisBelieve was written on July 9, 2000

Whole movie

I don't think there is a single five minutes in this movie that does not give you nudity.
The major part is given by Kidman, if not naked then dressed in a transparent nightgown which shows her breasts as well.
Her figure is beyond description but her breasts a a little on the small side but thats for better handle right?
If you're looking for Nicole Kidman nude in a movie, this is as best as they get! See it!

Gordon was written on June 7, 2000

Practically every scene she's in

Nicole Kidman is naked in this film a lot, and boy are we lucky because this woman is gorgeous! There are various scenes of her trotting around in her birthday suit, and even when she's not naked she's often seductively clad. Nicole's nudity is one of the few highlights in this otherwise long, overdone, and pretentious film.

renecone was written on June 2, 2002

When she is in front of the mirror

Nicole has one of the best bodies. She is sleek and is anatomically perfect.

MovieVamp was written on February 29, 2000

30 Minutes of Nicole Nude

For the first 30 mins of this 2 hour and half again as many minutes, Nicole is either nude or so provocatively dressed you dont realize she is wearing anything. Mr. Kubrick was very generous with the camera and Nicoles body, every inch of her body at that. Even if you dont care about the movie, watch the first half and prepare yourself for elegant nudity.

JACKONG was written on July 22, 2000

full of lust and skin to make one masturbate

she either wears a camisole or bra ,that makes her virtually nude in this lusty movie.very geneous and natural though for her in playing a wife full of sexual obsession.

Twizm was written on June 18, 2002

Plenty of Nicole Kidman nudity...

The very first shot of Nicole Kidman in the film is her from behind as she takes off this long black dress... and let's just say she's not wearing any panties underneath. About 20 minutes later there's a quick scene where she's standing in front of the mirror naked as Tom comes up from behind and starts kissing her. You can briefly see her breasts. Even later in the film there's this long scene that starts with Tom and Nicole smoking pot, where Nicole is in a small shirt and panties. No "real" nudity, but you can clearly see through the shirt.

nobelmike was written on March 24, 2002

lot of nudity but !!??

the 3 stars for the number of the nudity scenes. i have two problems with them...1)really weren't very long, 2)she doesn't look sexy at all in these scenes...not alive scenes, she's acting!!(the only sexy scene was while she was dancing with this old guy in the party...however, it's not a nude scene)
We see her butt & breasts several times, especially during the beginning of the movie.

sex_inspector was written on July 27, 2002

entire movie

The film is a must for Nicole Kidman fans. She is naked for quite a bit of the movie. Nicole has an incredible body. She has it all and she's totally stacked. This is one well put together woman. Nicole has long legs, a tight firm butt, a great rack and an amazing aura of sexuality about her. One very erotic scene is where she gets taken doggystyle by a naval officer during a fantasy she has. It's very HOT.

BOD was written on October 5, 1999

Puh-lenty nude scenes!!!!!

Great nude scenes!!! There's too many nude scenes here that i'd have to watch it again and again to count it. Nicole has a very very very gorgeous body. There's too many nude scenes here that i can't even remember if there was any frontal nudity in it. well, guess i'll just have to see it again!!!

throbber was written on July 16, 1999

The whole movie

I lost count at the amount of nudity in this 2 3/4 hour spectacle. Nicole Kidman has some of the most beautiful full nude scenes EVER in mainstream cinema. The camera angles explore almost every crevice of her body. There are too many nude scenes in this fil to itemize them. By the way, she has several scenes WITHOUT hubby Tom Cruise with a sailor in a dream sequence. The movie is a psychological thriller about sex and the mind, its not necessarily about sex and there are no hardcore scenes. Its a beautifully made picture.

Fling was written on January 30, 2004

Full scrutiny

From the time she reveals her beautiful ass seconds into the opening credits (0:38-42), lanky, small-breasted Nicole Kidman is fully on display in this steaming pile of pretension that passes for a film.

Tehnically adept, cold-hearted director Stanley Kubrick and her then-husband Tom Cruise combine to put Kidman under the microscope, and contrast her with much better-endowed women. Meanwhile, honoring the Hollywood code of male bimbodom, Cruise never goes beyond his boxers.

In general, Kidman is very pretty, but her impact here is mixed, psychologically as well as sexually. It seems that the other women in this movie were cast to tempt Cruise away from his wife. There's a good two dozen other women who appear topless here, and they all have better breasts than Nicole Kidman. And many have better buns and legs as well.

Well and good, if that's the story that Hollow Man Kubrick wanted to tell. But there could be some balance. In contrast to Cruise's houseful of beauties, Kidman gets one flirtation with a tal, but fully-clothed and very oily older Romeo. It explains a lot that Cruise didn't insist on some semblance of equality.

Attractive as she remains, one can't help feeling sorry for Kidman. That's especially true during a prolonged scene where Kidman does some excellent acting, but is undermined because the director seems as interested in her little cupcakes as in her face or words.

At 19:50-20:20, Kidman is at the mirror in a sheer nightgown. Cruise comes over and begins fondling her undersized titties and kissing her.

From 22;28 through 33:40, Kidman is back in the transparent nightgown for a long argument with Cruise, and her nubs _ 33B or so _ are clearly visible throughout. After he takes her fidelity for granted, she goads him with a story about being tempted to run off with a handsome naval officer. Nothing happened, but this this sends Cruise wandering around town in a jealous funk, intermittently imagining black-and-white scenes of Kidman's imaginary tryst with the officer (who's in uniform while she's naked).

This marriage really can't be saved.

Those imaginary scenes get progressively hotter. But since these flashes of the small-breasted Kidman come amid sequences with far better built women, they also seem intended to make the audience sympathize with Cruise's dissatisfaction. The more revealing of the imaginary scenes are at 1:43:41-45 and 1:54:38.

BushLeague was written on October 9, 2004

Taking a leak

She pulls her dress aside and sits on the toilet. ONly her left leg and bare butt are visible. Afterwards she wipes herself with toilet paper (no explicit p-lips)

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002


This has been reviewed to death but I'm just gonna chime in her. She has got one of the best asses in the biz and it is on full display a couple times during this weird flick. You also get some looks at her breasts. Only reason is didn't get 4 stars was because of the no bush factor.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on October 25, 2002

if it's Nicole you want ...

... then Nicole is what you'll get in this movie. Although if you want to see her lower area, I suggest u check out Billy Bathgate (1991). In this movie you see a lot of her ass and her tits which, frankly, aren't all that impressive. Her ass, however, is one of the sexiest I've ever seen. But anyone in the orgy sequence has got a better body than Nicole. She has a beautiful face but that's pretty much it.

soulman was written on April 7, 2002


This is Nicole's best film nudity since BILLY BATHGATE. You get to see that gorgeous butt of hers and her cute little tits. Plus she is damned sexy in this film too.

umathurmanfan2 was written on July 14, 2005

Nicole gets naughty - and the audience rejoices!

Nicole shows us a huge amount of skin in this movie. 1st shot of the movie is her removing her dress! Then it goes on to a really interesting scene where she’s putting on a bra, with no panties and high boots on. I personally thought you’d put the panties on first, but we still get a good view of her small breasts and spectacular ass.

The others of note is an entire fantasy sequence where she has sex with some guy. It’s shot in blue, but the sex is explicit and her body is rightfully exposed. Unfortunately, we never see her bush, but her cute, small breasts and the amount of time we see them more than makes up for the disappointment

dav345 was written on January 17, 2001

buns and breasts

As the movie opens, Nicole is standing with her back to the camera. She drops her black dress and you get to feast your eyes on her perfect butt crack for a few seconds. Later in the movie, she is getting dressed (putting on a bra); as the camera pans up her nude body, you again see her perfect butt. Damn, Tom Cruise is a lucky man. Later, as she stands in front of a mirror, you see her tiny but pretty breasts. IN the full screen version of the movie, you even see her naked butt crack again in this scene as she shakes it around a little, but the butt crack is cut off in the widescreen version.

TheWayOutIsThrough was written on August 14, 2000

All Over The Place - HEAVEN

This is a great movie, but the nudity just adds to it. Nicole is seen numerous times throughout the film. The "mirror" scene is not even the best of these. The best come during daydreams that Tom Cruise's character has of his wife having and affair with a sailor. These scenes are great, yet not overly explicit. A must see.

Brokencake was written on November 25, 1999


From the first shot of this movie Nicole is naked, and my God is her body perfect. This is one of the sexiest movies, and there is so much beautiful nudity!! A definite purchase. I am a rabid fan of Kubrick, so I was rather disappointed by this movie, but the nudity makes it so worth it.

godfather776 was written on November 29, 2000

When she is getting dressed for the evening out

These minutes are a delight for any Nicole fan or someone who simply appreciates a beautiful woman with a great figure. What wonderful side views to enhance the scenes erotic nature.

TheWayOutIsThrough was written on July 21, 2002

Best nude scenes are later on

The other reviewer neglects to mention that Nicole's best scenes are in the second half of the movie when Tom Cruise keeps imaging his wife sleeping with a sailor. I believe there are three of these "flashbacks" in all and they are spread out evenly in the film.

spamkillerII was written on June 21, 2000

bathroom scene

I would give the bathroom scene a 10. Nicole has a very fine body especially viewed from the backside. I would like to kiss her. I am especially attracted to redheads.

PhilmPhreak was written on August 22, 2008

Nicole Kidman in the mirror

We see Nicole's bare ass and small breasts as she looks at herself in the mirror. Not a very sexy scene, but nice to get a look at her body if ever so briefly.

NakedPenis was written on November 19, 2004

All Nudity in Movie!

Nicole's best nudity. First though she has a full back view but no full frontal view, which is abit odd. She doesn't show her pubes and vagina at all. She has a peeing scene (which shows nothing) she has a scene where Cruise is thinking about her and another man, where she's laying and the other man slides her dress off and feels her vagina.

The beginning has a full view of Nicole with a dress on her back is facing, she slides off the dress (she's naked) and steps around the dress. Another scene shows her naked infront of a mirror which shows her boobs and her ass.

Another scene with Nicole shows her back to the camera, naked and putting on a bra.

Other then Nicole there is a lot of nudity, there's an orgie that shows women full frontal and with little pubic hair to hide their vagina, no real male nudity though, kind of odd in a sense that Cruise didn't!

But wow the nudity in the movie!

nudity_elitist was written on June 8, 2002

quantity over quality, I guess

Nude scene after nude scene but the bush comes up M.I.A. I wanted that bush as badly as you gay reviewers wanted a look at Cruise's wiener. Lack of Nicole's furgina however was a minor flaw in what is definately a CNDB classic.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 22, 2002

red headed mama

She is cute for a red head! Lots of good seens with former husband tom cruise he grabs her tits and you get a good shot of her tits looking in the mirror all in all not bad!

RaduBozga was written on June 26, 2000

A scene full of erotism

A very hot scene.The actresse is moving very delicated.

vodkaparty was written on February 29, 2000

The mirror

She's so SEXY. She dance in front of the mirror on the bad bad things song. You see her breast and her beautifil ass. This woman is GREAT !!!

jeremyw was written on August 21, 2003


amazing ass nice small tits nad nice bush in several scenes

nicolekidman was written on June 21, 2011


nicole kidman's one of the erotic flim i have ever seen.one scene he put her bra.then her breast and butt has shown.it's really erotic and hot.i want to fuck nicole kidman

boba was written on April 27, 2001

Nic down under

Hot, hot, hot. Nicole Kidman, ice queen, strips down. We get to see her perfect ass, much nicer than the big fat ass she sat atop Bill Pulman with. In the mirror scene, she's wearing glasses, sexy, and we get to see her from behind. Then we get to see her chest, which is so small. Her nipples are like tiny mosquito bites. He comes in and feels her up, moving her tiny tit against her boardlike chest. Then he takes the back of her neck and kiss her. Later, we get B&W images of Nicole with another man. In one, he slides his fingers down her belly into her crotch. In another, he's got Nicole down on all fours. Very exploitive for an actress with children. He drags his hands along her body. Very sexual.

Icemanfr was written on April 7, 2002

Not the most beautiful but what a woman

Nicole is not the most beautiful woman in that movie if you look anly at her body. But what a woman! What an actress. She's gto a perfect butt, tiny put tight tits and a look.... I will never forget the vision of the first nude scene of Nicole.

NHRocks was written on December 18, 2002

Nicole Kidman With Sailor In Blue Light

I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve downloaded many videos off the net and from what I’ve seen on these videos, this is a must-see movie! In this scene in particular, Nicole Kidman exposes so much of her gorgeous body that it makes me wonder why Tom Cruise could drop her (and it also makes me wonder how he could watch a movie with an audience, as we get such an eyeful of sexy Nicole Kidman, who was his wife then). In this scene, the blue lighting accentuates her perfect skin (and we see that her skin is perfect all over her body) and we can gaze at her toned body and her small, but perfectly formed breasts. I don’t think Nicole Kidman is as popular (as in, she’s not on enough flesh sites and movie sites on the net) as she should be – even though her breasts are small, they suit her sensational model-like body and her arse (which we don’t get such a great view of in this scene) is equally magnificent. What is best though is her beautiful face, which can be angelic – or in this scene be contorted in ecstasy. She looks best when her hair is up and we can lust after her face (and the rest of her body).
I think this scene is basically Tom Cruise’s character imagining his wife cheating on him. Although my mpegs don’t show it, I think that the scenes of Nicole are interchanged with Tom as well (which I guess would ruin the flow of her nudity – although nothing could really make it bad!) so I would recommend finding mpegs (cause they cut the nudity together). All up I think you’re looking at 45 seconds of Nicole nudity and sexiness.
We find Nicole lying on a bed in blue light. She is wearing only a floral buttoned shirt and panties. A sailor is kissing her cheek and he is fondling her breasts through her shirt. He keeps kissing and cupping her breasts, while she seems to turn her head away. We see her face – eyes closed with a serene smile – and it is so arousing to see that expression on such a beautiful woman. Anyway, while the sailor continues on, she removes her panties – lifting her pelvis to get the panties off and then sliding the panties down her legs. Even as it gets caught on her knees and then her high heels (imagine the sexual possibilities!) it is so erotic.
The next bit we see Nicole still lying on the bed, with her knees up. Now she is kissing the sailor and stroking his shoulder and head with one arm. What is most erotic and seductive though, is that she is now lying on the bed naked from the waist down. Her shirt is now pulled up towards her breasts, so over half of her body is exposed. The panties are sitting seductively beneath her high heels. The sailor’s hand is under her shirt, feeling her right breast, but then (as any man would) he goes lower. We watch as the lucky actor drags his hand down her abdomen, towards her vagina and strokes her left thigh. We can’t really see much of her vagina area (her right thigh is in the way), but I’m pretty sure that in terms of pubic hair she is well groomed – the amount of skin showing in that area is so titillating (it looks perfect, helped by the blue lighting).
Next is the best part. Nicole is now kneeling up on the bed and is completely naked (although at the start we can only see from the waist up). Her breasts look so perfect and this is a great side shot. She is looking away from the camera and holding her hands to her forehead. Even though we can’t see her beautiful face, from this one shot we can see that she is in ecstasy. The next movements are so arousing – the director Stanley Kubrick (as well as Nicole of course!) must be commended for making it so erotic. The sailor is standing alongside Nicole and what happens is so arousing because Nicole begins to bend down onto the bed. She drags her hands down the left side of her face and starts to bend over. The sailor drags his hands up from her hips (out of shot) and cups the undersides of her breasts as she keeps bending over. She ends up on all fours and we see such an erotic shot – a strand of hair hangs alongside her beautiful face and we can still see her wonderful breasts, but we see more of Nicole including her toned butt. Even seeing her ribs is arousing. The sailor kisses her right shoulder as he strokes her back. Nicole keeps bending down and she folds down onto the bed, while the sailor strokes her thigh. Then, so erotically, she raises her tight, toned arse as the sailor strokes up her thigh and down her back again. This is such an arousing sight – her arse is raised, she tilts her head to face the camera (her eyes closed in aroused expectancy). I so wish I was there, Nicole was just asking to be taken from behind.
The next thing we see is Nicole and the sailor both naked and now having sex. The sailor is lying on top of her. The camera tracks along the bodies (and we see a tantalising shot of Nicole’s legs around his waist). He is kissing her right cheek as she rocks her head around (again eyes closed). She looks very aroused and is obviously enjoying herself. We see the sailor fondle her right breast with his thumb and we can see how supple the breast is, with her nipple easily manipulated. He then cups the breast as Nicole’s expression changes ever so subtly to show even more pleasure.
Next, Nicole is in the throes of orgasm. They are on the side of the bed and Nicole leans her head back along its side. The sailor and Nicole are moving vigorously now. It is so arousing to see Nicole’s orgasmic expressions – her eyes are closed, but she rocks her head, moans and rubs her hand quickly up and down the sailor’s back as she climaxes. Her hair is now out of its neat pile above her head. It is very erotic to see her orgasm.
This is such a great scene. Nicole Kidman is very generous and brave with her wondrous body – and the audience gets to see almost every aspect of it. I am so jealous of the sailor – he got to caress, touch and fondle her wonderful breasts, her lithe body and he even got to feel around her vagina. This is such an arousing scene mainly if you imagine yourself to be the actor and also if you imagine being Tom Cruise – how could he let her do this! That actor got to do so much. I’m so aroused as I watch the mpegs on screen now and I am trembling in arousal imagining being the actor. I think I’ll now have a wank (trust me, this is good wanking material).

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

Topless and sex scene

You see Nicoles body in the begging with Tommy boy and you do see her breast and I think her but. You also see her getting nailed in another scene but you do not see much of her there. I would view this movie again just to see her hot body again.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000


Nicole is nude in various scenes of the movie. You get to see her little boobies and her nice ass. In some black-and-white scenes you may be able to see some bush, but i'm not totally sure. She really has a nice ass.

dvddish was written on March 12, 2003


best nude scene but still not worth 4 stars

Alphonse was written on March 25, 1999

nude in preview

Nicole and Tom Cruise make out in front of a mirror in the preview for this movie. Both are completely naked, and you can see Nicole's breasts in the mirror as she looks at herself and at Tom rubbing them. Her tits are smallish, as ever, but she's gorgeous enough that they're cute. Looks like a winner.

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

When did she have clothes on?

Nicole must have been cold during filming cause she was never really wearing all that much. And her nipples were always up when she was wearing that white tank top. I'm a complete movie buff so people think its weird when i say kubrick was a nut but he was. He is completely pointless in all his movies with nudity. He just likes nude i guess

Senator was written on June 13, 2001

drool at the sheer majesty of long minutes of Nicole!

WOW! There is about a half an hour of nudity from Nicole here! I have to admit, these parts of the movies kept me spell-binded though the plot really lacked in the end. But man was it worth the first hour! Not only does Nicole dance around in a see-through white t-shirt and panties, but we see a lot more for long periods of time.

I will say that, although male nudity is not something I look for in a movie, if we would have gotten to see Tom's Dick it would have helped... how it is with her solo in front of the mirror, it is still hot, but it seems totally one-sided... although that may have been the desired effect... I will say that would have probably added to their lacking chemistry, but after all, we ARE watching for her body and not really for the movie! Her breasts are firm, wonderfully niped, and sooooo ready for your dirty mind! Definatly the best role she has ever taken for just these nude parts!

Womenlover was written on June 23, 2001

Very Much to see

You see a lot of her in the first half.
Butt, breasts. If you like Nicole you have to watch the movie.
BTW: It also a good movie.

PCZ was written on November 13, 2000

she leave the black dress

Amazing! The black dress fall and she walk slow. Wonderfull!

superpink13 was written on June 24, 2001

Thank you Kubrick

Don't bother trying to understand what the movie is about, there is no plot. This movie was just an excuse to get her naked and did it ever work. Nicole is naked for about 30 min and every scene she isn't in there seems to be another nude women.

Abigail Good
Fling was written on January 30, 2004

Magnificent body

Again, four starts are insufficient for full-breasted Abigail Good, who has a stunningly beautiful body.

And again, she's completely objectified, walking around naked with the fully clothed Tom Cruise. The reviewer who commented that this movie was made for teenage boys told only half the story. It also seems to have been made by teenage boys.

That said, Abigail Good plays the mysterious woman who twice tries to wanr Tom Cruise away from the orgy and then intervenes to save him (although there's some apparent cross-editing with Julienne Davis, who plays Mandy).

She's in the group of extraordinarily beautiful women who are first scene wearing robes, but drop them at 1:14:08. The camera pans around them, so they are seen from front and behind, and they begin to veer away and pair off with men. Abigail approaches Tom Cruise, kisses him and walks off with him, trying to warn him away, before another man comes and takes her upstairs. This entire sequence, beginning when the robed women gather, runs almost six minutes.

Cruise then wanders off to watch the orgy, when he is approached by Kathryn Charman. Good returns to interrup their chat at 1:22:20. They go out into a hallway, before a man gives Cruise a phony message about his taxi.

Instead, Cruise is brought before the assembly and unmasked as an interloper. As they are about to make him strip and perhaps kill him, the mysterious woman appears on the balcony above and offers to sacrifice herself for him.

This sequence runs from 1:27:33 to 1:29:27, with the woman on view for several stretches, mainly Abigail Good but at times possibly Julienne Davis.

Cyclone was written on June 15, 2001

At the orgy

We get a nice, long look at her naked body about halfway through the film. She has a wonderful body, and much of the exposure is full frontal. My only problem with the scene is that we couldn't see her face. Still a great look at her terrific body, but I would've preferred her without the mask.

Serna was written on April 6, 2003

Thong treat

No, you don’t see her face, but she’s got great breasts and lovely buttocks – she’s topless in the orgy scene and wearing just a thong.

Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

3 scenes

Abigail is the woman wearing the big headdress at the freaky masked party. At 1:13-1:19, Abigail is one of several women who drops her cloak…breasts and ass in thong panties. Abigail goes up to Cruise, kisses him, and walks down the hall talking to him before another guy pulls her away and the two walk up the stairs together. At 1:22-1:23.25, Abigail walks into the room completely naked to join Tom standing with another woman…full frontal walking in, ass as she turns to walk away with him, and front and side breast shots standing talking to him in the hallway. At 1:27.25-1:29.25, Abigail is seen topless, standing in the balcony trying to save Cruise from an uncertain but unpleasant fate from the masked group; more good views of her breasts.

RDS33 was written on November 16, 2002


She has a great body, but you don't her face.

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

Another Excellent Nude Lady

This movie was meant for teenage boys to rent so they could watch it at home. This lady once again makes the movie watchable for her nude scenes. Other than that this movie has nothing going for it. If you haven't seen it then only see it for the nudity. Which I guess is what everyone else watched it for.

puckhead was written on October 3, 2000

at the orgy

abigail plays the mysterious masked woman at the party, and is either wearing only a g-string or is buck naked throughout her scenes. Best view is when she walks into the library, full frontal. GREAT body - very tall, full breasts, gorgeous tummy, nice bush. yum, yum, yum...

NekkidChix was written on October 3, 2000

Masked Orgy

VHS version

Approx. 1hr20min into feature:
Abigail is the second nude masked woman to whom Tom Cruise speaks (The first one he talks to is Mandy, the woman on drugs he treated at the party at the beginning of the film). Abigail is the one who asks if he's enjoying himself and would he like to join her somewhere private. She is NOT the woman who warns him to leave.
She is totally nude and has an exceptional body. Her breasts are medium-sized with large red nipples, her pubes are very short (but not shaved) and the contour of her labia is visible.
If only her face was visible I'd have given her another *.

nobelmike was written on March 24, 2002

yummy yummy...the orgy scenes

the whole scene is long enough to make you ??....??, ohh...she and Ms. Davis made my day in that scene:) lol...wonderful body, most of the exposure is full frontal, also great tits and butt.

soulman was written on April 7, 2002

Masked Woman (And Not Much Else).

I agree with Cyclone about perferring no mask but with a bod like her's who cares. You get an excellent view of her great body.

dav345 was written on January 17, 2001

nude in the library

She walks in completely nude. You see bush and breasts and, if I remember correctly, you can even see some lips under that bush if you look very carefully....good movie. Naked women rule.

BMac was written on June 23, 2005

We need more stars

Damn! This woman is hot. There's not enough stars to rate her. Abigail Good makes Nicole Kidman look like a boy.

Julienne Davis
Cyclone was written on June 15, 2001

Lots of excellent nudity

Wow...this woman is gorgeous. We see her bush and her excellent tits early in the movie when she's passed out, and we get several minutes to gaze at her during the orgy, where we see pretty much everything again. Her full frontal exposure once her character dies isn't very appealing, but the earlier nudity makes up for it. She has an absolutely fabulous body, and best of all, she isn't shy about showing it off.

Serna was written on April 6, 2003

Nice breasts

She plays Mandy who is sat unconscious in a room near the beginning. She has pretty good breasts and you get a close up of her bush.
Later she is lying dead in a morgue, naked.

Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

2 scenes

Some of the other reviewers are off on who Julienne is and isn't. At :12.75-:14.5, Julienne is completely naked lying in a chair after near-overdosing on drugs…breasts and top pubes from a distance. The camera then closes in on her when Tom walks in to examine her, giving good views of her nice large breasts from the front and side, as well as her dark pubes, though mostly with legs completely closed. At 2:08-2:09.75, Tom goes to the morgue to identify Julienne's body…breasts and dark pubes while lying on the pull-out table. Great bod on her! She's not the masked girl at the party...that was Abigail Good. Easy to confuse, but it can be checked against MrSkin.com.

RDS33 was written on November 16, 2002

two scenes

In start, she sit on armchair, uncinscious. Firm breasts and pubes. Second scene, in the morgue, she's extensive nude. She's very hot!!

gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

Just going to give my 2 cents worth I guess.

This lady makes this unbearable movie a bit better. While she was onscreen, and alive, it made it more enjoyable. She is excellent eye candy. Definitely a hottie in my book.

Ebert311 was written on June 7, 2000

Just to add to the above review

This woman is really nude in this movie. She pretty much stole the show. This is her first movie and she's a model in London. Her nickname in the modelling world is 'The Body' and in this movie you see that. Especially when she is passed out in the bathroom. Stanley Kubrick's original script didn't have a big part for the Mandy character. According the press release I read, after seeing Julienne Davis, he decided to develop the character more. She is worth the price of viewing this movie. I'm still in awe of that body!

sirspread was written on March 19, 2003


good nude look at her drugged up in chair unfortunatley her boobs are a little big and those hips are just to heavy (pussy shots as well)

nobelmike was written on March 24, 2002

that's what we should call "nudity"

various scenes...the best was early at the party fully naked, great body, tits, and bush...again perfect shots of her sexy body in the orgy scene.

Fling was written on January 30, 2004

The best nudity in a mainstream film

The reviewers who comment on the double-standard in this movie, Stanley Kubrick's misogyny and Tom Cruise's fear of filmed homoeroticism are absolutely correct.

Nevertheless, in that uncomfortable context, it must be acknowledged that this movie includes startling beautiful female nudity, and several of the most gorgeous women to appear naked anywhere, including Davis.

Kubrick instills some deliberate confusion between Julienne Davis, who plays Mandy, and Abigail Good, who plays the woman who warns Cruise at the party. Davis has said in interviews that she also was shot naked in a mask for the party sequence.

But her two real scenes are as Cruise rouses her from an overdose. There are numerous extended shots of Davis, including her magnificent breasts and bush, from 12:59 to 14:45.

Later, Davis is lying dead, but very artistically, in the morgue, when Cruise inspects her naked, fantastic body from 2:08:14 to 2:09:52. Yes, Kubrick objectifies Julienne Davis in the course of this pretentious claptrap. On the other hand, she may want the world to see this five-star body.

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

Lets it all hang out

Man O Man Julienne is one hot broad. The scene when she is doped out is defintaly the best...great shot of every part of her body.

alekhidell was written on June 17, 2000


None of the above reviews actually describe the scenes, so i'll do it. First is where she is passed out in a chair full nude. Thats where you see her the 1st time. That scene doesnt do her justice though, as later at the mansion she walks around topless with a string thong. Then later she walks into a room fully nude, and leads Tom Cruise out where you again see her fully nude in the next room. Finally after she OD's she is fully nude again in the morge on a table. Nothing is left to the imagination, and she is on full display.

BMac was written on June 23, 2005

Great Body

As another reviewer sorts out, the fantastically beautiful Julienne Davis is the woman who passes out at the party early on, and is seen on the slab near the end. She's got everything _ great boobs, great ass, great legs, great bush _ what a woman! Too bad this silly movie didn't find more for her to do.

dav345 was written on January 17, 2001

nude here, nude there, nude everywhere

She is naked in the doctor's office with her orange bush on full display for several seconds, as well as her perfect breasts. This redhead is gorgeous. Later, she walks into a room completely nude and leads Cruise into the hallway, where you see more of her breasts. Finally, her corpse is seen fully nude; if you get the full-screen version of the movie, you can see her orange bush again for several seconds (as she plays a corpse, she's really alive, though, so don't feel too guilty). If you get the widescreen version, her orange bush is just cut off at the bottom of the screen.

Brokencake was written on November 25, 1999

She Has The Perfect Body

Her body is of the utmost perfection, and, though you see her very rarely without a mask on, she isn't wearing anything else! Perfect and real C-cups and the kind of body that puts Pamela Anderson to shame.

nudity_elitist was written on May 22, 2002


Any of you sheltered reviewers out there who are giving gargoyles like Melanie Griffith four stars listen up. There are three different actresses in this movie who simply cannot be denied, starting with this very very hot woman. She is simply sculpted. Plus Kubrick didn't mess around when it came to nudity...no obscured views, no dim lighting, no funky camera play. Just full rear and frontal nudity of near perfect bodies. This movie is a no-brainer on my favorites list.

Kathryn Charman
Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

1 scene

At 1:21-1:22.5, a masked but naked and curvy Kathryn is escorted into the room and walks to join Tom…full naked frontal shots of her before naked Abigail comes and walks away with him.

Fling was written on January 30, 2004

Absolute stunner

Yes, Stanley Kubrick is a misogynist pig, which puts him oddly in step with the prudery of his native America.

But confining these comments to the quality of the nudity, Kathryn Charman is one of several women here with five-star bodies. She comes clearly into view naked at 1:21:13 for a sequence that lasts until 1:22:50, and is on display for most of that time as she chats with the (of course!) fully-dressed Tom Cruise.

During the extended sequences in the mansion, numerous other beautiful women and seen wearing nothing more than masks, head-dresses, stiletto heels and at times cloaks. They all have natural breasts, and they all are astonishingly beautiful.

In this database _ where some nitwits give four stars to a brief nip slip _ it is hard to convey how much more beautiful the women in the orgy sequences are than most actresses.

In contrast, there are few brief passing slivers of male butts. `Double-standard' only scratches the surface of how condescending and old-fashioned Stanley Kubrick was.

BMac was written on June 23, 2005

Another beauty

Kathryn Charman offers an eyeful during the mansion scene. She's another woman with a fantastic body. As other reviewers have said, the movie is ridiculous and outdated but the (all-female) nudity is beautiful.

Uncredited Actress
vizier was written on February 11, 2017

too much covered up

in the orgy scene at the private club there are dozens of uncredited actors and actresses having lots of unsimulated sex....in the origional Stanley Kubrick cut,the finished film has most of the good stuff covered up.

Tom Cruise
Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007


Kidman is on full display, but aside from a lowcut stomach shot, this erotic film cruely cheats us of any nudity from Mr. Cruise. Shame.

Derek was written on July 24, 1999

There is no description for anything in this movie!

Throbber's review and rating above is a good critique of the film itself.My review and rating will strictly pertain to the male nudity content, and as throbber says Tom Cruise is NEVER naked in this film. Shirtless in a couple of scenes, but at no point does he bare his ass.How the nudity is handled in this movie is perhaps the most offensively sexist slight to women ever committed to film. Kubrick may have lived in Europe, but you'll never forget he was an American expatriate as there are perhaps as many naked women in this movie as in Showgirls. But there is not one single clear shot of a naked man! Not one!Of course there was the controversy over the obsctucted views of the orgy scene. Seeing the American version I can only suggest that even without this unnecessary editing, there wouldn't have been any notable male nudity anyhow.While Nicole Kidman does a fair amount of nudity, Cruise obviously did not feel the need to balance the quotient for men. This is made doubly offensive by the fact Kidman is his wife in real life as well as in the movie! Cruise has visions of Kidman making passionate love to a Naval officer, and throughout the first visions the officer is fully clothed while Kidman is being stripped! Later we see the undressed officer from the waist up only! At a masquerade Cruise is caught where he does not belong. When brought before a tribunal of sorts, he is told to take his clothes off. His expression is priceless and leads one to believe the scene will be hot. But we know he will get out of getting naked and humiliated because he is TOM CRUISE!The sexist, homophobic, and overtly Puritanical MPAA is as much to blame for this film's glaring and offensive double standards as Kubrick. Their standards of nudity are aimed at a hatred for the male body, and the idea that female nudity is art. Kubrick delivered the film he knew he could get by with, and he knew he could squeeze in as many naked women as he wanted to land an R-rating, but any naked men thrown in the mix would have tilted the scales to an NC-17. The orgy scene's tampering is proof of that.Unless actresses like Kidman refuse to do such scenes until there is a guarantee of nudity from their male counterparts, actresses will always be the naked geishas to the actor's fully dressed Samurais!Everyone involved with this film shoud be ashamed to have been a part of such misogynistic ideas.

fearme74 was written on November 23, 2008


Why is it men that are complaining about no male nudity? Women I could understand. Gay men I could understand, but these seem to be straight men. Americans are indeed prudes. I won't lie I am against male nudity, but if we are going to do porn with male nudity why double standards in main stream movies? I have only ever seen one american movie with male nudity and while I don't care for it everyone should be held to the same standard.

throbber was written on July 16, 1999

The Movie

fans of a nude Tom Cruise might be disappointed with the actual lack of Cruise's skin here, but the theme of the movie deserves mention as it deals with the psychology of sex. The preview scene of Cruise and Kidman in the mirror is the most youll see of Cruise, although there is one scene later in the movie where he and a fully nude Kidman lie in bed together. Cruise does get to SEE tons of nudity in this film, especially in the weird, but awesomely filmed orgy scene, where you will see 30-40 naked bodies of both sexes (mostly female) on screen. The film and Cruise's scenes get 4 stars simply because its Kubrick at some of his best.

dav345 was written on January 17, 2001


Tom Cruise indeed does not get naked in this film. Personally, I rejoiced in this fact, since the sight of a big old schlong on the screen is not exactly eye candy. As for the dude who is so angry about this (see the other Tom Cruise review), he should be reminded that men and women are anatomically different. That is to say, a woman can be naked and you can't see her genitals. The same is not true for a man. Breasts and pubes are not genitals. A schlong is a genital. Do you see the difference?

Mattg was written on January 18, 2001

Male pussies

Again, I too was disappointed in the absolute failure of this film to feature any real male nudity. The double standard was shocking in this day and age. Kubrick may have been brilliant, but he was a sexist, misanthropic pig at times. I just wanted to comment on the previous message about Tom Cruise and the attempt to explain how it is okay to show female frontal nudity, but not male. What a load of pathetic, straight male ****. Why does it make any difference if the penis is considered genitalia? Frontal nudity is frontal nudity. If a guy is stripped naked, then guess what, his penis is going to be on display. And that's just fine by me. In my opinion, the greatest thrill about seeing it on the screen is the psychological satisfaction, not necessarily the esthetic pleasure. But then again, if the schlong is indeed lengthy (eg. Ewan McGregor), than the esthetic value of seeing full frontal male nudity becomes even more satisfying. I don't buy this shallow, pathetic argument used to justify the double standard in this film, or in other films. As far as I'm concerned, asking an actress to show off her breasts is the equivalent of asking an actor to show off his schlong - and as we know, most Hollywood actors are pussies. Compared to European actors who are a lot less up tight about "male genitalia" or even female genitalia.

Christina75 was written on November 16, 2004

No male nudity

Dug the film but wish Kubrick's final film would have been more equal in its sexuality.

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