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Daniel Eden
MisterTeas was written on May 29, 2003

Full frontal in school shower

He's the leader of the guys making fun of Stefan Arngrim in the shower. He accuses Stefan of being gay and touches him suggestively, finally kissing him full on the lips. The two men are held together by some kind of supernatural energy for several seconds. Eden is nude and swinging for the entire scene, and the camera is at crotch level as he leaves the shower, schlong 'n' balls jiggling quite nicely below thick dark pubes. Novel scene, but the character is so damn obnoxious that it's hard to enjoy totally.

Stefan Arngrim
MisterTeas was written on May 29, 2003


This interesting B-horror film has an all-male shower scene with Stefan slowly lathering up, shot head-to-toe from behind. A bunch of jerky guys come in and start making fun of him, and one starts a mock come-on that ends in a supernaturally charged male-to-male kiss. Stefan's skinny ass isn't bad, but he's the only one in the scene who doesn't show his equipment.

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