Femme Fatales' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Willesee, Kit 1 Review
Willesee, Kit 0 Reviews
Waltz, Jasmine 1 Review
Thompson, Jennifer 0 Reviews
Sydney, Robin 0 Reviews
Stenson, Hollie 0 Reviews
Stas, Stacy 1 Review
Scott, Donna W. 1 Review
Sarelle, Leilani 1 Review
Radcliffe, Tara 1 Review
Pride, Shani 1 Review
Plante, Moniqua 1 Review
Phoenix, Tanit 1 Review
Noel, Ashley 0 Reviews
Newman, Jo 0 Reviews
Morales, Simona 1 Review
Monzikova, Anya 1 Review
Madley, Jordan 1 Review
Macallan, Jes 0 Reviews
Luyben, Kate 1 Review
James, Heidi 1 Review
Griffin, Nikki 1 Review
Giumarra, Janelle 1 Review
Gettinger, Diana 1 Review
Finley, Channon 1 Review
Felice, Tammy 1 Review
Dylan, Madison 1 Review
Donlon, Christine 1 Review
Chesney, Ashley 1 Review
Baker, Carlee 1 Review
Allen, Crystal 1 Review
Alexander, Ana 2 Reviews
Albright, Ariauna 1 Review

Femme Fatales' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sabàto Jr., Antonio 1 Review
Rush, Joel 1 Review
Poston, Will 1 Review
Matthews, Brady 1 Review
Hamilton, Ashley 1 Review
Fleming, Jon 1 Review
Enos, John 2 Reviews
Crumpton, Marc 1 Review
Bailey, Scott 1 Review

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Kit Willesee
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Various; ep: Behind Locked Doors

Kit, a beautiful brunette, believably plays the pure film sweetheart who is really a bitch. She has a number of nude scenes, starting with a shower scene which has a brief full frontal (right before a rough inmate begins assaulting her). She drops her prison grey in a nicely lit cell scene, with a closeup of her toned tush, as she and Ana Alexander alternate between rough sex and tender lovemaking (mostly waist up). Again mostly waist up views when she and a prison guard are having sex.

Kit Willesee
Jasmine Waltz
McKinnon was written on May 14, 2012

Couch; ep: Visions Part 1

After a successful evening of conning, Jasmine is just wearing a top hat, purple bra, and panties, as Marc Crumpton watches her dance. Soon the bra is gone and she stands behind the couch, with a number of looks at her hard B cups. This continues with side nudity before she lays on the couch waiting for him to climb on top of her. They take off her gloves with their teeth, and he starts pumping into her. Finally, after sex, she's laying in his lap, with close shots of her breasts, before she quickly stands up and puts on her robe. Hot scene, poor camera work.

Jennifer Thompson
Robin Sydney
Hollie Stenson
Stacy Stas
McKinnon was written on May 14, 2012

Job interview; ep: Visions Part 1

Stacy, with bleached hair, is first seen in the pool. She gets an "interview" with Crumpton, leading to some shots of her breasts as she pushes him on the bed and rides him. This eventually turns to talk on the couch, and she puts his hand on her breasts. Her B cups have a strange triangle-shaped separation between them.

Donna W. Scott
McKinnon was written on July 6, 2012

Swimming; ep: Family Business

Blonde stepmother with a very distinctive Southern-tone, with a few key scenes. One of them shows her ass in the water as she's swimming, then another brief shot as she gets out of the pool. Followed by a scene of her large implants while she is putting a robe on.

Leilani Sarelle
McKinnon was written on June 14, 2012

Dress drop; ep: Trophy Wife

Leilani, playing a middle-aged housewife who plots murder, has a car scene where she lowers her dress to entice a gun for hire. Her small breasts look wonderful for her age (or any age), and the following scene, where she gives the guy an (implied) handjob before going down on him, feels very different than the usual softcore posing. There's another partial shot of her right breast when her bra is pulled down at the end of the episode.

Tara Radcliffe
McKinnon was written on July 12, 2012

Various; ep: Family Business

Tara is a long-haired brunette with an athletic build. Her first scene is as Ashley Hamilton's fantasy, doing a striptease in an elevator. This is done in pretentious Zalman King style, but she does get down to black panties. Later she has a bed scene with Hamilton, riding him, missionary, etc. The former gives some good shots of her muscular ass; you can also see a little of this in the elevator sequence.

Shani Pride
McKinnon was written on June 14, 2012

Various; ep: Trophy Wife

Shani is a beautiful light-skinned black actress, with a petite frame and short curly hair. She plays John Enos' mistress. In an early scene she's yelling about his wife, walking around a little, showing her small, firm breasts. Later on she's riding him, he's on top of her, the usual positions. They attempt to show anger and passion but it falls somewhat flat. Finally she's passed out on the bathroom floor, with another breast shot.

Moniqua Plante
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Office seduction; ep: Gun Twisted

Moniqua, who looks a little like Pauly Perette from NCIS, has one frenzied but hot scene where Diana Gettinger strips for her, then when Moniqua tries to leave, pushes her against the wall and begins to simulate fingering through her clothes. Moniqua's breasts are revealed in this scene, as her bra is pulled down below the small but perky chest.

Tanit Phoenix
mfappeur was written on February 24, 2012

No nudity

Tanit Phoenix plays Lilith (the host of the series), briefly introducing each episode. She wears various sexy outfits but the most you'll see is some great cleavage.

Ashley Noel
Jo Newman
Simona Morales
McKinnon was written on July 27, 2012

Chair; ep: Crazy Mary

Slender Latina Simona is in a darkly lit scene, standing up, before she gives Janelle Giumarra oral pleasure while Janelle is sitting in a chair. There are some quick side views of her small breasts and her trimmed bush

Anya Monzikova
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Various; ep: Something Like Murder

Anya looks a little like Sherilyn Fenn. Her breasts fit her but look like they may be enhanced...don't know. She gets a massage from Carlee Baker, first with her shapely rump on displayed (praised by herself and Baker), then she turns over, with a dimly lit side frontal and some close breast shots. She pulls Baker in for a kiss, which leads to a 2-3 minute gauzily filmed montage of the two of them making love in various areas like a bathtub and the sauna. Steamy scenes, although more implied than shown. Finally, she has sex with a guy to make it look like she was raped, then Baker joins them. Some darkly lit views of her breasts as she's riding him and in other positions.

Jordan Madley
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Bed; ep: Til Death Do Us Part

A very thin brunette, Jordan first shows her small chest when she's getting out of bed in the opening scenes. A few minutes later there's a flashback with her fiance, which has some close side views of her breasts, then she's on her back, and finally she's riding him.

Jes Macallan
Kate Luyben
McKinnon was written on July 27, 2012

Bed flashback: ep: Crazy Mary

Kate has the titular (no pun intended) role in this episode, and we see a flashback scene of her with her husband, showing her C cups and erect nips as she's on her back being eaten out, and then riding him. Later in the episode, her breasts are exposed and groped by a creepy guard at a sanitarium.

Heidi James
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Baby got back; ep: Behind Locked Doors

Heidi is a muscular woman cast as the heavy in this episode. As soon as she walks into the shower, there is a closeup of her highly developed glutes, which are a sight to behold and would probably get her a cult following back in the old blue movie days. She also shows a full frontal view, right before a fight scene with Ana Alexander, but you're likely to remember the rear view.

Nikki Griffin
McKinnon was written on July 6, 2012

Various; ep: Family Business

Nikki plays a bitchy mob princess with a weakness for Ashley Hamilton. She first seduces him in an elevator, stripping him below the waist, then lifting her skirt to show her toned butt in a thong. The sex scene is otherwise clothed as she just sits on his lap. When they get to the limo, he soon lowers the top of her dress and kisses her breasts (they look like enhanced B cups to me, but fit her body either way). There are a few scenes of her riding him, then a strange side shot of her rear end/crack when she's laying on the seat. Finally, in dark lighting, she's on her back on a desk, before they're interrupted. She stands up and covers herself before leaving the room. The scenes are all done with the fast editing which takes away most enjoyment, but she looks fine.

Janelle Giumarra
McKinnon was written on July 27, 2012

Chair; ep: Crazy Mary

A slender Latina, Janelle plays a bitch who takes time for some sapphic satisfaction. She's in a darkly lit room, kneeling down to undress her lover. Then she's in a chair, with closeups of her small breasts as she's eaten out. Simona Morales grabs at one of Janelle's breasts. Soon after this they're interrupted.

Diana Gettinger
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Seducing the sexes; ep: Gun Twisted

Diana has a natural, curvy body, while still being in good shape. She is riding Antonio Sabato Jr, showing off her shapely ass, in a slow scene that has some real sensuality. Her breasts hang and steal the show, along with her large, brown aerola. She is topless, semi-covered by a sheet, in the minute or two after this, while talking with Antonio. In a later flashback scene with Moniqua, she strips down to her panties to seduce Moniqua (in the boss' office no less), slamming her prey against the wall and fingering her (clothes kept on so it's simulation) as Moniqua succumbs. Good scene.

Channon Finley
McKinnon was written on July 6, 2012

Bathtime; ep: Family Business

Channon, a model who has a stunning old Hollywood look about her, makes a strong impression in her handful of scenes. She's mostly shown in the bath, with some quick shots of her small, firm breasts, erect nips, and large cherry red aerola. She is next shown leaving the bathroom, with closeups of her very supple backside. In body alone I'd be surprised if we don't see her on more of these shows.

Tammy Felice
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Screwed to death; ep: Til Death Do Us Part

Tammy is a bit hard compared to the other ladies in the episode, but that makes her stand out. She flashes back to screwing a stripper, with several somewhat grainy looks at her enhanced (?) breasts while she's riding him.

Madison Dylan
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Striptease; ep: Visions Part 2

Madison, a bubbly blonde with a helium voice, first appeared in the episode "Girls Gone Dead." I'm not sure if some of her scenes in this are new or flashbacks to that episode. One scene which is definitely new is her dirty talk and teasing a guy as she strips out of a black bustier. She also pulls down her panties at the back, teasing an ass shot. The full frontal scenes are not shown, only inferred.

Christine Donlon
McKinnon was written on May 3, 2012

Nurse roleplay; ep: Bad Medicine

Christine has wholesome brunette looks, with a naturally curvy body. She appears in most of the scenes in this episode, but only has one nude scene. However, it's quite a doozy, a great example of chemistry and sensuality making up for lack of total flesh. As Christine puts her nurse's uniform on in front of a mirror, she's wearing a white garter belt and stockings, and white lace panties, with a side view of her B cups. Scott Bailey puts her on the bed and there are several other side looks at her chest as he is, at various times, on top of her and doing her from behind. Probably the hottest scene is when he wraps the stethoscope around her neck like a belt and begins tugging. When they're finished and begin talking, she's still topless, with a full view of her tits as she starts leaving bed. You really should see this sex scene if you can.

Ashley Chesney
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Nurse fantasy; ep: The Clinic

Statuesque, enhanced (presumably) blonde who shows up to have sex with a patient. She is wearing the classic white nurse uniform, with a black bra underneath, her breasts bursting out. She's soon naked and shown from the waist up as she's riding the guy.

Carlee Baker
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Various; ep: Something Like Murder

Carlee is a slender brunette. She has several scenes with Anya, in various rooms. Mostly views of her B cups, ending when she and Anya are at poolside, Anya wearing a bikini top, Carlee not. During a sex scene with Anya and a guy, Carlee initially watches, then joins in, with more breast views as she makes out with Anya and takes her turn riding the guy.

Crystal Allen
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Lounge chair; ep: Help me Rhonda

A slightly tomboyish blonde, Crystal is first seen in a lounge chair, reclining in such a way to best showcase her small, firm breasts. She then straddles Ana Alexander in the chair, with some shots of her shapely bottom. She kisses her way down Ana's body, and they have a good connection.

Ana Alexander
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Various; ep: Behind Locked Doors

Ana plays a tough inmate in the series premiere, and shows off her perfect body in a shower sequence, with a rear closeup as she walks in, and a look at most of her body throughout this scene (which involves a fight). She and Kit Willesee have a sex scene in their cell, alternating between slow lovemaking and hard grinding. Most of this is waist up only.

McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Various: ep: Help Me Rhonda

Ana's short robe is removed by Crystal Allen as she lays back in a lounge chair and Crystal straddles her, then kisses down Ana's body, with some closeups of her B cups. This is a believable romantic/sexy scene, done in the sunlight, without the predictable positions. Late in the episode, day has turned to night, and her robe is torn open by a criminal, who runs his gun down her stomach, threatening to rape her. Later, after she commits murder, she's in the shower to wash off the blood, with a large closeup of her toned ass, followed by one last breast view as she's crying on the floor.

Ariauna Albright
McKinnon was written on May 3, 2012

Fantasy; ep: Blind Medicine

Robert LaSardo fantasies about Ariauna wandering into his room. A toned and exotic beauty with reddish curls, Ariuana soon drops her coat, showing her small but firm breasts and a closeup of her dark landing strip. She then rides him, with more looks at her breasts and a close look at her ass, which looks great, very well muscled yet tight.

Antonio Sabàto Jr.
Derek was written on June 9, 2012

Love scenes

Although Sabàto has never been reluctant to show off his many charms, this show completely wastes him. As per what has become Cinemax's new sexist stance, the woman, whom he controls, is, for no apparent reason, on top of him during sex. The point of the story up to this point is about his controlling nature, so it makes no sense that she would be the dominant one during sex. The network needs to change its name to Cinemax for Straight Men Only.

Joel Rush
Derek was written on June 7, 2012

Ep: 02-01--"16 Minutes of Fame" Sex in the shower

Magnificently beautiful Joel Rush plays a character not far removed from the persona he works to project: a muscle stud who is understandably but annoyingly narcissistic. He is shown rear ending a woman in the shower while getting off on his own image in the mirror, ala Christian Bale in American Psycho. Surprisingly the camera stays focused on Rush, and shows his thrusting ass (and WHAT an ass it is!) as he goes at it. The scene is well lit, well directed and well played. It would get a 4-star rating if I didn't reserve those for frontal exposures, something I am sure Rush could do quite well.

Will Poston
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Side; ep: Behind Locked Doors

A cornfed look with a buzz cut, Will plays a prison guard. You get a quick side look at his decent buns when he's having sex with Kit Willesee.

Brady Matthews
McKinnon was written on July 1, 2012

From a distance; ep: Bad Science

Brady is the buff, star quarterback type. His sex scene in the episode is mostly waist up and shot from poor angles - there's a brief, distant side view of his muscular rump.

Ashley Hamilton
McKinnon was written on July 12, 2012

Bed; ep: Family Business

Between the time of his blink-and-you'll-miss-it stint on Sunset Beach and his blink-and-you'll-miss it stint on Dancing With the Stars, I sort of forgot Ashley Hamilton ever existed. However, he does a decent enough job here, and unlike several other "stars" on this show, he at least shows some flesh. He keeps his shirt on in the sex scenes (although he is shirtless when not in one), but in his last sex scene, with Tara Radcliffe, there are a few quick views, and one close shot, of his plump buns.

Jon Fleming
McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Stripper; ep: Til Death Do Us Part

Fleming, who was a part of the flesh feast of Dante's Cove, plays a male stripper in this episode. One of the first scenes is a closeup of his thick cock as he is dead in bed. In flashbacks to his stripping, his well toned glutes can be seen as he gets down to a red thong. Some very close views as he is over the woman's face, gyrating around, etc.

John Enos
Derek was written on June 9, 2012

Love scenes

As with Antonio Sabàto Jr., Enos has never been shy about showing his great body, and his character here is the typical alpha male who leads the women around with his little finger. And just like Sabàto's outing on this show, the woman inexplicably rides Enos during sex, so that straight men never have to see a bare male tushie for a milisecond during their orgiastic viewing of the ladies' tits and ass, and lately va-jay-jay. This series is yet another example of Hollywood offering the "idea" of women in power (hence the title) but only as a cover up to exploit them completely while the men are covered the entire time. Lame.

McKinnon was written on June 10, 2012

Side; ep: Trophy Wife

I agree with Derek about the lack of nudity, although I just wanted to point out one quick side ass glimpse at the end of the episode, when his wife is on the hood of the car and he's on top of her. Nothing very good, but if you're a fan you may want to see it.

Marc Crumpton
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Side; ep: Visions, Part 1

Marc, a lean, pale, dark-haired British actor who puts the crumpet in Crumpton, has several sex scenes, but only the first has a decent side look at his creamy, shapely rump.

Scott Bailey
McKinnon was written on May 3, 2012

Side; ep: Bad Medicine

I'll probably always associate Scott Bailey with his bizarre daytime soap character, who once had an entire storyline about a sock puppet. However, Scott has bulked up while still retaining his boyish good looks. He has a very hot sex scene at the start of the episode, showing his pistoning, muscled ass from various side shots.

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