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1983 Hitchhiker, The 2 Reviews

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Hitchhiker, The (1983)
cecil was written on August 23, 2004

Episode: Hired Help

Karen Black is seducing him and orders him to strip. We watch as he slowly removes his belt, shirt, and pants, down to skimpy black briefs. A close up from the side as he lowers the rear part, then he turns giving us a full close-up rear shot. Then another brief side shot. Next the camera is set from her perspective as he climbs on top, which should show a full frontal. However, that area is in dark shadow and we can't make out anything. The brief sex scene itself is in silhouette and the actors could be fully clothed for all we can tell.

McKinnon was written on April 27, 2011


This along with Stephen Shellen is the hottest male nudity I've seen on Hitchhiker. This is even better than Shellen's, as it's not so matter-of fact; Allende quietly and confidently strips himself for Karen Black, until finally there's a brief but very satisfying close shot of his bubble butt as he lowers his black bikini briefs. This leads to a bizarre sex scene which is done all in shadow.

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