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Fire's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Blake, Rachael 1 Review

Fire's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Kane, Taylor 1 Review
Jeffery, Aaron 2 Reviews

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Rachael Blake
james was written on February 25, 1999

brief topless

Rachael's breasts are exposed when a sleezebag tries to remove her dress. The episode in question is from the second series of the show.

Taylor Kane
Ozzie700 was written on February 24, 2009


Taylor has short dark hair and a trim body. He plays a more devil-may-care type of firefighter. In one episode, he's standing in the firehouse kitchen naked, the fridge door not obscuring the goods as he makes a pass at a female firefighter. She's not impressed, as she puts him down for his small penis. The closeup of his ass also does him few favors, as it's somewhat flat and blotchy. He shrugs off her barbs and slides down the firepole completely nude, which gives a more flattering view of his rear end. In another episode, he does a striptease for old ladies who visited the firehouse. He's all the way down to a thong when the alarm goes off and the firefighters have to leave.

Aaron Jeffery
SiFi was written on January 18, 2003

Vacuuming au naturel

Aaron Jeffrey's character (Banjo) is surprised by his girlfriend while he is in the shower. He gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist. He goes out to his living room where he starts to vacuum. His girlfriend remarks that if she knew he was going to vacuum like this she would come over more often!

Banjo's girlfriend then gets a thought into her head. She sneaks up behind him and whips off the towel. We get a brief shot of his oh-so-fine buttocks and muscular back. Banjo asks for the towel back and she gives it back.

His girlfriend then tries to start a conversation with him but he's in a bad mood. Out of frustration she rips the towel off again and we get another shot of his butt. She refuses to give the towel back to him, so he says "Fine" and proceeds to vacuum in the nude until ten seconds later when she throws the towel at him.

First of all, Aaron Jeffrey is a deeply attractive actor with smooth buttocks and a very muscular body. It's a great scene with plenty of butt shots. I can't help thinking though that either the actor was extremely nervous or had never used a vacuum cleaner before - he is less than convincing as he is cleaning! Of course, that's not what we watch the scene for, is it?

Circu was written on October 26, 2011

Brief frontal in bed

As the episode begins, the camera pans up his nude body as he is spooning in bed with his clothed girlfriend. You see side nudity.

He then rolls of the bed and proceeds to get dressed giving a brief frontal.

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