Flora Montgomery's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2006 Basic Instinct 2 2 Reviews
2001 Discovery of Heaven, The 1 Review
2000 When Brendan Met Trudy 2 Reviews

Flora Montgomery's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
2000 Urban Gothic 3 Reviews

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Urban Gothic (2000)
Dante9703 was written on March 5, 2006

Breasts (Ep. 12 Turn on)

The episode opens with Flora gaving sex with her boyfriend and we get a brief hint of her breasts. Later, as her boyfriend tries to get her involved in increasingly kinky sex we see her breasts while she is blindfolded.

BushLeague was written on October 20, 2003

Dark tittie peak

While she is blindfolded, her shirt pops open and her 33b mini-mammary juts out.

tickledick was written on April 18, 2006


As the episode opens, we see her topless, although her nipples are sometimes obscured by her arm or the guy's shoulder. However, we are looking at black and white TV footage (the guy videos everything, including Flora sitting on the toilet). Not much is exposed during the blindfolded sequence, but when she removes the blindfold to tend to the guy's cut hand, her shirt falls back and reveals a close look at her left breast, in subdued lighting. The next morning fills the room with light. As she gets out of bed, her breasts move vertically through our line of sight, almost glancing the camera lens. She walks around the bed and negotiates her arms into a pajama jacket, allowing a view of her right breast in profile.

Basic Instinct 2 (2006)
ff was written on July 26, 2006

hot sex scene

You only see her breasts and buns briefly in the final version but in the scene that was in the there were longer views of her breasts.

Dudester was written on March 30, 2006

Brief but noisy sex

Flora has a great body. We see her at the 40 minute mark of this movie. She's in the missionary position while having sex with the doc. His arms are in the way of us seeing her breasts. He turns her onto her hands and knees and we see a breast for a few seconds. He pounds her from behind for about thirty seconds and we hear the squishy sounds of sex (It's probably the sweat on their thighs). The phone rings with an emergency call and he gets up to answer the phone. She lays down and we see her nude backside from the side. Kind of disappointing.

Discovery of Heaven, The (2001)
BushLeague was written on October 20, 2003

Three scenes of note

She lowers a bathrobe and in sequence we catch her almost man-like shoulders, her non-man-like 33b boulders, and a bikini waxed, but uncombed tangled "V" web. (Great, toned body). Next she is wading in a lagoon and her nice, average tits float above the water (they seem to have grown to a "C" cup in this scene). Finally, she raises her blouse to give a geek a gawk at her chest mangoes in a slightly darkened undressing scene.

When Brendan Met Trudy (2000)
lattara was written on May 29, 2001

Slightly Blasphemous Sex Scene

Sparky Northern Irish actress Flora rides her lover to a noisy climax showing off her cracking boobs and small brown nipples in this brightly-lit and funny sex scene. She then pulls the blue cover over her head like a head dress - still straddling the guy and showing her breasts - and says she's the Virgin Mary in 'The Song of Bernadette'. "Not the version I saw," replies her boyfriend. There's also another scene where we see her briefly topless and a couple more raunchy scenes where Flora shows off her fine figure in sexy undies. Funny film too - worth watching for Flora's whole performance as well as the nudity.

sirspread was written on May 20, 2004


about 18 mins into the film we are treated to a good look at her superb breasts while she is on top they are only on parade for a few seconds but are simply an awesome pair of b cups

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