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Kevin Bishop
dvdcollector was written on September 17, 2004

Several rear shots

In this adaptation of David Leavitt's "The Page Turner", Kevin Bishop plays the young pianist who serves as a page turner at a concert for a world-renowned concert pianist. The two have an affair, and on more than one occasion, Bishop is seen standing up, putting on his boxer shorts. In other words, there are long scenes with the camera focusing on his butt. In one sex scene, he is lying down on bed and his partner plays with him by moving ice around on his back. We get another view of Kevin's delicious bum. Good-looking, hot young actor.

navplion was written on December 25, 2004

Coming Out Sex Scenes

I rented 'Food of Love' via Netflix over the Holidays Weekend 2004. Rarely do I watch a movie twice, unless several months or years have passed and I want to review a film's content, or rewatch a good performance or plotline. But I have to admit, after seeing Kevin Bishop's sweet face, gorgeous eyes, lucious rump, I could not resist seeing it over again. I really liked Kevin's body a lot; it appeared as exactly what you would expect from a boy at this time in his life. (18 yrs, very educated & cultured, lithe and 'nice musculature', as one of his trysts proclaims'; he played the cute young boy type so well.) Also, I especially enjoyed & looked forward to the DVD extras/Cast Interviews, where Kevin speaks in his sexy native Brit accent and frankly talks about his sex scenes. He admits that they were more about intimacy rather than hard cold sex, and I couldn't agree more. This movie hung with me for a couple of days the 1st run through. I felt the 'fresh sexed' bounce in Kevin's character whenever he and his Maestro would meet back with his Mother, having just come from their romp in the hotel. And Kevin's beauty is captivating, when he is onscreen it is hard to take your eyes away. He plays the All-American boy next door type quite well. I did not think the scenes where he was naked were gratuitous, unlike some of the other reviewers. Kevin's character was coming out, and discovering things about himself, and this helped the audience to feel the honesty there, the rawness, that I feel a director like Ventura Pons can do so well.

donby was written on July 17, 2003

Rear scenes, some putting on or taking off his big boxers.

Absolutely gorgeous is the only way to describe this young actor's beautiful eyes & face. His looks are definitely those of a movie star. His body is okay, but it's the whole package that is impressive. So much so, that, when he is not on-screen, the movie suffers. -------I worry, though, that he may have made a mistake in taking on such a provocatively gay role early on in his career. We shall see how this all works out for him. . . . .

Mattg was written on June 16, 2003

Sweet young ass - four times

Ah, you gotta love gay films like this. Always an abundance of young male flesh on unnecessary display. He plays the sweet young page turner - hired temporarily by a famous gay pianist, played by Paul Rhys, for performances. Kevin is textbook cute - looks about 18 or 19 - dark blond hair, etc. We see his ass as he puts on some boxers after having his first sexual encounter with the pianist. This scene is kind of dark, but you still get a good view. Later in the film, the pair meet up again - and up to the bedroom we go. An even nicer shot of Kevin standing nude in the bathroom - long enough to really appreciate - and then he puts his boxers on again. In another scene, Kevin is lying nude on his stomach on a bed with the pianist beside him, (he's got such a cute face) - his older lover massages what looks like an ice cube down his back to top of his crack. Then he mounts him and the two have sex again (off-screen.) Finally, yet another bedroom scene where Kevin is lounging completely nude on a chair, his legs draped nicely over the arm rest. All of this nudity is totally unnecessary, which is why I loved it so. Of course, his older lover shows nothing - gratuitous butt shots are reserved for the young and hot only, it seems. Although I didn't want to see Paul Rhys's butt anyway...

casualasian was written on December 5, 2004

this guy is into showing his ass while wearing pants

Hottie actor look like he is in his early twenties when doing this film. Nothing much to add, but 3 of his butt exposing scenes involved pulling his pants back on, with one or 2 scenes you got to see his balls briefly. Too bad he didn't show his penis.

lovesmen was written on August 15, 2004

hot lad

Kevin has a very hot body, even tho he's not the best in shape. you get to see his bum and balls and even kissing a man. if only he could have been a little more brave and shown his penis!

Mortie was written on May 22, 2014

Wrong Movie

These reviews were previously listed with the wrong movie. The correct movie is the 2002 "Food of Love" directed by Ventura Pons, not the 1997 "Food of Love" directed by Stephen Poliakoff (and starring Richard E. Grant).

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