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For Love of the Game's Sexy Actresses

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For Love of the Game's Sexy Actors

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Kelly Preston
Bruinsfan was written on June 21, 2001

DVD only

On the DVD extras feature in the Spotlight on location. Kelly is shown at Yankee stadium and she is swinging the bat at home plate. Its about 12 mins into the feature. As she swings the bat she is wearing a low skirt. She swings completed around and as she does the skirt comes up in the back showing her but. She may be wearing a G-String but there are no panties that you can see at all so she may not have had any on. She then runs around the bases and tries to hold her skirt down as she runs. Slow motion on the spin shows her nice ass.

Kevin Costner
snowdog was written on September 16, 1999

Full Frontal

Kevin Lets it all Hang out in A shower scene. This scene was reportedly cut from the final version to ensure a pg-13. However it definitely was in the test screening. Supposedly it will be in the director's cut when it is released on video.

Opticon was written on May 27, 2005

Frontal nudity -- deleted

Supposedly Kevin Costner's frontal nude scene was cut because sneak-preview audiences laughed at it. Ouch! This prompted a suggested ad-line for the movie: "Kevin Costner's Back! (But Not His Front.)" Anyway, somewhere there's footage (inchage?)of Kevin Costner's penis and who knows when or where it might come up? (The footage, that is.)

Bruinsfan was written on June 21, 2001

Nothing at all on DVD

I just watched the DVD in the movie and in the deleted scenes there is no nudity by Costner. One deleted scene does show Kevin in his underwear but thats about it.

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