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2006 Macbeth 3 Reviews

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Macbeth (2006)
Fluxy was written on June 5, 2000

Quick full frontal

In one scene Lady MacBath(Francseca) is being watched as she walks around her room totally naked. This is one of the more famous Shakepeare scenes but the fact that we get to see this gorgeous woman in the buff makes you forget all about the storyline.

sparrowhawk67 was written on October 25, 2012

quick flash

Her hair is mostly in the way when she is wandering around the room but when they take her back to her bed you see her bush the room is dark so prepare to pause

JoeCelluloid was written on January 26, 2005

Clear view full view from behind - dark quick view of frontal

The scene occurs later in the movie as lady macbeth has lost her crackers ...
zero erotic effect, almost looks like a young girl from behind and the long hair looks so deliberately groomed and fastened to the front to cover view of breast. You see her from behind walking to desk and as she gets up and goes toward bed there is the quickest, darkest view of panama but long hair deliberately groomed and fastened, probably with glue, to hide upper alpines. A better view of Francesca is in the 1978 British mini series "Lillie" where she plays Lillie Langtry. When Lillie goes to visit the US there is a bedroom scene as I remember where she clearly shows front view of alpines in clear lighting.

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