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1987 Capriccio 2 Reviews

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Capriccio (1987)
Serna was written on November 30, 2001

Great nudity

..but no good old fashioned hard sex scenes.
What you get is:
A view of her lying on the bed, breasts and bush out..then her great arse when she wakes gets on top of her -still dressed- and they have sex.
When the man's car overheats in the countryside she squats and pees into his hat - lovely stockings and sussies shot and lovely arse.
She also runs around a wood wearing practically nothing - and at the end bends over a bath just in case you hadn't noticed her naked arse earlier on. Fantastic looker!!

Condor was written on August 21, 1999

Great Nudity

Francesca is an exquisitly beautiful brunette Italian actress. She has three nude scenes in this wonderful Erotic film directed by the great maestro of erotica, Tinto Brass. The first time you see her she is comletly naked lying on a bed. It is a very long scene and you got great views of her gorgeous body. The second scene features her running completly naked on high hells in the woods, then her lover lifts her and there is a great shot of her inner sanctum. In her last nude scene Francesca doing a laundry in a sink wearing only an undershirt while her faboulus bare ass is fully exposed and once more you get a very good look ant her inner sanctum. If you love beutiful women dont miss this film!

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