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year title
2004 Naked and Betrayed 0 Reviews
2003 Sexual Surrender 0 Reviews

Frank Harper's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
2004 Black Tie Nights 1 Review
2002 Best Sex Ever, The 2 Reviews

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Black Tie Nights (2004)
McKinnon was written on April 12, 2012

Kitchen; ep: Sensational

You can see a quick look at his ass when he's standing/kneeling near Cassie Courtland at the start of a sex scene.

Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on May 24, 2002

Rear on Surveillance; Episode: Peeping Thompsons

Frank (who is probably a different person from the Frank Harper this page's IMDB link goes to) has that look of a man who has enjoyed a few too many beers, but he's still in good enough shape. A hairy chest and lived-in face. Most of his shots are hip or side, but when the couple next door are spying on him during sex, there's a very distant full rear shot.

Greengerm430 was written on January 1, 2014

In the episode fantasy nights...

You don't get to see any frontal but his ass is shown a lot and you get to see the look of pleasure on his face when he gets his wife and friend to ride his dick.

Naked and Betrayed (2004)
Sexual Surrender (2003)

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