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Franka Potente's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 I Love Your Work 1 Review
2002 All I Want 0 Reviews
1997 Easy Day 1 Review
1997 Drei Mädels von der Tankstelle, Die 4 Reviews
1997 Coming In 2 Reviews
1995 Nach fuenf im Urwald 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Franka Potente member submitted

I Love Your Work (2003)
taurus was written on October 2, 2006

Topless in Bed

At :11 she is on her back with a nice side shot of tit with nipple, then an overhead view of both before she pulls the sheet up. Very brief.

All I Want (2002)
Easy Day (1997)
BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Potent Potente

Is laying completely nude on a beach on her side, her tits are covered, so you only see her right rump cheek and long legs. She later turns over and shows her nice, but non-descript right 34a. Subsequently she gets up on one arm and shows the other boob. This appears to be her best nudity, so far.

Drei Mädels von der Tankstelle, Die (1997)
mrcroche was written on November 7, 2002

lying in bed topless

This is one of Frankas best nude scenes in one of her worst movies. Late in the movie you get half a minute of good, well-lit shots of her lying topless in bed. Her breasts look nicer here than ever. However comedian Wigald Boning,who has made himself a reputation for being not sexy, is in the scene also (he spent a lot of time excusing himself for writing that movie),and definitely destroys all sensuality of the scene.

Boohoo was written on June 29, 1999


During a love scene, while lying in bed with comedian Wigald Boning, she shows her beatiful breasts.

Sinnema was written on February 12, 2003

Franka's potent peaks

Near the end of this movie, titled "The Three Girls of the Gas Station" in German, Franka is topless in bed, giving a few brief shots of her breasts and nipples. Not a big deal, but worth a look for Franka fans.

Collector76 was written on November 26, 2006

A good view

We get a good view on her boobs (42 seconds). But she is just not a hot girl.

Coming In (1997)
mrcroche was written on November 7, 2002

waking up in bed

early in the movie we see her waking up, and here we get one short shot of her breasts (mostly right breast, left covered by her arm), while she is sitting up in bed and taking a cup of coffee from a guy.
Absolutely nothing spectacular.

Boohoo was written on June 29, 1999

one breast

While lying in bed with a guy, Franka shows one of her tits for a short time.

Nach fuenf im Urwald (1995)
mrcroche was written on November 7, 2002

topless at the pool

This was Frankas breaktrough role, and it contains her best nudity as well- as she only has gone topless til today to my knowledge.
We see Franka taking off her shirt,swimming in panties in the pool with a guy at night, and then more toplessness when she gets out of the pool and into her clothes again

Boohoo was written on June 29, 1999

breast scene

In this earlier movie from 1996, Franka goes swimming in the night with a guy.She undresses her shirt, jumps in the pool and comes out of it after the guy becomingobtrusive.You can see her breasts during that scene.

Sinnema was written on February 12, 2003

Late-night skinny dipping

Near the end of this German movie, Franka takes off her dress to jump into a swimming pool, then later gets out and gets dressed again, giving good shots of her breasts both dry and wet.

The German DVD also contains trailers of her other films, including "Lola Rennt" and "Anatomie," so it is a great collector's item for Franka fans.

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