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Kathy Shower
Immy was written on December 22, 2005

May 1985 Playboy Playmate topless (1:15)

Kathy plays a hospital physician and she's pretty keen on the monster that Mark Blankfield has created. She comes out of a hospital room with her boobs exposed (in stockings and garter belt too) before closing her lab coat and running after the monster.

Bunky Jones
Immy was written on December 22, 2005

Breasts (1:05)

Bunky ("Bunky"?) works in the hospital with Mark Blankfield who plays Dr. Bob Frankenstein. While in his office she asks him to work on her sore upper back. She leans forward and her backless knit top comes right off showing her nice B-cups for a brief moment until they're interrupted.

Katie Caple
Immy was written on December 22, 2005

Topless (0:56)

Katie plays a hot nurse in this "Young Frankenstein" ripoff/hospital comedy. While in the elevator with Mark Blankfield she pulls the emergency stop switch, rips off her uniform and attacks him. Her enhanced C-cups are seen really well from his p.o.v. on the floor.

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