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1998 Speak Like a Child 2 Reviews

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2000 Urban Gothic 1 Review

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Urban Gothic (2000)
GDH was written on July 8, 2005

Nude bondage

Episode: 'Dollhouse Burns, Part 2'. The slender Ayres is shown strapped naked to a frame. This allows for a few quick but clear shots of his lengthy penis (although after he's cut with a knife some might find the trickles of blood running down his body a bit off-putting!).

Speak Like a Child (1998)
5th_element was written on July 27, 2003

Several scenes

Nude taking a bath together with another boy plus several other nude scenes.

GDH was written on November 6, 2004

Backside, mostly

By my calculations, Ayres was seventeen or eighteen years old when he made this. We first see him nude from the side when he's crouching on the floor being hosed down. Next, we get a close-up of his bum as he removes his pyjama trousers and wraps a towel around himself, then a few seconds later a distant full-frontal as he climbs out of bed. His backside is on display once more when he's running naked across a beach with Daniel Newman, and finally a there's a bathroom scene with Newman during which we get several views of his bum. He's got a cracking backside.

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