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2001 Summer Catch 2 Reviews
1999 She's All That 4 Reviews

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Summer Catch (2001)
bmg was written on December 22, 2001

Body double rear

His character is nude, but those aren't Freddie's cheeks. He used a body double.

MonkD was written on January 20, 2003

locker room scene

Freddie rushes into the locker room wearing only a girls thong. A quick view from behind shows a bare butt, but you can easily tell that its not his. Freddie is a skinny, non-muscular guy and this guy in the thong has some meat on him and has some butt. There are other scenes of Freddie in shorts and a few with his shirt off and he clearly needs to work out.

She's All That (1999)
DerekShaw was written on November 29, 2002

Obstructed Frontal

Freddie Prinze Jr. is completely naked in this scene, but he has a beach ball where his pelvis is. It is obstructed, but nonetheless, Prinze Jr.'s body is well to be desired. Since there was no nudity, I rate this a zero. This scene was not worth a thing.

Mayhem1999 was written on January 30, 1999

(almost) nude scene

He is sitting at graduation completely naked (on a bet) except for a soccer ball between his legs. He later throws the soccer ball at someone, leaving himself completely nude (however, we don't see it).

Bubblez was written on June 9, 2000

Nothing real, but sexy

I want to see more of him. I wouldn't call this a nude scene. But a very sexy scene. When's he gonna show his butt? (or his dick)

JRok was written on September 25, 1999

Graduation scene near end

Although you can't see much, the camera slowly pans to Freddie, and he is completely naked (frontal) except for a small soccer ball covering his penis. However, this is the most exposure Freddie has done, and his chest and hairy legs are impressive and sexy.

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