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2007 Last Mistress, The 3 Reviews

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Last Mistress, The (2007)
McKinnon was written on March 26, 2011

Dick flash

As previously mentioned, in a very hot sex scene with Asia, his erect or semi-erect sheft is visible when he pulls her off of him and then leans over her. Oddly enough, for most of the film they avoid showing most of his naked body beyond side nudity, so I wonder if this was left in accidentally. There\'s a good side view of his rear in the film\'s last sex scene.

Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2009

love scene at ~69 minutes

For those interested, pause and do frame advance when Asia rears back... you get 9 frames of his erect penis!

bilfic was written on September 23, 2008

Several nude scenes

I am not much into male nudity, so it's hard for me to rate this actor, who first, and so far only, screen appearance is in this film. He has no previous acting experience, but he nevertheless gives a pretty good performance. He is one of those young men who can best be described as pretty, i.e., he has almost a feminine appearance: pouty, full lips, sensuous face, slender build. He appears in several steamy love scenes with Asia Argento and one mild one with Roxane Mesquida.

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