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Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck, The's Sexy Actors

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Kathy Shower
Creepyhead was written on June 25, 2003

oiled and enjoying it

They all get captured by natives yadda dadda same routine. When we see Kathy next she's been completely stripped and is being held down by some native girls (arms above her head, legs held down) while they rub oil into her. The native women are mixed in age but one old chick with large wrinkly hands repeatedly rubs Kathy's nipples. We get shots of her tummy, tits and face. Kathy may look like she feebly struggles once or twice but she's actually getting off on it. All you need to do is look at her nipples that are unbelievably long and erect. The camera shows the native women who seem to be enjoying things as well. The scene is all very slow and sensual.
The following scene shows nothing but involves a slow motion scene. There is a shot of the native leader ramming Kathy from behind with mouth open as he looks to the sky at his god or something. Then a shot of Kathy's stunned and grimacing face.

Ghostwords was written on October 14, 2012

They could take your eye out

During the oiling sequence, Ms Shower carefully shields her groin with her left leg, but more than compensates with those shapely breasts and a pair of astonishing erect nipples which look like rubber thimbles. Later, we see (left) side nudity and both breasts as the chief enters his hut and she shuffles away from him on her butt (again with the obstructive leg). In the version I saw, we don't see her butt during the first rape scene, just his hand holding her head down as he thrusts into her (offscreen).

xxzz was written on May 31, 2010

Uncut scene

The European version of Tennessee Buck contains 3 minutes extra of Kathy's oil scene. The native women are actually oiling Kathy up to prepare her for the chief. That's why they oil down her entire body and work Kathy and her nipples into a frenzy. When the chief enters the hut Kathy is rolled onto her back with her butt in the air as the chief enters her from behind. When chief is finished (less than a minute) he leaves and two natives bring Kathy to her feet where she is fondled quite aggressively. They then lay Kathy down and each gets to have sex with her. Neither of the natives can keep their hands off Kathy's tits and nipples. This version is impossible to find but I remember seeing this uncut scene on cable TV in London.

rob11 was written on June 9, 2008

Kathy has a hard time in cannibal land

Kathy and co get captured by cannibals who take them to their village. As soon as kathy enters the village she is fondled by the natives. She is taken to the chief's hut where the native women strip off her boots, tight black trousers, belt and white shirt, force kathy onto the ground, where they oil her body all over. Kathy seems to enjoy this, her nipples are erect and hard, her face expressing frustration and pleasure. No talking in this scene, only the sound of oil rubing on skin and kathy's heavy breathing. One old native just can't keep her hands off kathy's breasts, she just keeps rolling her hands over them over and over. The scene ends with kathy trying to struggle free, but the natives hold her firm while they continue to oil her up.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

sex with her husband

In an earlier scene, we see her and her husband in their tent having sex. Glimpse of breasts, not much to see here, he's on top and the tent screen is in the way, and the loser has nerve enough to fall asleep on her, literally.

TribeKing1 was written on April 11, 2012

The oil rubdown scene


The rubdown scene is considered by many viewers to be the highlight of the movie. In this scene, Barbara has been stripped naked by the women of the tribe, and forced to lay down on a bed of animal skins. While she is held down, the women rub oil all over her body. The scene begins at Barbara's feet, where two women are oiling up her legs. The camera moves upwards and we see another tribal woman rubbing oil onto her abdomen. Finally, the camera moves to Baraba's head and torso, where one woman is rubbing oil onto her breasts, while another woman holds her down by pinning her arms. The scene is repeated, this time with cutouts showing the tribal women's faces as they give Barabara her rubdown.

Chicago was written on January 2, 2002

2 scenes

The other reviewers do a good job of describing Kathy's scene which comes at :58.5-:59.25. The scene IS devalued due to the dim lighting. Kathy's 2nd scene comes at 1:03.5-1:04.25 where she is naked and still oiled up when the native comes into the doorway. She cowers back from him to the wall moving from dark shadows to near darkness; breasts are still viewable but the views aren't good...plus it's a medium-distance shot. As for the sex scene with her husband where he falls asleep, we see nothing but the upper part of her chest--no nudity. The only other scene qualifies as partial nudity where at :19.75 she is walking around the cabana wearing partially see-through lingerie.

podium was written on July 25, 2009

Big Bad Guy

Another flash of Kathy's magnificent mams when Big Bad Guy comes in to show her the disembodied head of her husband...

MV was written on January 9, 1999

rubdown scene

Nice and oily scene of Ms. Shower, lying naked, being rubbed down with oils by several native women.

jimmysays was written on February 11, 2001

Nips Ahoy

Right in the midst of this otherwise awful movie comes a scene in which Kathy Shower gets rubbed with oil by a handful of native women. The natives are just doing their job, but KS gets off on the "bath". Her nipples are exceptional, rivaling Farrah's, and are hard and erect and in close up. A very erotic scene. This was also some time ago and in her more recent films is showing her age a great deal.

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Erect Nips

Man the more they rub, the more erect those nips get

00:59:00 Kathy, appearing in all her naked glory, gets a nice, oily rubdown courtesy of a bunch of native babes, baring her bodacious bosom in the process. Get a load of those Meat-Bullets! It looks like the turkeys are done!

01:04:00 Another flash of Kathy's magnificent mams when Big Bad Guy comes in to show her the disembodied head of her husband...

BaltimoreBob was written on February 20, 2000

For nipple lovers!

Kathy Shower has two of the most outstanding nipples (literally and figuratively) that I've ever seen. I don't recall ever having seen them when they're not erect. When several Indian women rub Kathy's nipples and roll them in their fingers, the nipples must be at least a half inch long and are very firm. I'm not what I'd call a breast man, but Kathy's breasts are definitely a turn-on. Plus, it's nice to see a mature woman look so sexy.

rez1978 was written on December 4, 2010

What I like to have seen

The rubdown scene is great nonetheless. However, it would have been great had they extended the scene since it was only a minute long. Also watching Kathy being stripped by the tribe women then held down and watch her reaction when they start to smear oil all over Kathy was a wasted opportunity the makers of the film didn't take advantage of. Someday (I hope) the uncut version (Kathy's extended rape scenes) I keep hearing about will see light of day.

Powercool was written on February 22, 2000

Nice tits

Some nice scenes in this movie. Topless in tub. After being captured by natives one of them comes by and gives one of her tits a nice hard squeeze, subsequently she is held down and given an oil rub by the native women(very hard nipples in this scene. You see her sitting topless in the tribe cheifs hut as he walks in she is backward crawling, next you get a shot of the tribe chief ramming her hard from behind and a cut away to the look on her face.

Chachi was written on September 29, 1999

Tittie rub down...

Wow...can you nips!!!
Kathy Shower's character is captured by natives, and it ritually oiled up by a couple of fat tribes women...bleck...

TribeKing1 was written on October 15, 2016

Extended scenes

An early european version for late night TV showed Kathy being undressed by the tribe women before her oil rub ritual. They surround Kathy and two women attend to Kathy's boots and trousers removing them while two women hold Kathy's arms to steady her while another tribe woman removes her belt then rips open Kathy's shirt exposing her breasts. All Kathy can do is feebly struggle and grimaces.

The women hold Kathy down and oil her naked body. In this version the oil scene is much better and longer where you see more of Kathy being oiled up to the point where you swear Kathy is cumming.

Later in this version she is also manhandled by the chief into position with her ass up in the air where he then starts to bang her hard from behind. It's not a side view or head on but in between and after maybe ten strokes picks up as in the US version.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

Kathy Shower's Rubdown

Without a doubt in my mind Kathy has one of the nicest pair of breasts I've ever seen, with an equally stunning pair of nipples. When they're captured by the head-hunters and she is taken to be rubbed down by the women, she finds it very erotic and sensual. Her erect nipples must stand at least a 1/2 inch off her chest, and seeing them spring back up each time a hand brushes over them is great (slow motion is a plus here). The only problem I have with that scene is that I'm not the one giving her the rubdown or taking her from behind afterwards. Anyway, 3 *** for the scene...4 stars is almost a rarity in my book.

Brant Van Hoffman
Ozzie700 was written on January 8, 2002

Side/Upper Rear

Brant has a Nordic beauty in this film, but the rear view during his sex scene with Kathy Shower is from uninteresting, somewhat distant angles.

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