Further Tales of the City's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Linney, Laura 2 Reviews

Further Tales of the City's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Hubley, Whip 2 Reviews
Hopkins, Paul 4 Reviews
Campbell, Billy 3 Reviews

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Laura Linney
RanmaSaotome was written on May 5, 2001

First Installment: In bed with Brian

We get good views of Laura Linney's breasts twice in the first installment, first at about 3 minutes into it and again at about 18 minutes. There are three more installments yet to air, so hopefully we will get to see even more of her. There was also a brief scene right at the begining with some male nudity, Michael's lover walks around naked, but is seen only through the window. (may be more, I missed the first minute or so) I will post a review of that actor after catching a re-run. I guess the only dissapointment so far is that all of the hunks at ____ _____'s party keep their speedos on.

nudedude was written on May 13, 2001

Nude in isolation tank

This is the second installment of this mini-series. You can see (although a bit out of focus) full frontal nudity from a shot taken outside the isolation tank and then her breasts from a shot within the isolation tank. Laura has certainly been on a nude roll lately.

Whip Hubley
Derek was written on May 15, 2001

Crawling into anti-gravity chamber

Handsome Whip Hubley stands at an anti-gravity chamber which is occupied by Laura Linney. He removes his towel to get into it with her. After giving us a glimpse of his lovely butt he raises his leg to get in and gives us a shot of the family jewels. Great shot of an underrated actor--in both looks and talent!

donby was written on February 15, 2003

Isolation Chamber Scene

I'm not a fan of guys with longer hair, but there's no denying this fellow is hot. We see him earlier in "Further Tales" in several shirtless scenes; Here, he drops his towel, and we see a nice rear shot. As he steps into the chamber with Mary Anne, I saw no penis on display, but there's a tempting view of the family jewels from behind.-------The character of Brian in the first Tales (played by a different actor, Paul Gross), was a hound who slept with any girl. Here, he has changed, and all that he wants to do is, endearingly, settle down with Mary Anne. She, however, is obsessed with her career; this was a very interesting reversal of roles in 1981, the year the movie is set.------How do you get a name like "Whip" Hubley? (Parents watched too many Lash Larue movies ?)

Paul Hopkins
bmg was written on June 3, 2001

Full frontal

Once again, this actor is the most daring of the group, giving the lengthiest and clearest frontal shots of the show. At the beginning of the second episode, we see Michael lying nude in bed after having had sex with the old movie star guy. The movie star walks to the door and looks back at Michael, and we see a shot similar to the one in More Tales, except it's daylight now. It lasts for quite a while, then cuts back to the movie star, then back to Michael, who starts giddily rolling around nude. IMO, the least attractive actor, but by far the best nude scene.

bmg was written on June 3, 2001


Nowhere near as good as his exposure in episode 2, but nudity nonetheless. This takes place towards the end of episode 4. He is lying on the floor with Billy Campbell, both nude, and as the camera slowly sweeps around them, you see his butt up close.

bmg was written on June 3, 2001


He's having sex with a cop and we get a clear and close, though only partial, butt shot.

donby was written on February 15, 2003

Yes, he shows it all, full frontal, after sex with the Cage Tyler character.

There are several things about this scene that turned me off: that Michael is so "Enthralled" with the movie star character, that he has the curly-haired, little boy look, and that he giggles in the full frontal shot . If these things don't bother you, you might love this.

Billy Campbell
ajb was written on May 27, 2001

Lying on floor

Once again, the handsome and rugged Billy Campbell disrobes for the "Tales of the City" series. In the fourth installment of "Further Tales of the City," Billy is seen totally nude lying on the floor with his boyfriend. As he gets up and leans against the side of the bed, we get about a second view of the family jewels.

dvddish was written on June 16, 2003

big balls

in this movie you see his huge balls but hard to see his dick

bmg was written on June 3, 2001

Balls and some dick

As he sits up, we get a great shot of his huge balls, but where is his penis? You can see the head peeking out, but that's it. It looks very small, which was my suspicion ever since his exposure in More Tales. Not that it matters at all, though. He's still the most gorgeous guy in the world, baby dick or not!

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