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year title
2008 Bedtime Stories 2 Reviews
2005 Jacqueline Hyde 0 Reviews
2002 Double Your Pleasure 1 Review
2002 Deviant Vixens I 1 Review
2002 Deviant Obsession 1 Review
2000 Virgins of Sherwood Forest 2 Reviews
2000 Summer Temptations II 4 Reviews
2000 Sex Files: Alien Erotica II 1 Review
2000 Scandal: Lawful Entry 1 Review
2000 Illicit Lovers 1 Review
2000 Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters, The 2 Reviews
2000 Ancient Desires 1 Review
1999 Shadow Dancer 0 Reviews
1998 Sweetheart Murders 1 Review
1998 Sex Files: Portrait of the Soul 2 Reviews
1998 Lolita 2000 2 Reviews
1998 Indiscreet 1 Review
1998 Different Strokes 2 Reviews
1998 Alien Files, The 3 Reviews
1997 Ultimate Attraction, The 3 Reviews
1997 Rod Steele 0014: You only live until you die 2 Reviews
1997 Masseuse II 1 Review
1997 Masseuse 2 0 Reviews
1997 Lust: The Movie 1 Review
1997 In the Heat of Click 2 Reviews
1997 Illusions of Sin 2 Reviews
1997 Guarded Secrets 1 Review
1997 Exotic Time Machine, The 6 Reviews
1997 Desires of Innocence 1 Review
1997 Butterscotch 1 Review
1996 Sexual Roulette 3 Reviews
1996 Night Shade 3 Reviews
1996 Love Me Twice 2 1 Review
1996 Jane Street 1 Review
1996 Club VR 1 Review
1996 Centerfold 2 Reviews
1995 Full Body Massage 2 Reviews

Gabriella Hall's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
2000 Passion Cove 3 Reviews
2000 Lady Chatterley's Stories 1 Review
1999 Pleasure Zone, The 2 Reviews
1998 Intimate Sessions 2 Reviews
1996 Women: Stories of Passion 2 Reviews
1996 Beverly Hills Bordello 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review

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Passion Cove (2000)
soulman was written on June 24, 2002

More Of Hall's Beautiful Body.

In the episode THE BET, Hall is one of three women who make a bet over a handyman. Hall is the first to have sex with the lucky S.O.B. You get the usual excellent view of her beautiful bod and lovely tits. Another great scene for Hall.

Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "The Bet"

At :00-:02.25, gorgeous Gabriella opens this episode with a topless sunning scene with Tina New and Judy Moulton, sitting in a lounge chair, twins exposed. At :10.75-:12.5, as soulman describes, Gabriella puts the moves on the guy and the two get it on while sitting on the couch...breasts are viewable as her top comes down, then her ass as her skirt is pulled up, then off. After she fights to get his pants off, the two have sex on the couch. There's never a bad one with her!

truffaut was written on October 28, 2002

In addition to the"Two Scenes"

Just want to co-sign what Chicago said and point out that from apprx.2:18 to7:30,Gabriella is wearing a skimpy two-piece,highlighting what great shape she's stayed in through the years.Unfortunately,they filmed her close-ups with a lens that makes her face look strange,not that anybody will be looking at that. Also,props to Chi for remembering Tina New and Judy Moulton.The sight of G-Hall rubbing tanning oil on her legs and shoulders while sunning her breasts made those two actresses disappear for me!One of her best recent performances.

Lady Chatterley's Stories (2000)
truffaut was written on December 25, 2002


So,I was about to lay two stars on this episode.I mean,look at the strikes against it- four couples go to an adult resort hosted by a skinamax vet-wait!-isn't that "Erotic Confessions"?Oh,no, that's just one person's confession...or is that"Intimate Sessions"?Or "Bedtime Stories"?No,adult resort is "Beverly Hills Bordello"-nope-you pay the girls in that one,not the this must be "Kama Sutra"...anyway,you get the idea-these skin series are all pretty much the same dog with different fleas.And this dog is fuh-lee ridden,starting with a bunch of actors who can barely keep from grinning in triumph when they finish reading a line without stumbling.And the hostess?None other than Shauna O'Brien,she of Dr Frankenstein's lab-produced breasts and acting chops that run the gamut from "A" to almost"B",not that it matters-if Joan of Arc had sported Shauna's hair-do she'd have been laughed off the stake.Anyway,this concerns some nonsense where somebody reads a fantasy and they try to guess whose it is,and our eyes immediately go to the beautiful brunette in the middle of the room,namely,fair Gabriella.Two things become obvious-that GH is one of the few people Acting (notice how she listens when other people speak,rather than just waiting for her turn to talk) and,as usual,her partner went to the Jethro Beaudine school of acting.At about 12:00 Gabs & appendage decide to "go upstairs".FAST FORWARD WARNING-Shauna's love scene comes right before Gabby's(does anyone else remember when Shauna had relatively small-but- beautiful,perfectly shaped breasts??).At apprx 13:35 we finally cut to G-Hall being sexed from behind,standing in the threshold of a doorway.Cut to cu of GH's rear,then dude as he kisses her breasts,then pan across her rear(an under-explored region of this lovely actress) and legs,back to breasts as dude munches them.New angle-Gabby gets oralled,caresses own breasts,closer shot as she clutches his hair ,reaches for the top of door frame (her face says it all),back to sex from behind,both he and she cover her crotch(she slaps his hand in ecstasy)-then cut to cu of her pelvis-I'll leave this to you bushmasters and freeze-frame artists,but it's either the upper crease of a shaved vagina or extremely creative taping-(I've often wished this site had a message board so we could work out such provocative, mind-stirring questions of the day!) .Back to a ms of him jostling her from behind,cu of her amazing breasts then her face ,racing to orgasm then settling into thefloat back down...and we're back to the other actors. Two stars?No way.Gabriella probably worked 2 days on this,with a talent-free co-star and,in 2:18 went from pleasure to a rocking orgasm that is totally believable to the audience.That,my friends,is acting.And that 2:18 makes this mundane 30 minute go-through-the motions worth 3 stars.

Pleasure Zone, The (1999)
Chicago was written on December 18, 2002

2 scenes in "Partners"

This is a relatively tame showing for Gabriella, who proves she looks OUTSTANDING just getting undressed and doing next-to-nothing. At :01:15-:04:35 in this episode, Gabby goes to the fridge, does a sexy strip to bra and thongs for a guy; 25 sec. in, she takes off her black bra revealing her fantastic twins. The scene cuts to her on top sexing him...breast close-ups with erect nips, lower abdomen and some ass, as she then pulls him to her chest. The scene cuts to after sex when Gabriella plops down into bed next to the guy in bed...breasts, partial top pubes as she pauses before crawling under the covers. At :22-:24:25 late one night at the office, her second scene starts with a cut to Gabriella naked on a chair as the guy is simu-oraling her; she then does him while seated facing him in the chair...side ass and good breast shots again.

truffaut was written on December 23, 2002

a quibble

Not to gravy-train Chicago's excellent recap,but I have a few points to make,the first being I'm not sure I'd use the term"tame" to describe GH's performance.She promises her b.f. "desert" and does a strip that is hot,wearing high-platform shoes.Nobody does "come hither" like Gabriella(in fact there might be too much "wink-wink" here)and when she whips off her bra(with a bit of wobble,I might add) and bends over the table in a rare (for her)breasts hanging pose,tame didn't cross my mind,,,after she pulls her guy into bed,lots of nip close-ups,Gabster massaging herself,dude kissing breasts,all the things GH is justly famous for.When she "plops into bed,I remember a bit more than upper-bush(I'll resist any "splitting hairs" jokes) but it's a nice scene.I've gotta say,following this are a couple of scenes where Gabriella looks nearly as stunning dressed as she did undressed(Chi is right-on;she looks OUT-RAGEOUS,and for you folks thinking she's getting"up there",this was shot just 3 yrs ago).Then comes the scene where GH finally couples w/her titular"partner"in a furniture designing biz(riggghhttt!) on the chair they designed together-skillfully described below-the wimpy partner orals her for a long time,more realistically than usual(which is to say his face is in the same area code as her crotch).Anyway,G-Hall is always convincing when she plays "sweet",and is eye-meltingly beautiful enough to make this worth1/2 hr of your time.

Intimate Sessions (1998)
truffaut was written on December 24, 2002

episode:"Tamara" w/Gabby-Noir !

Nikki Fritz is the star of this Session but IMHO Gabriella jacks the episode from her.Fritzi is a staff writer for a hit tv show(which we believe...not at all!).She shows a co-worker a tape of a show she wrote and damned if it's not a B&W,40's style detective film, and playing the detective's'sGabby ! It starts 2:40 in and GH looks killer in 40's hair and make-up and she's very funny as the detective's hot n' horny ex named "Didi".Smoothly directed for once,she coos,wheedles and pleads w/ the detective for a rematch until-in breathless film noir babe style she finally says"Oh Jack-do it!".They start clearing the desk and tearing each others clothes off,down to the Gabster's black 40's bra and black garter.By 4:50 lucky Jack orals her and at 5:15 her bra comes off,affording a stunning view of left side of her torso.She slides on top(butt crack) of him until they roll off the desk and onto the floor. Now both are standing and there are glorious shots of him massaging her breasts and rocking her from behind(her nylons still on).They finish face to face kissing passionately,then the clip is over.Although I'm not into "Run! They're gonna blow!" type breasts,Nikki's fans should know there are a couple of skinful scenes w/her,but G-Hall is the reason to watch this.It's fun to watch her play such a lust-pot,she has the genre style down nicely and she's just as beautiful in black and white as she is in color!

Chicago was written on January 25, 2003

3 scenes in "Mary"

At :00:47-:00:53 in this episode, Gabriella doffs her robe for a massage at a parlorby Devyn Taylor; as she does and moves to lie on her stomach, Gab's ass and breasts are seen before Devyn lays a towel over her butt. At :01:57-:02:45 during the same scene, Gaby rolls onto her back giving shots of her fantastic full twins with dark areola (as shot from over her head) before sitting up and covering herself when Devyn leaves the room. At :12:35-:15 after giving a guy a massage, he stands, opens her robe and removes Gabriella's bra giving clear shots of her wonderful breasts with erect nipples. He kisses down her body as she lies back onto the table; he removes her panties but she covers her nether region. Each takes their turn on top sexing the other in slo-mo with good views of Gab's breasts and side ass. As always, she looks outstanding!

Women: Stories of Passion (1996)
truffaut was written on November 6, 2002

Motel Magic-details

A dumb but nearly-cute fantasy in which a writer(Sally Kirkland)overcomes writer's block and revitalizes her life w /the help of a magic motel and mystical naked couple(Gabriella&Anthony Beninati).Warning-Sally's pretty rough to look at(hey-give her props for being game!).But Gabriella has never looked more beautiful(this was shot in '96) and when this show's producer was making up the costume budget and came to Gabriella's character,he just typed "N.A."...most of this stuff was shot in quick cuts-at 10:03 a quick side glance of Anthony sexing Gabriella from behind(w/ hint of bush)...at10:50 both are kneeling beside Sally affording an exellent side view of Gabby's breasts...Gabriella strokes Sally's forehead while poor Anthony licks Sally's 11:33 Gabriella sits on her haunches as she caresses Sally's arm,shoulder and hair...12:10 Gabriella rides 14:28 great side angle of G.'s torso,then riding Anthony w/some butt crack...15:01-15:48 frontal angle of Gabriella as Sally caresses her breast(slo-mo),then over G.'s breasts as Anthony makes out w/Sally... Gabriella rubs near Sally's breast before they snuggle breast-to-breast...Gabriella gives her a quick,tender kiss before Sally caresses G.'s left breast(got all that?) 21:30,the best scene in the episode as Sally walks in on our naked couple in bed.The scene has a warm,erotic feel and an incredible shot(God,what a body!) of Gabriella's torso and beguiling smile...finally,a flashback of G. on her haunches,another angle of her kissing Sally,Gabriella and Ants kiss and that's a wrap on Gabby.Granted,much- to-do about a short,not overly-explicit show,but given the fact that it's one of G-Hall's least seen efforts,that she looks so alluring,that it's an exception to her well known refusal to do girl-on-girl,AND that the other "girl" is an Oscar-nominated actress ,some detailed comments seemed appropriate.

Ozzie700 was written on October 11, 2002

Episode: Magic Motel

Gabriella has at least a half-dozen scenes fully naked (her pubic area usually blocked from view), while making love to Anthony Beninati and, yes, Sally Kirkland.

Beverly Hills Bordello (1996)
truffaut was written on December 28, 2002

episode:Inspiration (1996)

A personal note,if I may.I first laid eyes upon GH sometime in '97. A cineaste,I was surfing cable ,not for skin(seriously) but for any late-night movie with a spark of passion or respect for the medium.Suddenly I see an actress that freezes my thumb on the remote.She's a brunette,young,warm liquid brown eyes,a stunning beauty but a friendly beauty,gorgeous but not distant.She's talking to a photographer when suddenly she opens her top.My remote hits the floor.Augmented?Yeah,but beautifully so,like it was almost beside the point.The movie,of course,was "Centerfold",and if I didn't quite believe this actress who was posing "went to Julliard",I WANTED to.She had a rare talent ; I thought maybe this was an actor to take the softcore crown from the tired shoulders of Shannon Tweed.The film collapses halfway through and I was out like a fat kid in dodge ball,never to learn the actress's name.Ssssloww dissolve-months later I'm surfing again.Okay,maybe this time I AM trolling for skin. I wind up visiting"Beverly Hills Bordello",and this leggy brunette in black lingerie with her breasts hanging out shoves this guy against a car and says "you need to be told what to do!" And it was the same actress!No girl next door this time,this was a college grads' dream slut .The difference between this and "Centerfold "=(in the softcore world) RANGE.This was an atypical direct-to- video actress,so this time I waited for the credits to learn her name.And this is still a great early vehicle for Gabriella.The story(and BHB actually ocassionally HAD stories;most skinseries have "excuses")was a writer trying to write an erotic story but lacking "Inspiration".We see what he's trying to write--At 09 a pickup truck pulls up in the night.At :18 we see a girl from the back,dressed in black lingerie-as the writer climbs from car she takes off robe,leaving corset,garter,panties.Frontview @ :44-it's the Gabster,topless,massaging her breasts and giving him blistering looks.Dude doesn't seem impressed,so GH says"maybe you need to see a little bit more" and,breasts hanging,slowly unsnaps her garters.CU-removes her panties,revealing a trimmed bush.The writer(in office)tears paper out from type writer and calls agent,who suggests a night @ the good old BHB.Nicole Gian(very sexy in a real woman kind of way) is madame.Dude tries prostitute(Jennifer Burton),can't close,next thing you know(back to writer's fantasy) G-Hall is slamming him across his car and biting his back(displaying her ass through garter)By 18:17 Gabbie's tying him(in boxers)to a fence(actually a piece of fence-you can almost see the art department sandbagging it),strides around the fence to pull off his undies(need I say this is hot?),says "watch and learn",kisses her way down his body then faux-fellates him.He goes back toBHB,they prescribe a new,more nurturing 'ho,and ta-da,she turns out to be Gabriella,dressed in white,the girl from his fantasies in the flesh(and WHAT flesh).;sweetly seductive she pulls her slip up- see bush through garter,life-ending shot of her breasts,they hug & caress until finally he pulls her up and onto him-some of the fakest sex you've seen (in the mid-90's they all sexed standing up) until @23:56 he's driving into her,then it's over.G-Hall is beautiful beyond my powers of description,you get 3 B's...I'm adding 1/2 star for nostalgia,but hey-what are friends for?

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on March 31, 2003

3 scenes in "Madelyn's Laundry"

At :02:50-:03:30 in this shorter episode, Gabriella strips off her top in the dark during a power outage in a lightning storm...breasts seen during flashes of light as she models lingerie in a mirror. As a guy enters the shop room behind her, the lights return and she scoops up her clothes and runs up the stairs...breasts, and ass briefly. At :06:05-:08:17, Gabby takes off her black dress in front of the guy giving a full nude shot of herself from a medium distance; he kisses, then simu-orals her before she mounts him to have sex...breasts seen, as well as her pubes when she lies back on him. The scene ends with her naked, escorting him to the shop door (shot from the corner of the ceiling). At :12:05 when they're alone after a meeting, the guy lays her on the table, opens her red business suit exposing her fantastic breasts; he kisses her breasts and they continue to have sex until the end of the episode. A strong 3 1/2*'s or a weaker 4*...being that it's Gabriella, she tips it to 4*.

Bedtime Stories (2008)
Chicago was written on August 24, 2002

2 scenes in "First Love"

At :09.75-:12 in this episode, Gabriella's bra comes off while sitting on the edge of the bed with the guy behind her...gorgeous breasts as he then slips his hand down her panties, she's on top then he's on top grinding her...some pubes too but from a medium distance. At :15.5-:18.5, Gabriella goes at it with a guy on the couch as Kim Dawson watches on from outside the window...Gabriella's breasts are viewable as he's behind her, he then simu-orals her, she's on top, she's reverse seated (ass), then he's on top. Whatever the position, Gabriella's gorgeous to watch!

Chicago was written on September 16, 2002

3 scenes in "The Gift"

Gorgeous Gabriella takes lead in this episode. At :01.25-:03.5, she is on the chair with (as always) the guy's behind her feeling her breasts from behind...several good views. She then slips her hand down her panties...her hand really doesn't move, but she enjoys it. She then moves to be on top with her hand covering her pubes for all but one partial shot before a cut to her lying on top of him afterward...partial ass with heels still on. At :11.75-:13.5, the guy simu-orals her...she enjoys it but he's nowhere close; several good shots of her breasts and side ass as he's on top with one of her legs hiked up, shot mostly from above her head. At :22.75-:26, the guy is (where? you guessed it) behind her at the foot of the bed taking off her bra and feeling her...nice close-ups of her breasts with 'erect' nipples (gorgeous but they don't get very erect). He simu-orals her at the foot of the bed...again delivering a horrible job with his head to the side. She is seen reverse-seated on top of him (ass), on top facing him with hands covering her pubes except a few partial slips, and then she's reclining on him after.

Jacqueline Hyde (2005)
Double Your Pleasure (2002)
MikeF was written on January 14, 2000

Gabriella Hall

Gabriella invites two guys separately up to her hotel room then tells them she wants a threesome and the three strip for action. Gaby has a moderately augmented rack. Overall, she is a very attractive lady. She lies on her back and both guys nuzzle her boobs. The middle segment shows her with one guy on his back and Gaby sitting up, legs spread, gyrating her ass on his crouch. The second guy pays attention to her upper body, feeling her up and kissing her nipples. At last, the three sit in bed talking, still nude, Ms. Hall still showing off her gorgeous talents. The scene lasts over three minutes.

Deviant Vixens I (2002)
truffaut was written on September 8, 2003

She's Baaaaaack!!!

And it's great to see her,even in this cheapjack,stitched-together grease-smear of a movie.Considering that in the past few years she's been in two re-releases from 1997("Ultimate Attraction"and the excellent"Rod Steele"),a re-animated corpse of a past movie("Exotic Time Machine 2"),was in one(clothed )scene in an AWFUL movie(Deviant Obssession"-the only believable performance),an even shorter cameo in"Last Cry",and thelead in the skinful-but-truly-wretched"Naked Thief"(or"Thief Undercover"-GH has a penchant for multi-titled movies),it's great to see her in ANYTHING,even this!Weighing in at just over an hour,"DV" is a straight cash grab-the producers had a bunch of nude sex scenes with various actors,some semi-attractive,most unknown(Lisa Comshaw being an exception),so they shot 20 minutes of new footage-a couple(The Gabster and the latest Dweeb cast opposite her,this one a half head shorter thanGH) want to buy a hotel(the crumbling Ambassador in LA),the real estate lady shows them around but every time they look at a room they see former occupants in various states of lovemaking-welded in the sex footage and -poof-skinamax history!
Others can review the fast-forward worthy lovers that riddle this film;as for G-Hall,she still(2001)looks great,still holds the screen(would somebody PLEASE cast her in a mainstream comedy???).At 8:13 she's looking at some hallucinatory lovemaking when shorty comes up behind her,starts fondling her breasts and kissing her.GH flashes convincing heat but,alas,the real estate lady comes and breaks it up.At37:44,Ms Real Estate implores GH to close her eyes and imagine what went on in the health club in the past;she also starts lightly caressing Gabriella's breasts through her sweater.Again,G-Hall does what she does better than any actress in the biz-sells passion,until THIS time the boyfriend breaks things up.FINALLY,54:46,real estate hag leaves,our couple start making out,cut to one of the forgettable grind bouts,and at 60:08,cut back to something unforgettable-Gabriella topless against the wall,making out w/bf.Shot from the left side,she's as awesome looking as ever and,breathless,brown eyes flashing,as good a performer as ever.Realizing this is the best thing he's got in his tawdry movie(not the most elegant use of the site of RFK's last breath),the director moves in for a great close-up of above action then,too soon,it's over.
I have too much respect for this site to give this short scene in a bad film more than two stars,but let's hope that G-Hall starts making films worthy of her beauty and,more important,her talent ,soon.

Deviant Obsession (2002)
soulman was written on June 7, 2002


Hall has only one scene in this film. But unfortunately she keeps her clothes on.

Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000)
truffaut was written on December 2, 2002

Answer to-"I don't know why directors want her..."

Gee,I don't know,Scanman,could it be because she's one of the most stunningly beautiful actresses in cinema?With a gorgeous face,sweet smile and scalding hot body?Or that, in a genre where actresses breasts are starting to look like grotesque mutations, her surgeon deserves a Kennedy Center Life Achievement Award?Or maybe it's because,in the words of Mr Skin,no matter how many trashy films she's in, she never seems trashy?Could it be because after working her ass off in dozens of crap films she's developed into a good actress with a nice comic touch who, with just a LITTLE direction, can deliver a real performance?Maybe it's MY favorite reason,as a film lover-that in all of her bad movies with horrible direction,dreadful dialogue,wretched sets and talent-free co-stars,she's always(with maybe one exception) TRYING-trying to stay in the moment,trying to play a character,trying to ACT! After all,these ARE still movies,not gynocological training films!Besides,who else can perform hump-lust with a dweeb for four minutes and make it erotic,building,and orgasmic like GH??(Check the other actresses in this for comparison)
Having said all this I must A)give great due respect to Scanman,one of the great reviewers to grace this site,andB)agree that this is a DREADFUL film-I just don't think you can blame G-Hall.It's a dumb"back-to- the- past-then-I-woke-up"story that would have a chance w/a director like Rolfe Kanefsky,but with this group of hacks is doomed.We see Gabby in the first second of the movie striding into the stage as a director,looking fine,braless in a thin top.After the first 3 sentences her assistant director speaks,we know this is the worst script since the death of Ed Wood.(By the way,the "on set" stuff in this film convinces me that "soft-core"sets are even more boring than main-stream sets!)GH argues w/the Rock Star of her video,gets konked on the head,and wakes up in merry olde England(trust me-it's even less fun then it sounds.)By 34:00 from title she meets "Little John"(Holy Wizard of Oz-all the other characters
have counterparts on the video set!),the only virgin in the Sherwood,who befriends her.At 38:12,GH washes her breasts wearing a leopard thong,a great event,but not enough to make the last 40 mins worth while.At45:00 she walks John thru love-making,coaching him to strip her topless(you may not want to hear this,but it's a very sweet performance).How she's suddenly wearing an industrial-strength modern bra only the folks @ Surrender Cinema know.(And how did we know there'd be a "John-you're not so Little!" joke??)We cut back to our couple at50:10-Gabriella's naked-must have been a chilly day in Chatsworth,cause I don't think you'll ever see her nipples more erect.Then G rides LJ,hands crossed over her action(sorry,Scanman) in what's really a nice,gentle "R" love scene.But as Sman infers,this IS a"Director's Cut".At 60 mins G-Hall has a nip-slip,cut to a totally miss-matched shot of them making love in slo-mo-GH's rear in thong,he removes thong(sorry-almost!) and at1hr17 it's done.Another konk in the head and-surprisesurprise-she's back on stage.But wait-she meets a grip named Jack that looks just like LJ and she says "Have you ever been to the forest,Jack?"What can I say,if it took more than 4 days to shoot I'd be shocked-it's a wound of a movie.BUT Gabriella's the only thing working,and she gives an honorable performance(always does when she's the lead),gets to play dress-up,and looks GOOD.Again,I agree it's a rotten film.But blaming Gabriella is like blaming Mother Teresa for the hungry in Calcutta.There's just so much a girl can do.

scanman was written on October 13, 2002

Like many other Gabriella Hall movies.. skip this one!

I don't know why directors still want her is their softcore movies. She obviously doesn't want to show too much and sometimes even has something between her legs during a sexscene to cover things up or something. In this movie she's covering her pubes with her hands all the time, just like the other actresses. So skip this one! You'll see lot's more in some of the mainstream movies!

Summer Temptations II (2000)
No99 was written on January 17, 2002

Several bath and love making scenes with plenty of the goods

There is plenty of Gabriella in this movie. She and Shauna are two of my favorite b-queens and it was nice to see them together. Gabriella simulates sex with two different guys in this movie, she doesn't do it with Shauna though, but there is a topless hottub scene with them both. She also has 2 bath scenes by her self. Mostly breasts but there are a few flashes of muff. At times she appears old or some how weathered during the dialog but when the clothes come off she is as hot as ever.

Chicago was written on February 19, 2001


Gabriella has several nice scenes in this movie, and after having waded through her poorly lit/filmed ones, it was a refreshing change! At :08-:13.5, she has a loooong scene where she and the painter rub paint on each other—very long shots (clear, well-lit) of her much more natural but full breasts with large areola (many close-up). You see her ass as her panties drop. Two views of her clean-shaven pubis, one as she’s standing, another as she’s on her side with her hand covering (but you can still see her labia at :13). At :36.5, she has sex with a guy in bed. Most of the first half of the scene is on his ass, but when she rolls over the focus turns back to her ass and breasts (close-ups)…covered pubes. At :53, there are some brief shots of her breasts (above the bubble line) as she and Shauna are naked in a hot tub with a guy. At :59.5, she is taking a bath alone and you see her breasts through the bubbles and a brief full-frontal (dark pubes) as she gets out of the tub. At 1:05, she has sex at night with a guy in the hot tub (no jets going) and there are several decent breast shots with erect nipples and close-up, side ass, and lower abdomen—scene lasts 3 min. At 1:20.5, her last scene (1 ½ min.) is of her taking a standing shower/bath where you see great slow pans over her body…ass and breasts.

swellsystem was written on May 30, 2006

title info

Is anybody both as lovable and ballable as Gabriella Hall? I'm yet to find her. Devine. This may be her best, and those in the United States are advised to look for it under the title THE SEDUCTRESS -- on DVD! In addition to the usual visual aids, you'll want to make use of the Chapter Skip function... her scenes alternate with those featuring the grotesque Shauna O'Brien, so if you watch it straight-through your body becomes confused, uncertain if it should spurt or spew.

Gordon was written on February 8, 2001

Riding a guy in the bedroom

Gabriella shows her goods in this sex scene. She starts out on top of the guy facing him as he thrusts his manhood in her. She undulates and moans, her full breasts and most of the rest of her sexy body in full view. She then turns around so she's riding him with her back to him, continuing to moan and rock. This is a pretty mindless T&A flick, but the T&A is still great, especially on the T&A veteran Gabriella Hall.

Sex Files: Alien Erotica II (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on July 13, 2001

On Bed and Running From Room

Gabriella is Nurse Swanson, who has a few romps with John Smith, intercut with other couples. Breasts and butt; as she runs away, I think her pubes are covered.

Scandal: Lawful Entry (2000)
Chicago was written on March 26, 2001

2 scenes, 1 flashback scene

Gabriella fondles herself while watching Claudia and Brad screw in his office at :36.5. Toward the end there’s a good view of her breasts close-up while Claudia/Brad screw in the unfocused foreground. At :48.5 right after Brad doesn’t get it up for his wife’s full nude dry-off after a shower, he sexes Gabriella in his bed after she sneaks in to steal the infamous ‘black book.’ Gabriella got excellent breasts albeit with help, as you see her breasts with dark, large areola and a few pube glimpses (have to look closely). Him simulates oral, she’s on top (good breast views), sex seated facing each other (zero breast movement…these puppies are immovable!), he’s on top…he then kisses her breasts, simulates oral sex and finishes with sex from the rear while lying on their sides. The scene lasts 3¼ min. At :52.75, Brad has a 10 sec. dream flashback of his sex scene with Gabriella.

Illicit Lovers (2000)
Chicago was written on April 5, 2001

1 scene

One of two sources of the barest of acting talent (barring her noticeable glances at the director) is displayed by Hall who at :44.75-:48 sexes Curtis on a couch. She has Curtis dress up as a cop to get her hot before he has to punish her for being naughty. There are decent views of her breasts throughout, though at medium distance for the first ~2 min.

Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters, The (2000)
T4R was written on June 24, 2002

Brief at beginning

Nothing that wasn't seen in the first film. Completely non-memorable

Chicago was written on August 30, 2001

2 scenes w/in first 11 min.

Gabriella's scenes are mostly, if not entirely, a repeat from the first Exotic Time Machine. At :02-:03, she's stripped from a guy from behind--you see her breasts after part of her areola was peaking out over her bra. Toward the end of the scene there's a better view of her breasts as she gets up and puts on a shirt (and after putting it on)...but an anti-climactic 1* due to butchered editing. At :10-:10.75, Gabriella's robe is opened revealing her breasts...great, clear shots of her large areola as the shots go from close to medium distance to close and as the guy buries his face in them and whimpers.

Ancient Desires (2000)
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Pack Hauler #2

Gabriella and Amber play pack mules to two guys who double as jungle prostitutes at night. At :08.5-:13 - both sponge bath in the firelight after carrying packs all day...which moves on to sex (:24-:27.5)...of course! While the 2nd scene is better lit and closer up for Gabriella, unfortunately, she's the only actress wearing a white pasty across her nether regions, which is a huge disappointment (what's up with THAT?!)

Shadow Dancer (1999)
Sweetheart Murders (1998)
zax1 was written on May 10, 2001

Long hot shower!

When Gabriella enters the shower you can see her butt and later her naked front. There are many closeups on her breasts, pubic hair and butt. There's also a angle of her whole naked body when you can see her pubic hair undisturbed by andy fast cuts. It's mostely the same angles repeating all over and I love it! Really shows a professional performance. When she goes out of the shower you see once again full frontal. When she comes out to her living room she gets choked and you can see her pubics for the last time, but it's not erotic to see her die (I know it's just acting, but it's not nice to watch) Anyway, the shower is terrific, one of her best performances alone!

Sex Files: Portrait of the Soul (1998)
truffaut was written on November 14, 2002

Gabriella shines through engaging silliness

Story?Dumb.Acting?Middlin' at best.Sets/effects?Pure,pure cheese.But at least this director shows some spiri and can tell a simple story(Portrait of Dorian G./santanist claptrap).Gabriella plays Jenna Bodner's up-for-anything,slightly dizzy roommate,and she plays it wonderfully.We meet her at the showing of an excentric photographer who works in the" nude women in graveyards" genre.Gabby tells the artist she'd like to pose for him and-poof-we get a series of quick shots(3:06) of her,waist-up,slo-mo,negative-print grinding with the photographer,a wierd-looking snipe who continues a long line of irritating actors cast opposite Hall that you want to pimp-slap the instant you see them.Anyway,the photographer owns a CLUB(only in direct -to- video!) and Gabriella's a dancer there-lucky for us,because from39:46-42:32,she does a dance that is slow, captivating,alluring,and sultry(down to thong).Again,what's going on on her face is (nearly)as impressive as what's going on with her body.You'll be annoyed that the director keeps cutting away to the skanks at the photographer's table(the"uncut" version of this film would be killer),but it's a beautiful piece of work by G.H.At 59:02,Gabriella's helping the required dumb cop w/computer-she majored in comp studies at Cal Tech!-when he dreams he's nailing her-a few quick shots from waist up of G.riding(I've seen scans of shots from this scene not on my tape,so maybe thre's another version around)Anyway,dumb,goofy fun,funny performance by Gabby,and I'm restraining myself from adding a star just for the dance.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Getting screwed from behind

This is a pretty long scene with Gabriella getting screwed from the behind. The plus side to this is that you get to see the front of her clearly and without any distraction. Gabriella still looks good after many years of T & A flicks, although she has lost a little bit of her lustre. Still, her body is gorgeous, and her big tits are amazing. They rock as she moves with the guy's thrusting.

Lolita 2000 (1998)
BushLeague was written on July 6, 2003

"Director's Cut"

Drops slip to show no jiggle 34c's and black areola. Darkened fanny with crack and side tit without nipple on top of guy. Green alien pulls down black lacey slip to show no sag pudding cups. She is in a cell completely nude and gives full frontal of round chest buoys and highly shaved and trimmed black hair crotch pointer. Tits and legs while talking to guy. Another full frontal in good light with hairpie and chest fruits. Then tits, brief bush, and left butt cheek while simu-humping another prisoner.

Chicago was written on April 9, 2001

Space Abductee – 3 very good scenes in 1st story

From the 12 min. mark on, she’s nude nearly continually but there are 3 distinct scenes. At :12-:16, she has sex with a guy in the firelight…the scene is disappointing since as the nudity increases the light decreases until most of what’s seen are more outlines—2*. At :18.75-:20, there’s a somewhat better but overexposed scene as she lies on a table as an alien’s hand passes over her breasts…still weak. However, at :20.75-:29, she has a long continual nude scene as she first sexes another naked abductee and then lies naked on an alien examination table. She and the guy get it on from different positions as her breasts and bush (mohawk, but seen mostly from medium distance). On the examination table, there are excellent full frontal views of her. While the first 2 scenes were weak and there weren’t enough close-ups in the final one, all said it was plenty enough to make it 4*.

Indiscreet (1998)
Chicago was written on January 1, 2003

2 quick early shots

During the opening of the movie, Gabriella is seen naked having sex with an older guy. At :02:06, her terrific breasts are viewable for 2 sec. from a medium distance in B&W photography…at :02:28, again her breasts are viewable in color for 4 sec. amidst overlays of other scenes.

Different Strokes (1998)
truffaut was written on November 6, 2002

Another scene for Gabriella-

At 35:20 Dana lobs another call to her soon to be ex-g.f.and there is lingering tracking shot of G-Hall sleeping next to her lover that reveals pubis and breasts(viewers who constantly gripe about Gabriella's artful crotch-covering should give this film a look)...Buffalo Boy is right,it is "mild"(light kissing and cuddling),and it's a bad,BAD movie,but Gabriella looks terrific,and the fact that it's one of the very few girl-on-girl scenes she's done would earn it an extra 1/2 star from me.

BuffaloBoy was written on October 2, 2002

Mild lesbian love

One scene for Gabriella. From 0:22:32-0:25:10, Dana tries to call on the phone her current lover, Gabriela, who is en flagrante with a new lover, Michelle. Breasts, some buns, and flashes of bush.

Alien Files, The (1998)
Chicago was written on February 19, 2001

3 scenes – brief views

At :03, Gabriella has the first sex scene of the movie as she has excited sex with a cop in the interrogation/observation room. While the 3 ½ min. scene is a decent length, the actual clear nudity (breasts, ass) is minimal given the cutting camera shots and overhead light swinging back and forth. At :29, Gabriella is aroused by winding electrical wires as they tie her down and start to pleasure her. This scene gives decent views of her breasts and large areola though it is only 30 sec. Her last very brief topless scene is at :33.5 as she pulls down the sheet covering her breasts while she dreams of having sex. She has a nice body…unfortunately, she continues to do very brief and poorly lit/filmed scenes.

JamesBooth was written on March 28, 2002

First Sex Scene

Gabriella has the first sex scene of the movie as she has excited sex with a cop or guard in the observation room. The scene is short but Gab rides the man until he passes out. She does him on the table, floor and standing up. The scene is dark adn all we seem to see is her breasts (which isnt a bad thing) but the camera cuts too fast. Good becasue it is ms Hall but not that good.

Glitter23 was written on February 15, 2001


well shes tied up by some wires or somethin then wires start goin down her panties & r electricuting her or something but it definatly looks like she enjoyed it

Ultimate Attraction, The (1997)
Warren_G was written on July 16, 2003

4 scenes

First of all I'd like to say that Gabriella looks really, really great in this movie (I mean she always looks great, but in this movie she looks even better than in most of her movies). She has another hairstyle as usually, which looks really sexy.
The first scene is right in the beginning of the movie, when a man pushes her next to a wall, takes her clothes of and begins to lick her pussy, while Gabriella is leaning against a wall. The expression on her face are very hot (you have to see it). Her big and lovely breasts are shown very well in this scene (near lateral view), whereas you don't get to see her pubic hair. After a while Gabriella goes down on the guy, but stops as she hears a conversation in the room next to her (a pitty; the scene started so well) -[3 stars]
The second scene shows Gabriella masturbating as she watches a couple having sex. She reveals her gorgeus breasts, but rubs her pussy through her clothes. - [3 stars]
In the third scene Gabriella and a guy are having sex. Gabriella pulls the guy to a wall and kisses him. He then pushes Gabriella to a wall and they begin to have oral sex. Then they have sex against a wall. After a while he turns her around and sexes her from behind, whereas in the end he again fucks her against the wall. It's disappointing that the scene is bad lit. Otherwise it would have been a really great sex-scene. [3 stars]
A few minutes after Gabriella had sex, she begins to turn herself on by using the clicker. She's alone in the room and starts to satisfy herself, but leaves her clothes on :( Nevertheless she looks very sexy [2 stars]

Collector76 was written on May 1, 2007

Three solo scenes

Three solo scenes - two with (a lot) nudity.

Scene 1:

Scene 2:

Scene 3:

MonkeyChops was written on July 9, 2003

Sex in an alley

Gabriella has sex with her business partner in an alley. She's wearing a really lovely aerobics outfit, which he helps her out of, except for her trainers (sexy!). He gives her oral sex and they have sex against the wall. She tells him to "Shut up and f*** me" which is always nice. He also takes her from behind. The reason I haven't rated it higher is because the lighting leaves something to be desired. On the plus side, you can hear her moan and groan, rather than have annoying music dominating the scene.

Rod Steele 0014: You only live until you die (1997)
sirspread was written on December 28, 2003

hotel room

2 scenes the best around the 45 minute mark where we get good shots of her big breasts while in a hotel room with jackie lovell

BM was written on July 4, 2002

nice boobs

Areola's first scene is in Rod's hotel room. The clicker is used on her and the other girl, and they get on the bed and touch themselves. Some good shots of her large breasts. Later, in a longer scene, she extracts some sperm, mounting a guy. Great shots of he breasts.

Masseuse II (1997)
zax1 was written on September 1, 2001

2 sex scenes

In her first scene, Gabriella gets taken from behind on a table by a cop. There are many positions that are switched back and forth. Gabriella is good in this scene and her breasts are showing many times. Her pubics are covered, but there are many full body shots. Her second scene is with the cop in a shower. Very slow and not so good! Her breasts are again on full display and a couple of shots of her cute butt. The foreplay is long and eventually she gets taken from behind. Gabriella is beautiful as always, but this movie is not one of her best!

Masseuse 2 (1997)
Lust: The Movie (1997)
truffaut was written on January 30, 2004

Another "Pearls Before Swine" performance by Gabriella.

As Tommy Lee Jones says in "The Fugitive","What -A -Mess.".One of the two or three worst films Gabriella Hall has been in(yes,I KNOW how bad that means it is).Let's consider the negatives:Tane McClure.Shot(pitifully) completely in video,with "special "effects that would make your 8 year old future Spielberg kid with your camcorder ashamed.A topless flame swallower.A bevy of skinamax Ladies that ,between them,run the gamut of breast enhancement plastic surgery results,from the Bikergirl "fiil-em-till-just-before-the-skin-splits"look of Tane McClure to the tiny "eight ball,corner pocket"cue balls of Monique Parent to the "they used to be small and natural,now they're small and don't move"look of the beautiful Blake Pickett(billed as Josie Hunter)to the medical miracle of Gabriella Hall(if I needed brain surgery,I might ask her plastic surgeon,that's how much of a genius he is!).In it's favor?Gabriella Hall.And,to be fair,Tane and Monique do pretty okay in the acting department,considering the standards of the genre.And the plot is so absurd,so bizarre,so "fever dream after an acid trip"RIDICULOUS that you have to give these guys credit for coming up with something so ludicrous just to get the women's clothes off(what,"undercover cop investigating a murder at a strip club"wouldn't work again?Oh,yeah-you'd need sets for that!)
To make what's turning into a long story short:an office dweeb is watching Tane on the internet(1997-this was cutting edge!).He falls asleep,wishes he was small enough to go into the monitor and have at her.A leprechaun(you heard me) hears this and shrinks him to a symbolic 6 inches tall.The only way for him to break the spell is for Dweeb(soft core vet Paul Mack,whom I could swear I saw on a national tv commercial lately!)to pleasure enough women to "fill a pot of gold",or have somebody outside the internet "lead to ecstasy"three maids(see what I mean?)in a row.The only person Dweeb can contact is an uberdweeb that makes Dweeb look like Cary Grant.SO,along the way we meet Tane(Memo for the weak of heart-in the opening seconds of the video she pulls off her top w/o warning,and the camera roams her body like a spider),Monique and Leprechaun(whose accent makes the old Irish Spring commercials seem like a night at the Abbey Theatre),Landon Hall and Blake Pickett,who have a near PG-13,lipstick Lesbian scene w/light kissing,nuzzling,their immovable object breasts colliding(no sparks,thankfully)during which the only tension is caused by worrying that Blake's thumb may get caught in Landon's omnipresent nipple ring ;at 1:05 in mid-"passion" there's a shot of Landon's face showing all the excitement of a plumber finding a hairball in the drain...until
at 1:06 uberdweeb pulls up to a flower shop and inside... is G-Hall,wearing the worst dress in cinematic history,dusting the most Spartan office in cinematic history.She looks beautiful.I've gotta say that again-she looks beautiful,and beautiful was never more beautiful than Gabriella Hall in 1997! She has a passable french accent,and starts dancing for uberdweeb,Surprise,surprise,by 1:08:50 she starts pulling her dress down,by1:10 she's pulled her top down and exposed her breasts,eclipsing anything else that happens in this video;by 1:11,uberdweeb is kissing and munching the Gabster's breasts(trust me-when this dude leaves this veil of tears,THIS is the moment that will flash before his eyes!);and for another minute,GH gracefully spins her lovely body while the camera explores it,occasionally remembering what she's supposed to be doing and bobbing up and down on Homeboy's lap.All too soon,it's over(112:21)
So,what have we learned?That this is a film for Gabriella Hall "completists" only.That this is the worst film ever to inspire a sequel(Lust-The Movie).But I would beg you to rewind to GH's scene and watch again.A totally passable French accent.Decent dancing(okay,okay,"body movement",but remember,had she grazed a set wall it would have fallen over!).Most important,she's totally focused,totally into the ridiculous character,surrounded by a Jr High School set and an awful actor she's happy to be there and never cops to the conditions of the movie or winks/shrugs to the audience.Gabriella did some 13-ish movies and a handfull of tv in 1997(that's what her moribund web site could use-an accurate filmography),and even on a cheapjack,straight to vid disaster like this,she's out there plugging,totally giving,a complete pro..Bravo,Gabster!

In the Heat of Click (1997)
Romeon5 was written on August 16, 2001

Various scenes

She has beautiful breasts. But the real scenes are a bit lame (she often keeps her hands in front of her "bingo" during sex scenes. Two stars for her looks and breasts.

BOD was written on February 23, 2000

Full frontal

There are a lot of scenes here where she is completely naked & its hard to describe each of them.To sum it up, she doesn't have a very good body but seeing her fully naked is good enough.

Illusions of Sin (1997)
truffaut was written on November 18, 2002

Nice work

Kudos to Ozzie 700 for the review!Quick notes on G.H.- 1)Alot of reviewers have complained about so many of her scenes being dark.She is very brightly-lit in this-nearly overexposed in spots.2)This was made in '97,her most prolific year,and she looks real good.3)Fortunately(especially because the DVD isn't chapter encoded)after an inane credit sequence that accomplishes nothing it's all Gabriella for 3 minutes,then you can slam the eject button.I completely agree w/Ozzie-although this is crammed w/Skinamax vets,other than G.'s scene I'd skip it.

Ozzie700 was written on November 15, 2002

Start of film

From :1-:5 Gabriella is shown taking off her panties and having sex with Mellara's boyfriend. Several breast shots until Mellara interrupts them, and then Gabriella stands up and shows full frontal nudity while putting her panties on.

Guarded Secrets (1997)
MonkeyChops was written on October 13, 2006

Lovescene in Motel

Gabriella and Mark Long's scene takes place during the opening credits. Plenty of closeups on Gabriella's breasts and a couple of shots of her behind. To be honest, it's not worth getting excited about. If you did a search on Google for screencaps, that's as explicit as it gets, really. The movie is very rare to come by, but don't let that fool you into thinking you're missing much. Trust me, there are plenty of other scenes starring this lovely lady which are far more exciting.

Exotic Time Machine, The (1997)
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Couple of scenes in the movie

At beginning, strips out of coveralls to bra and panties. Takes off bra to show huge hanging knockers. It goes a little dark and down come panties. She is shown on top, half heartedly humping with her big flabby ass jiggling. Shows tits before changing into harem costume. Shows tits while getting a massage. Shows tits and legs while making love at the end. She is the only girl not to show pubes while making love in this movie. In fact, a sheet was used to cover them in one scene(?--maybe severe razor burn.

T4R was written on October 4, 2002

Lots of breasts and good figure

Gabriella is quite attractive and you see side shots of her figure in three sex scenes. You get to see her full breasts often. The King removes her top twice even when they aren't having sex, plus she gets a massage from Trina the harem girl. Unfortunately, she hides her full body (especially the bush area) throughout the entire film -- even at the end with a scarf.

Cyclone was written on July 31, 2000

Several great scenes

Gabriella is one of my favorites, and she doesn't disappoint me here. Her nudity here consists of two sex scenes and two fairly brief bare-breasted scenes. While her exposure isn't the hottest or most explicit in the movie, she still looks AMAZING as always. I'll never get tired of staring at her magnificent breasts, and they get lots of exposure here.

Serna was written on April 7, 2002

cut version review

Hall is pretty cute and in the scene right at the beginning shows off her curvy backside to great effect. Everything but the bush shown in the rated version – a sheet stays conveniently over it in the appalling final sex scene

Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Don't waste your time or money...

Ms. Hall is beautiful as usual, and in her brief scenes she is enjoyable. But, the film is packaged as if she were the focus of the film. She is the central character, but virtually all of the nudity is provided by Nikki Fritz. Unless you're a real Gabriella fan, pass this one by.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Getting it in bed

Gabriella gets nude at least a few times in this movie (which isn't nearly enough compared to the other women in it), but the one that sticks out in my mind is the extended scene (it's gotta be about three mins) where a guy is giving it to her good in bed. He's entering her from the rear at least part of the scene, so you can concentrate on Gabriella's large, beautiful breasts and the rest of her curvy front as she enjoys the ride.

Desires of Innocence (1997)
Wild boy was written on December 4, 1998

You get to see it to belive it

You get to see it to belive it

Butterscotch (1997)
BushLeague was written on July 27, 2002

Nude on top of bed

Can be seen from a "bird's eye view" fully naked well lit from head to toe, with extremely thin clipped bush, writhing on bed with both knees raised.

Sexual Roulette (1996)
zax1 was written on June 3, 2001

Last scene!

I'm adding this scene to my previous review so I'm rating this ****. Gabriella lies in bed with the guy. There's a great close-up as he pulls off her panties, revealing her cute butt. He goes down on her and kisses her between her legs. She's on top a couple of seconds and the scene ends with him kissing her beautiful breasts. Gabriella is beautiful, but the scene is rather disappointing because it's no sex, just kissing. Anyway, her previous scenes are great so she deserves full rating!

zax1 was written on May 10, 2001

Many chances to she this beauty!

Somewhere in the beginning she stands in the shower with her lover. When she stands in front of him with her back against him you can see her pubic hair. Later in the movie they come home happy and feel the need to celebrate. Theý scene starts off immedietaly with her riding him. It's very sexy and there are some points to see her pubic hair. She gives full power and the scene lasts a while. Further into the movie Gabriella sits in a bathtub with her lover behind her. Her breasts are visible all the time, but you can see her pubic hair a couple of times. They continue their lovemaking in the bedroom by removing their robes and as her falls off you can see her butt. There are so many positions and angles that it's impossible to write them all down. I think there's another scene with her, but I haven't seen it myself. But she is really beautiful and sexy, it's a must for all fans!

Cyclone was written on November 28, 1999

Many topless scenes

I will forever be infatuated with Gabriella Hall because of this movie. She is involved in numerous sex scenes, all of which showcase her big, beautiful breasts. These scenes also show her from a wide variety of angles, so surely everyone will be satisfied with the outstanding view at some point, even if (somehow) they are not already thrilled by her to begin with.

Night Shade (1996)
Serna was written on January 12, 2003


Pretty sexy stuff from Gabby. She's the first in a long series of actresses playing erotic dancers in this film - and easily the best. Her performance is second only to sexy Jennifer Burton in the film as a whole. She dances for quite a while, getting her breasts out and flashing her buttocks in a sexy thong. Then she takes a guy backstage and starts to strip and have sex with him. The scene's quite long and it mainly involves her sitting in his lap and being shagged from behind. It's not electrifyingly hot but she does look good and you get to see everything.

zax1 was written on May 10, 2001

Long sex scene...

Gabrilla takes a guy in a private section of a club and undresses for him. You can see her pubic hair as she takes off her panties. She walks towards him and stands in front of him while he licks her breasts. It's captured by a camera behind Gabriella so we can see her lovely butt. Later on she sits in his knee while he continues to lick her breasts. She stays in his knee, with her back against him. You can see her pubic hair as she moves her wonderful body back and forth over his crutch till the end of the scene.

truffaut was written on November 13, 2002

sssscorching performance

Is Gabriella Hall America's greatest living actress?Maybe not,but there's no way Meryl Streep or Sigourny Weaver could do what G-Hall does here,which is make this inept train wreck of a movie worth watching.Playing a small part(she was billed as Laura Saldivar) in a stripper/vampire movie,Gabriella doesn't let the micro-budget ,the fact that she's surrounded by Tane McClure('nuff said!),Teresa Langley and a bunch of other actresses whose breasts look like they were made in a woodshop,or the dismal set she's working on keep her from giving a full-on,hot performance.We first see her shortly after the "hero" walks into the "club"(which I'm sure was a crew member's basement).The camera tilts from ankles to face,and if you didn't instantly recognize the body(this whole scene is dark) you'd know the sweet smile.Wearing a bra and thong,G. does a sexy,seductive dance,her top coming off @ apprx 14;04.It isn't that the routine is so great-although it's pure Fosse compare to the 3 Stooges routines of the other girls-it's that Gabriella is ACTING-naughty,teasing,smiling,bringing some LIFE to this drab affair(of course,listening to the lyrics of the knuckleheaded song she's dancing to would make it hard not to break out laughing) .At 19:08 Gabby sashays by in bra and panties to try to pick up a customer("Tom").Armed with dull, pedestrian dialogue, a convincing seduction scene(of course when you look like she does,"Four score and seven years ago.." is seductive banter!).Then she leads him into the private room(21:25) and -bang!-it's like another movie!Suddenly there is throbbing, effective music,nice camera moves and crisp editing as Gabriella cuts loose.I won't go blow-by -blow on top of the other reviewer,but I will say it it's one of G-Hall's best scenes and must-see if you're a fan(I'm guessing 6 yrs later it's still the highlight of "Tom"'s life!).Gabby's in one more scene(73:00) where she comes out swinging a sword and dances in the background as Tane has her seduction scene(please...).Again,her stunning looks alone would make this hot,but it's the passion and sense of fun that she brings that make it such a captivating(but short)scene(if you look closely-you will!-you can see a "muscle crease" in her breast).Great work by the Gabster!WARNING-don't drink red wine while watching this movie-when the wife floats into the room at apprx50:00,you'll definitely do a spit-take!

Love Me Twice 2 (1996)
Cyclone was written on June 6, 2002

Two scenes

Our first glimpse of Gabriella is during a brief shower scene near the 20 minute mark. However, her best exposure is in the final minutes of the movie, when she's riding a guy during sex. We get some VERY brief looks at her butt and her bush, and several good looks at her always excellent tits. But while she looks fabulous as usual, there are many other movies that show off her incredible body much better than this one does.

Jane Street (1996)
Immy was written on January 27, 2011


Linda Hoffman moves into her new apartment and starts having sultry but scary dreams of Gabriella, a previous tenant. First off, she gets a brief glimpse of her in a bathroom mirror
(0:05, full frontal, again at 0:45). Then it's the recurring dream involving a nude Gabriella in a hot clinch with an unseen guy (0:15 nude, repeated several times throughout the movie at different angles but essentially the same scene) and a FF close-up as she rolls back and forth in shallow water.

Club VR (1996)
Chicago was written on November 13, 2001

1 scene + repeat scene

I can't get enough of Gabriella and her fantastic bod, and every scene is way too short. At :04-:05.5, Gabriella unzips her black outfit and releases her wonderful breasts and large areola. She's seated on the counter (ass also) before they go to the floor. Good breast shots, including some with erect nipples (which pale in length to Kate's) before disappearing. Gabriella's final scene comes as the last in the movie at 1:21.25-1:22.25 which is a shorter version and near duplicate of the first as Kate Rodger looks on.

Centerfold (1996)
Cyclone was written on December 4, 1999

Naked early in the movie

Gabriella is stunning as always in this movie, but she unfortunately stays dressed most of the time. What we do see is excellent, but it's all in the first part of the movie. She has an early sex scene that is a little dark but otherwise great, and then she gets naked before and during a photo shoot. We see a little bit of bush, but for me the real attractions are her amazing breasts. Although it's quick, my favorite part is when she surprises the photographer by getting topless. It's simply a perfect view of her breathtaking tits.

Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Beautiful woman, but not nearly enough of her...

Her nudity, what there is of it, is three stars. This is one of those 'pretentious' T&A flicks, where they try to take a 'serious' look at the industry (all the while hypocritically showing us all the nudity and sex they decry). Gabriella actually shows some range in this flick, but I'd still recommend fast-forwarding to her two nude scenes. One is very early, and features her full-frontal (not well-lit and very brief). The other is later, and has the shortest-possible full-nude shot.

Full Body Massage (1995)
Cyclone was written on November 28, 1999

Brief full frontal

Although you can't see her face, there is a brief flashback scene where Gabriella (playing the young Nina) turns around completely naked, giving us a nice view of her bush and PERFECT breasts. It's the best scene in the movie, but only if you can hit the pause button quickly enough.

BushLeague was written on September 6, 2002

Turns around nude 1 revolution

In my version, she does a nice slow turn around (and every thing is a'round, tits, hips, and butt cheeks). She also shows her black bush with a mohawk trim. Still way too brief.

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