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year title
2006 Science of Sleep, The 2 Reviews
2004 Mala educación, La 7 Reviews
2002 Crimen del Padre Amaro, El 1 Review
2001 Y tu mamá también 10 Reviews
1996 De tripas, corazón 0 Reviews

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Science of Sleep, The (2006)
D666D was written on September 23, 2006

Full Frontal

We get a full frontal shot of the lovely Gael as he delivers a note whilst sleepwalking. Unfortunatly it is viewed through the spyhole in the door, so it is a little distorted. Earlier we also get to see a quick shot of his pubes whilst in the bath.

D666D was written on September 23, 2006

Full Frontal

We get a full frontal shot of the lovely Gael as he delivers a note whilst sleepwalking. Unfortunatly it is viewed through the spyhole in the door, so it is a little distorted. Earlier we also get to see a quick shot of his pubes whilst in the bath.

Mala educación, La (2004)
Guiseppe was written on June 27, 2007

Gael and his magnificent backside!

Gael is no stranger to nudity. Just look at Y Tu Mama Tambien. You've seen his ass before and you've seen his dick. And we all know there extremely nice. But in La Mala Educacion, we get an extended close-up of Gael's perfect behind in all its glory. He truly has a magnificent backside.

MisterTeas was written on February 23, 2006

Poolside tease

Bernal's character is a total lust object, and he's more than up to the role. To give the scene its due, here it is in detail: This beautiful Mexican actor begins to strip down for a swim, undressing to white briefs, then pulling them down to juuuuust above his penis, exposing his full growth of black pubes. He then shyly pulls up the waistband and dives in. As natural law dictates, white briefs do not conceal much when wet; we are treated to several shots of his cotton-encased butt cheeks and an excellent close-up of his crotch as he emerges from the pool. His penis is so well-outlined and barely covered that he might as well be totally naked, but the fact that he isn't makes it somehow hotter...and maybe it's my imagination, but it doesn't look like he's 100% soft. He then peels off the wet briefs, showing his lightly furred, soft, squeezable cheeks in satisfying but all-too-short close-up. Before the scene ends, he pulls on his jeans and turns around to reveal an unzipped fly and another flash of those beautiful black pubes. There is also a hot scene of Bernal in short shorts, doing the most erotic push-ups ever captured on film, but the film's two actual sex scenes reveal nothing (unless the HBO version is cut).

malaka74 was written on September 20, 2004

Brief Butt and in wet tighty whities

Gael has a brief nude scene in this film. He strips down to white briefs for a swim in a pool as Fele Martinez tries to seduce him. He emerges from the pool in his wet tighty whities - which are now basically transparent - and there is a tight close-up on his crotch where his penis is clearly outlined. Then there's a close up on his naked butt as he pulls off the wet underwear and slips on his jeans. He turns around to button his fly and you catch a glimpse of his pubic hair. All in all not as great as his nude scenes in "Y Tu Mama Tambien" but still really hot.

Mortie was written on April 28, 2014

Gael García Bernal, aged 24 at the time of filming, at his absolute peak

Gael García Bernal has been described, aptly, as the world's gayest actor who isn't actually gay. "La Mala Educación", better than any other movie, demonstrates why García Bernal has earnt this accolade.

It helps, of course, that Gael is gob-smackingly beautiful. But it is the sincerity of his performance which really matters. Most straight actors, when playing a gay rôle, tend to resort to stereotype - whether consciously or unconsciously. And I don't just mean the "screaming queen" stereotypes provided by the likes of Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage", Ving Rhames in "Holiday Heart", or Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in "Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!".. Even in supposedly "sensitive" performances, like that of Tom Hanks in "Philadelphia" or of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain", it is hard to avoid the feeling that one is watching a straight man's "take" on what it is like to be gay, rather than watching a gay character played by a male actor who happens to not be gay in real life.

The pool-side scene in "La Mala Educación" is, quite simply, the sexiest homoerotic performance ever captured on celluloid. And the fact it is provided by a straight actor is a huge testament to Gael García Bernal's acting talent.

penis45 was written on June 26, 2006

Erect cock in sex scene - poss. prosthetic

When Gael Garcia Bernal is doing a rent boy when in drag he gives him head, and we see the other mans erect dick and ass for a flash (ass for longer than cock.) We also see the outline of the cock erect through the sheets, so Bernal's drag queen decides to do him up the ass. Very hot scene follows involving Bernal's upper torso, totally smooth, while he licks his finger to lubricate. Just at the bottom of the frame you can see him grab the tip of his erect cock, but it is possibly a prosthetic. This might be cut in the American version considering no one else here has mentioned it.

specialkitten was written on May 17, 2007

sex scenes

gael is bottom in all of them. wonderful want to top him

Christian69 was written on March 20, 2005

Bernal teases with his body at the pool, and later doing push-ups

Bernal's scene by the pool is a gift to all tighty-whity fans; his dark coloring and the wet underwear make a great contrast. There's a close-up of his pink crotch in the wet underwear, and a close-up of his ass when he takes off the underwear. He has a little hair on the small of his back. Very juicy ass.

Crimen del Padre Amaro, El (2002)
ravenboy was written on November 25, 2002

Beautiful and Biref

The second star is for the luscious sensuality of Gael García Bernal, whose beauty and boyish seusuality make the whole thing a visual wet dream. The first star is for the brief flash of butt which is his only exposure int he cinematic version. Let's hope for more on the DVD -- but I don't think it's going to happen. For a better look at Bernal see Y tu Mamá Tambien.

Y tu mamá también (2001)
Guiseppe was written on August 18, 2007

Gael's Glory!

Gael Garcia Bernal is one of the hottest latino actors out there. He is also one of the only ones to be so unabashed with showing his body. And what an adorable body he has. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, we see the lower half of Gael's anatomy(basically the best part.) In a quick sex encounter with his girlfriend, Gael hastily yanks his pants down and ponses on her. The camera stands fixed on Gael's ass riding up and down like waves on his lady friends. And boy what an ass. Hairless and perfect round cheeks with a deep crack running down the middle. As the scene is about to end, Gael quickly jumps off of her and we are given the quickest frontal. Then comes the rest of the nude scenes. The second fleeting shot of Gael's bod comes a half hour in. He and the equally nude Diego Luna are showering in the lockerooms of a gym. Gael steps out from under the shower head and we get a broadly lit image of his adorable behind. He then begins wiping Diego with a towel and the two start playfully toweling eachother with their wobbily bits and goods waving all around. Then comes the third scene. Diego and Gael go for a little skinny dip in the pool. During this period we see the underwater perspective of their bubbilish and circumsized members. SHEER BEAUTY!!!

ajb was written on March 16, 2002

Many times throughout movie

This hot Mexican actor (also in Amores Perros) is nude several times throughout the movie. In the opening scenes he is having sex with his girlfriend in a very hot scene. We get to see his great ass. He and Diego Luna are then seen racing around some public showers, frontal nudity visible. There is also an extended underwater shot of both guys swimming in the nude. Frontal nudity is quite visible here. There is also a scene of both guys jacking off at the pool. You see the guys actually doing it (or looking like it) but it is in a very long shot so you can't see any details. At the climax (ahem) of this scene, you see come hitting the surface of the water. This movie has so much sex and nudity in it I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2014

Eh, he's okay

Bernal does have a nice body on him, and while the scenes in question are potential 4 star stuff -- only that skinny-dipping scene delivers. The camera is just positioned too far away most of the time. And while he's cute, I don't think he's all-that looks-wise.

jacck was written on November 30, 2001



nudeundercover was written on April 8, 2005

frontal, rear and every bit of flesh!

There’s something I noticed about this actor since the very start of the movie and I never failed to realize it until the end: Gael Garcia Bernal is damn gorgeous. This actor deserves the award he received from the movie, not to mention he had a lot of frontal scenes with Diego Luna. The only disappointing fact is that all the naked scenes are too far enough from the camera to be appreciated. Therefore the audience can not say if Bernal’s penis is of good shape or something. You will be more thankful for his pubes, or might even comment: “Good thing he’s hairy or else he has nothing more to show us.” I think it’s the highlight of his nudity. But anyway, Bernal got home with that Best Actor Award for being naked.

ImpulsiveViewer was written on June 1, 2002

Boys, boys

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the incredibly erotic climactic scene of this movie. After a good deal of nudity from these boys with various women, they finally, in a drunken state (natch), end up with the female lead in her bedroom. She begins kissing one, then the other joins in, and finally she pulls down both their trousers and begins to give them a joint blowjob. The camera doesn't linger there, however, but travels upwards to the faces of the boys as they're getting the blowjob of their young lives. They move closer to each other, then gradually start kissing and fondling each other, all the while, out of camera view, the woman is sucking them off. Next morning, of course, they're totally shocked by their behaviour, but at least we got to enjoy it. This is a funny, pointed movie -- one that makes the sex scenes not only important to the plot, but incredibly erotic, too. (I listed this review under this actor's name, because I found him incredibly hot -- much the sexier of the two, with a slim, sculpted physique and an incredibly sexy mouth and eyes.)

monkey15 was written on September 30, 2006


nice body and obviously not afraid to show off any part of it

hover was written on July 6, 2003

Good scene

Only want Gael

DSKestrel was written on January 18, 2003


the less hot of the two lead actors, in my opinion, bernal is still quite easy on the eyes. his first nude scene is of good ol' fashioned goodbye sex with his girlfriend before she departs for spain, showcasing his bottom. later in the film there is a long shot of he and diego luna jerking off on diving boards, and then a shot of them in the showers of a country club -- featuring a long take of bernal's bare backside. luna then instigates a towel fight which showcases some frontal. when the two boys race underwater in the nude, there are plenty more frontal shots.

atom was written on October 2, 2004

plenty of full-frontal and other nudity from hot young hunk

"Y tu mama tambien" has been a breakout hit for both its young male leads (Bernal and costar Diego Luna), in part because it showed their physiques off to such advantage. Of the two, I find Bernal much more attractive: more masculine, more grown-up-looking, and with better muscle tone. His green eyes contrast with and complement the "Indian" cast of his face, and the tight, hairless chest contrasts strikingly with Bernal's unusually hairy armpits. The film has become a source of interest for gay fans not only because of the explicitness of its sexuality but also because of the homoerotic overtexts it finds in the sexual competitions of its teenaged heroes. "You've got one ugly dick," Bernal says to Luna as they stand naked in the shower room. "So blow it up, asshole," Luna playfully replies, and the two begin chasing each other around the room and playfully snapping their towels, making their penises bobble for the camera (though from a distance that does not give the guys their best exposure). That sense of late-adolescent playfulness (the film describes a summer between high school and college) ultimately leads to a celebrated menage-a-trois scene which is, unfortunately, truncated somewhat on the R-rated version I just rented from Blockbuster. Even on that version, however, we get to watch Luna and Bernal each masturbating, fully naked on separate diving boards, in a long shot; swimming nude in a leaf-covered swimming pool, with clear scenes of their genitals waving in the water; and frontally nude after the climactic menage-a-trois scene, as they wake up, feeling awkward, in bed together. This film comes highly recommended for its eye candy, for its summery bouyancy, for its authentic approximation of the way young men talk, and for its bittersweet sense of heart.

De tripas, corazón (1996)

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