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Sam Elliott
Neptune3 was written on June 26, 2005

Locker room

While Sam is indeed young and handsome (and moderately hairy) in this film, he is NOT nude in the final print. There is a photo floating out on the Internet taken from either the filming or a rehearsal in which he's leaning over and talking to Ryan O'Neal and his towel is open, revealing his admirable penis and maybe one ball, but it's not in the film. Interesting that he would go "commando" under the towel in the scene since so many actors would wear fleshtone undies or SOMETHING under it in a lot of cases.

MisterTeas was written on June 28, 2006

Accidental nudity, for completists only

A young, barely recognizable Sam Elliot (sans mustache) clutches a towel around his waist and crouches down to reveal...something. It's an accidental split-second flash, neither close nor clear, and might be mistaken for a shadow. Caps on the net show his penis and pubes much more distinctly than the actual movie. No stars, for hardcore Elliot fans only.

Opticon was written on May 23, 2005

Elliott and Ryan O'Neal in a Japanese bath

Ryan O'Neal, champion runner, relaxes with pal Sam Elliott in a Japanese spa/bath following a race in Tokyo. Elliott is seen tossing aside his towel as he prepares to step into a whirlpool bath. He's then seen sitting in the bath. Next, he rises from the bath and, holding towel around waist, squats down to help O'Neal who's collapsing from heart strain. At no time, alas, are Elliott's genitals or pubic hair seen, though there are glimpses of his bare chest. (The movie was rated "G" upon its original release which would seem to preclude frontal nude scenes, especially if they involved an actor as well-endowed as Elliott must be.)

JohnnyWad was written on June 4, 2002

Brief frontal

Quick shot of this stud actor's penis and bush in lockerroom scene with Ryan O'Neal (who isn't naked). Elliott was young and hung.

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