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1985 When Nature Calls 1 Review

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1990 Dream On 1 Review

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Dream On (1990)
Mikey123 was written on June 7, 1999

Hints of nudity having sex

In one episode of the adult HBO series, Gates plays kind of a nympho who seduces the main character. In one scene, she is seen nude kissing him while they sit on the floor. The guy strategically places his hands so you can't make out the goodies, but you get very brief glipses of portions of her buns and her bare breast (no nipple). As the scene progresses, they have sex, but from then on out she apparently was wearing a flesh-colored bikini (which you can see in a few frames). The sex scene is hot, though, especially for those of us who remember Gates as the prudish Dr. Crusher on Star Trek. She has a pretty intense orgasm.Later, she wears a short robe as she rides her lover while they are on the back of a harley. Her bare thighs and calves are visible as she thrusts up and down having simulated sex. Another hot one, as she doesn't show off her legs all that often in Star Trek.

When Nature Calls (1985)
Mikey123 was written on June 7, 1999

T-shirt and panties dancing around the room

In a mock-coming attraction in the beginning of the film, Gates is seen in only a T-shirt and very tight panties (a la An Unmarried Woman) dancing aroung the room. While its not nudity per se, she paneties are very tight and ride up, revealing her crack through the panties. Of course, you also get a great view of her luscious legs all the way up to and including a portion of her buns. The T-shirt is also extremely tight but she is wearing a bra underneath so you can't make out any nipple. Hot scene for Dr. Crusher fans. There is also a scene of her in just a nightshirt revealing another shot at her legs. Please note: this mock coming attraction is not a part of the rest of the movie and is missing from some video releases.

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