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Gemma Arterton's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Disappearance of Alice Creed, The 2 Reviews
2008 Three and Out 1 Review
2008 Quantum of Solace 1 Review

nudity reviews for Gemma Arterton member submitted

Disappearance of Alice Creed, The (2009)
lattara was written on May 4, 2010

Stripped naked and further topless scene (re-input under correctly spelt name!)

Soon after the beginning of this low-budget thriller, Gemma is tied by her wrists and ankles face up on a bed and her clothes are cut off her. Her head is covered by a hood for some but not all of the scene. The scene is shot variously from overhead and from the side in good light but with a lot of moderately fast editing. All the same there are decent views of her pale, mid-sized, pink-nippled breasts as she lies on her back, plus a side view of her naked body which just avoids showing her pubic area. She is also wearing a ball-gag which might interest some viewers!

The kidnappers take pictures of her for ransom purposes and in a later scene we see one of the kidnappers looking at these stills on a laptop, one of which is a good view of Gemma, with her face and breasts in medium-close shot.

Later in the film (trying to avoid spoilers) Gemma begins to make love with a man and her top is removed to give reasonable views of her breasts, first underneath the man and then on top. Lighting is good and the editing slower than the previous scene. The love-making is interrupted before Gemma gets fully naked but as she stands and puts her top back on there is an excellent well-lit view front-on of her full breasts for several seconds.

Ghostwords was written on May 8, 2010

Stripped naked by kidnappers

Ms Arterton portrays the daughter of a British multi-millionaire, kidnapped outside her home and imprisoned in a semi-derelict flat. Shortly after her kidnap, she is bound and handcuffed to a bed, then her clothes are cut off her. Although her face is largely obscured whilst her breasts are in view, there are later scenes of her topless, so I doubt the use of a body double. When her knickers are removed, we do see a brief side view, which is repeated when she's forced to urinate into a funnel, but the camera avoids any frontal shots. It is, by the way, a very well-crafted thriller.

Three and Out (2008)
lattara was written on April 26, 2008

Topless in sex scene

Attractive brunette Gemma in - I believe - her first nude scene shows her breasts in this British comedy. The exposure takes place during a sex scene. We firstly see Gemma in a clinch with her co-star and there's fumbled undressing but no nudity, then there's a naked back view in good light as Gemma rides on top and just the top of her bum is visible (as well as her bare back). We then see a medium-close shot of her bare breasts - lighting a bit gloomy but not too bad - from which the camera pans up to show her face within the same shot, followed by a change of position to missionary and a medium shot of her and her co-star in which a breast is visible. The lighting is again not very bright but not shadowy either. Overall both shots are fairly brief but will reward re-viewing on the film's DVD release.

Quantum of Solace (2008)
BushLeague was written on November 14, 2008

Life size oil painting

In an obvious reference to "Goldfinger" she is completely covered in oil (black gold). You can't tell if it is really her, because her face is not seen. The oil is so thick she may have been wearing a body suit, but I will assume she was nude. Also another nude title sequence like in "For Your Eyes Only", but as usual you can't make out any details. (On showed distinct darkened nipples)

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