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2010 Tamara Drewe 1 Review
2009 Disappearance of Alice Creed, The 2 Reviews

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Tamara Drewe (2010)
Ghostwords was written on September 15, 2010


The delightful Ms Arteton has three scenes where she disrobes for our enjoyment.

In the first, whilst taking a bath, she pulls her knees up against her breasts and denies us any real view, despite the full-length mirror nearby.

In the next, a post-coital shot, she's lying on her left side, the blankets pulled back so that we see most of her right hip and the curve of her abdomen. Her right arm is extended across her chest, covering her breasts, but the pink edge of her right nipple does make a brief cameo.

Finally, in the same bedroom, Ms Arteton talks to her lover before sex. She's lying face-down, and we see the lovely bottom she teased us with at the very start of the movie, when she greets her neighbours whilst wearing a pait of Daisy Dukes at least one size too small for decency.

Disappearance of Alice Creed, The (2009)
Ghostwords was written on April 30, 2010

Stripped naked by kidnappers

Ms Arteton portrays the daughter of a British multi-millionaire, kidnapped outside her home and imprisoned in a semi-derelict flat. Shortly after her kidnap, she is bound and handcuffed to a bed, then her clothes are cut off her. Although her face is largely obscured whilst her breasts are in view, there are later scenes of her topless, so I doubt the use of a body double. When her knickers are removed, we do see a brief side view, which is repeated when she's forced to urinate into a funnel, but the camera avoids any frontal shots. It is, by the way, a very well-crafted thriller.

lattara was written on May 4, 2010

Stripped naked and further topless scene

Soon after the beginning of this low-budget thriller, Gemma is tied by her wrists and ankles face up on a bed and her clothes are cut off her. Her head is covered by a hood for some but not all of the scene. The scene is shot variously from overhead and from the side in good light but with a lot of moderately fast editing. All the same there are decent views of her pale, mid-sized, pink-nippled breasts as she lies on her back, plus a side view of her naked body which just avoids showing her pubic area. She is also wearing a ball-gag which might interest some viewers!

The kidnappers take pictures of her for ransom purposes and in a later scene we see one of the kidnappers looking at these stills on a laptop, one of which is a good view of Gemma, with her face and breasts in medium-close shot.

Later in the film (trying to avoid spoilers) Gemma begins to make love with a man and her top is removed to give reasonable views of her breasts, first underneath the man and then on top. Lighting is good and the editing slower than the previous scene. The love-making is interrupted before Gemma gets fully naked but as she stands and puts her top back on there is an excellent well-lit view front-on of her full breasts for several seconds.

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