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year title
1996 Isabel 1 Review
1988 Dead Ringers 3 Reviews
1982 Monsignor 5 Reviews
1978 Coma 2 Reviews
1976 Swashbuckler 3 Reviews
1976 Alex & the Gypsy 1 Review
1973 Kamouraska 1 Review

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Isabel (1996)
duckem was written on January 22, 2001

very brief

This scene would have been unforgettable except that it's Bujold and very early in her career
before she got famous outside Quebec. She has a topless scene but you can see only her bare shoulders. But as she looks at her bosum in the mirror you get a slightly out-of-focus reflection of one of her puppies.

Dead Ringers (1988)
Ghostwords was written on November 7, 2011

Between two lovers

At about 0:25:00, Ms Bujold is shown wearing a very loose gown; as she turns her back toward the camera, most of her left breast is on view.

Around 1:00:00, she's in bed with one of her twin lovers, who falls out of bed after experiencing a nightmare; her left side and both breasts are seen.

A minutes later, the silhouette of her right breast can clearly be seen through the material of her shirt.

ATL was written on July 27, 1999



liechti was written on March 3, 2001

In bed with Jeremy Irons

In my version her breasts are visible... nice breasts. But I don't like the rest of her, that's why I give only one star.

Monsignor (1982)
damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001


She takes off her top and gets into bed. If you're a fan add a star. Her breasts are on display for several seconds.

SeenItAll was written on June 14, 2002

While Christopher Reeves watches with a combination of shock and awe, Genevieve disrobes and climbs into bed with a fatalistic expression on her face, as if to say, "Well, this has to happen, so let's go to it."

This is one of the best nude scenes you will ever see of a major Hollywood star, and certainly the best nude scene ever done by Genevieve Bujold (much better than Dead Ringers). The camera catches Genevieve in a well-lit room as she is talking to Reeves, who is watching from a few feet away. The camera lingers admiringly on Genevieve's upper body as she takes off her top, revealing small and perky breasts with cute little nipples. The camera follows Genevieve as she takes a few steps over to the bed, lifts the sheets, and climbs in, letting the sheets fall to her waist and leaving a clear view of her breasts for several more seconds as she continues talking to Reeves. You really don't have to be a major Bujold fan to appreciate the generous dose of nudity this big star gives us. It's hard to think of many other actresses of her caliber who have taken off so much clothing for so long. That's why this rare scene deserves a rare four stars.

Bevan was written on November 14, 1999


Genevieve whips off her top prior to (off-camera) lovemaking with Christopher Reeve's priest. Youget to see a good ten seconds worth of a topless Bujold, but Jennifer Connelly she isn't, if youget my meaning. Good enough if you're a big Bujold fan, I guess.

Xeyes was written on February 26, 2007


Nice breasts, good scene.

p_arquette was written on June 6, 1999

Nude, getting into bed

To tell the truth, I didn't see the whole movie, but was flipping through the channels and happened upon this scene. Genevieve takes off her robe and reveals her medium-sized breasts to us. They are nice, but this scene is too brief.

Coma (1978)
Cyclone was written on July 11, 2001

Shower scene

In the opening minutes of the movie, she has a quick shower, and we get a "fuzzy" view of breasts, butt, and possibly bush. However, because the door is not regular glass, not only is the view rather poor, but I can't even say for sure that it's Geneviève in the shower.

BushLeague was written on December 21, 2002

Shower scene

The door is only really foggy over her face, which probably signals a body double. The double has a nice firm set of 32As, a ripped back and abs, and a couple of firm meat loafs for buns. The bush is flashed ever so briefly. One star off for possible double.

Swashbuckler (1976)
BushLeague was written on December 26, 2001

Jumps from a boat

She supposedly jumps nude from the deck of the pirate ship into a lagoon. No doubt this was a body double, but the body double is hot(and probably female!).

BushLeague was written on August 7, 2003

Pirate booty

There is a good headless view of her swimming underwater. Fabulous muscular butt shown in a full rear view.

Bevan was written on November 14, 1999

Piratical skinny dipping

One of those lyrical obscure underwater scenes of Bujold swimming naked while Robert Shaw'shorny pirate looks on. It's an extended scene, but shot either in extreme closeup so you can'tsee much of anything, or from a distance, and you still can't see much or anything. I may havebeen one of five people who saw this movie, and it doesn't deserve to be forgotten, but no realnudity to speak of.

Alex & the Gypsy (1976)
Yogi Bare was written on February 17, 1999

In bed with Jack Lemmon

Long scene. Several views of her small but perkyboobies. Later you see the top of her beavisand her small but perky bumcheeks. Good lighting.There's also a don't blink boobie reflected ina mirror scene later on in the movie. Just to becomplete, you see her panties early in the movieas she's running around in a wedding complete

Kamouraska (1973)
duckem was written on August 19, 2000

they hired the wrong Captain Janeway

There's a full frontal when she's preparing
for a bath. Later she has a topless scene
that's very erotic.

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