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2003 Sex Substitute 2, The 2 Reviews

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Sex Substitute 2, The (2003)
Videoass was written on January 31, 2004

Two scenes

1. She's undressing and we see her silicon
tits and shaved pussy. Then, while she making
love we get to see all of her body, including
pussy lips glimpses from behind and front.
2. Hot girl/girl/man scene. She and another
pretty girl undressing each other and starts
kissing, we see her shaved pussy lips between
her legs while she gives us a little spread.
Then the man joined them she starts making
simu-blowjob, but sometimes i thinked that
she do it for real.

coresoft was written on December 26, 2004

a few scenes

Her first scene with Sebastien is passable but more down to him than her. She does some badly faked oral whereby you can see her lips from behind but overall she doesnt have a memorable face and her implants and tan lines are a major turn off. Her girl-girl with Cara Basso barely passes muster because there just isn't that much chemistry between any of the 3 people in question. She would have been better used as an extra.

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