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Ghost Story's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Krige, Alice 1 Review

Ghost Story's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wasson, Craig 3 Reviews

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Alice Krige
Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 17, 1999

If you are a fan of Alice, than this is the movie for you. She has a few tasty nude scenes in it. First there's a scene in which she is making love with Craig Wasson. It's dark but the scene is illuminated by lightening strikes. We briefly see

very hot, rent it now

Craig Wasson
AceOfClubs was written on February 27, 2005

flapping weeny falling

Wasson is wearing a towel when he gets spooked and falls ass backwards through the window behind him falling several stories down full frontal until he lands on his stomach near the pool covered in blood. You see his ass too when he lands. I hope buddy got a fat pay check for this, cause that was one degrading scene. The full frontal shot of him falling was obvioulsy shot against a blue screen with the camera pulling back but.....I'm amazed at how they got his ding-a-ling to flap around like he's actually falling. There's a great story there somewhere.

MovieEddie was written on April 14, 1999

Frontal Nudity

This is brief frontal nudity... but it's still frontal nudity. Craig Wasson--wearing just a towel--falls out of a window, loses the towel, and shows what he has. It happens so quickly you don't really get a good look at his penis, but the filmmakers didn't shy away from it either. You also see Wasson's ass after he hits the ground.

BKW was written on July 13, 2003

short but sweet

This was the first time I'd ever seen a full-frontal in a movie, back in 1981. I was shocked. So were the girls I was with. Craig's tweety is rather short, too. Made me wonder about all the guys who say that they have foot-long wangs. I didn't believe them after that.

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