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1971 Vanishing Point 6 Reviews
1971 Runaway, Runaway 1 Review
1971 Angels Hard as They Come 1 Review

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Vanishing Point (1971)
MisterTeas was written on November 29, 2003

Iconic nude rider

Gilda burned her way into the world's memory with her brief appearance in this counterculture road movie. She roars onto the screen on a motorcycle, giving us a side view of her totally nude body. She then dismounts, and we get several shots of her small breasts and pert butt (her pubic area is always below the frame) as she walks around and talks to Barry Newman. Then she hops back on her chopper and rides off into cult movie history.

LeroyBrown was written on December 7, 2000

Nude Motorcycle rider

She spends her entire scene nude, about 5 minutes. She's riding around in a motorcycle nude in the desert when Barry Newman, who's running from the law, came by following her boyfriend. She doesn't show any pubes and her breast were hidden by her hair when she was riding her bike. When she got off her motorcycle we see her breasts and her butt. She has a nice natural body with no tan lines, the movie was made in 1970 before cosmetic surgery and personal trainers became common. Totally uninhibited performer, too bad she didn't make it bigger in the industry. She's now a costume designer.

MisterGreen was written on November 29, 2003

Nude Motrocycle Rider

This deserves 4 stars since it is a PG movie circa 1971. Gilda has a four to five minute scene, entirely nude. She has perky small breasts and nice firm tush. Unfortunately, she shows no bush. What can we expect in a PG movie.
I only wish she had done more nudity in her all to brief film actress career.

In her scene she rides a motorcycle nude into the scene. She walks around the star, Barry (the lucky guy)Newman, offering herself to him. She advances the plot by showing the star a poster she had made of him when he was a California cop, and then rides off on her motorcycle.

ConstantReader was written on October 28, 2001

Nude on motorcycle and walking around

This was the first nude scene I ever saw. I was 13, and this was the second feature at the drive-in with my parents. When this scene came-on, my mom tried to hide my eyes and screaming at my dad to start the car and leave, me ducking and bobbing trying to see, my dad cracking up--what a memory! I later checked the movie out at a college screening, and although it was not as hot as I remembered, it was still pretty great. Blond hair blowing in the wind, small breasts and cute buns on the bike--what more could you ask for. Good movie too.

Phr3d was written on May 21, 2007

Valerie Kairys is the unknown nude

After -some- investigation, I find that Mr. Skin does not mention her and that Scoopy in addition to mis-identifying the car (at Length) as a CAMARO only mentions her as 'unknown actress'. Identified as girl #2 in credits, she is the flashback (british version) that girl #1 reminds Kowalski of. She is basically kissed and mauled in the back-seat by 'older cop' at approximately 34 minutes into the film, having her blouse ripped open and her breast squeezed for most of the remainder of her time (~20 seconds) on-screen.
Can't add a new actress as I don't re-review anything but mistakes, so will never reach 'senior', lol. edit hell out of this, np, but the actress info is gold.

Phr3d was written on May 21, 2007

Victoria Medlin's 'one breast'

Confirming scoopy's review, Victoria Medlin also appears for about 1 minute (total), and her right breast including nipple appears at ~51:25 for about 2 seconds. She is topless but covered by her long hair or in a sheer peasant blouse for the remainder of her screen time. Her picture at Mr. Skin does her NO justice, she's pretty cute in this film, but nudity rating is low (a scan up to face for confirm of no double, breast is close-up).
edit at will, I know I can't add an actress.

Runaway, Runaway (1971)
BushLeague was written on May 23, 2006

Guys can't wait to get at her boozooms

A guy rips her denim shirt open and flashes us her very taught 34b's during a struggle. She has a 360 degree nude playfest with Muray on the beach while wrapping herself in seaweed (she's not a natural blonde!). Nice heart shaped, no wiggle fanny to booty. Last a kinder, gentler gentleman slowly opens her shirt again and nuzzles her nubbins.

Angels Hard as They Come (1971)
12-string was written on January 5, 2005

brief, dark, unrewarding

Though the top-billed femme in this cult biker pic, Texter is only in it for a few minutes near the beginning. She has a dialogue scene with Scott Glenn, and a very dark sequence where she's sexually attacked by some of the bad bikers. You get a couple of very brief looks at her tits, in the dark, while they're manhandling her, and that's it.

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