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Gillian Anderson's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2007 Straightheads 4 Reviews
1998 X Files, The 4 Reviews
1992 Turning, The 21 Reviews

Gillian Anderson's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2013 The Fall 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Gillian Anderson member submitted

The Fall (2013)
Straightheads (2007)
fenix78 was written on August 10, 2008


Not bad view of her breasts, but the lighting is poor. Still worth it to see Gillian though

lattara was written on April 28, 2007


Above review was by me. Database ate my name, apparently!

whiteraven was written on November 7, 2009

Breast, LARGE nipples and a clothed sex scene

One ponders if marketing types actually see the films they promote. The DVD jacket described Danny Dyer (Adam) and Gillian Anderson (Alice) as a "couple". But Gillian is an executive and Dyer a workman who is installing a camera surveillance system in her flat who become involved after a physical assault where he is beaten and she gang raped. Dyer has been at her residence installing the system. Gillian returns home in a hurry to attend a party and decides to shower/change as Dyer finishes. Dyer of course decides to check out the system by viewing Gillian in her bedroom and about the 5:05 minute mark DVD, we get a tease as Gillian, blouse removed is about to remove her bra (shown on laptop screen). Then a quick change to the shower we see Gillian from just above her chest. A smile comes over her and we are not sure if this is because she realizes he might be watching or has decided to ask him to attend the party at a country estate with her (but a missed opportunity to show her on screen). Then back to Dyer in the kitchen watching a loop of her in the bedroom removing her bra and walking towards the bathroom pulling down her skirt showing that she is wearing a thong. I presume it actually is Gillian has her 'saggy' breasts and large aerolas are shown which seem to match what little she has shown. Do not get me wrong. I would much rather watch the beautiful Gillian's natural 'hangers' then the plastic fill of others. I only make the comment due to the natural of the limited/distorted presentation especially as she could have been shown more in the shower. The outdoor clothed sex scene at the estate runs from about 11:53 to 13:15. The group assault occurring shortly after they leave the estate which forms the basis of the movie is from about 17:34- 20:00 minute mark, no nudity. The view of the rape is as she is slamed face down on the hood of the car and is thrust forward as one of her sexually assaults her from or in the rear - camera view from inside the car. The first bedroom scene shown earlier is repeated as Dyer tries unsuccessfully to masturbate. About 41:26 mark starting with closeup on Dyer's scarred back (from the assault) bedroom sex missionary position, Dyer on top. Camera pans down to reveal Gillian's right breast/nipple in shadowed lighting. The angle bounces between Dyer who is having difficulty performing and Gillian. Gillian's nipple is very erect protruding nipples like 'doggy nipples'. After failing, Dyer climbs off and from about 42:00 to 42:05 a view of Gillian's left breast/nipple over her shoulder bed level as she remain laying on her back. The film is a psychological drama as well as a thriller and part of it is concerning the impact on Dyer and Anderson from the attack (such as Dyer's difficult to perform). After discovering one of the attackers, "Heffer", Dyer sneaks into his house to install hidden camera. But Heffer and friends arrive as Dyer is trapped upstairs. Retreating to a bedroom he surprises Heffer's daughter, "Sophie". He quickly covers her mouth while she is trapped under him. At first he is afraid of discovery but soon finds himself become sexually aroused and attempts to rape her but she is able to fight him off and escape through a window. He departs to find Anderson who was on her way to the house as she saw some of the activity via the hidden cameras (but not the attempted rape). Being very aroused, he become very amorous with Anderson and they quickly adjourn to their bedroom. What begins as an attempt of consensual sex turns forced as Dyer start ripping at her top which Anderson at first accepts but then he turns her over on her stomach and becomes more aggressive she fights him off. All this to setup that about the 54:26, we get a very quick and blurred glimpse of her cleavage and left exposed breast/nipple (on pause) as she pushes Dyer off and turns over. I viewed this on DVD entitled "Closure". Like the over viewers was just nice to see Gillian even if awkwardly. Was really surprised at how large her nipples were when erect.

Texasmovieman was written on December 25, 2007

two sceans

this movie is called closure in dvd. two sceans first is GA being viewed on comp cam undressing. secone is sex scean with great shots of her tits

X Files, The (1998)
Htr was written on February 9, 1999


In theory, when they're in the big alien ship in Antarctica, and Mulder saves her from the 'suspended animation capsule', she is naked, but you won't be able to she anything.For 'hot' Scully action, see The Turning, or the X-Files pilot, in which we see her in a bra and panties.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

panties and cleavage

I would give this a star for the panties scene alone. Yes you do see her full body in panties and bra in the pilot episode. You also get some great cleavage shots throughout this seene. I also hear that the movie has some very brief skin when she is in the water tank. Since the X-files was on TV no real nudity

falco08 was written on January 20, 2002


In theory, when they're in the big alien ship in Antarctica, and Mulder saves her from the 'suspended animation capsule', she is naked, but you won't be able to she anything.For 'hot' Scully action, see The Turning, or the X-Files pilot, in which we see her in a bra and panties.

dvddish was written on March 11, 2003


stop waisting space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Turning, The (1992)
Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Sex scene

Gillian and a guy are making out and begin taking off their clothes. Her shirt comes off and you can see her large, shapely breasts as they press against the guy's chest. He takes her down on the floor and they begin going at it. Granted it's not the most graphic nudity out there, but it's not as bad as some of the reviews make it out to be. Plus it's Gillian in a sex scene, which is worth a couple of stars in and of itself.

IloveGillian was written on June 16, 1999


If you pause it at just the right moment as they are going down you can see all of Gillian's right breast.

itookgillianandersonupthebum was written on October 17, 2000

Gillian Anderson Sex Scene - Lots of breast and nipple!!!

As well as the nude scene itself I like to grade the woman involved on my own individual scale based on what you should do if you got the chance to have sex with her in real life. My scale is as follows

***** Get into bed and put on your rubber and take her nice and slow! YOUR GOING TO HEAVEN!!!
**** Undress her and start doing it quick before she changes her mind.
*** She's worth spending the night with.
** Only if your desperate!
* Run for your life it's the Swamp Thing!

I rate Gillian Anderson as a *****

Gillian Anderson is the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. She has a divine and sexy body, the perfect figure, a beautiful face, the sexiest eyes I have ever seen and to top it all off she has a wonderful personality. Her amazing body is certainly done justice here as we get to see her naked breasts and we also get to see her having fairly steamy sex. In short if your a Gillian Anderson fan then you must own this this movie. Top class. Apparently Gillian Anderson took legal action to try and stop this film from being released which I totally fail to understand. YOU LOOK ABSOLOUTELY GREAT NAKED GILLIAN!!!! Why should she feel embarassed by this scene? She should be proud!!! The X-Files while one great is now just pure drivel and Gillian Anderson would be better off making more movies like this which would have a GUARANTEED male fanbase. This sex scene is one of the best I have seen and the same goes for Gillian Andersons breasts that are fairly large and seem very firm. The best parts of the sex scene have to be when her bra first slips off (a very, vey sensual and sexy moment) this is where you first catch glimpse of her nipple and the other moment has to be where her breasts are rubbing against the guys chest as they kiss. This scene is very horny stuff indeed. One of the best sex scenes on film featuring the most beautiful woman ever born. The film itself as a whole is awful but Gillian Andersons gorgeous, firm, juicy looking breasts make it well worth watching. Amazing and sexy. If you happento be reading Gillian then you can feel free to ask for my phone number! I'm saving myself for you, especially after seeing this scene!!!

j2k was written on April 1, 2002

nice boobs

The guy starts undoing her blouse and then they are kissing and then her bra goes down and they are still kissing and she presses her awesome boobs against him and you get great shots of you boobs and nipples... and then they keep kissing and lay down.

NudeyDude was written on July 19, 2000

Gillian is seen shirtless

I gave this scene a four because I love Gillian Anderson. This scene doesn't really furfill the needs of her fans but a great nipple shot is in the scene. I pray that this woman gets naked sometime soon. Oh and if your not a fan of Gillian don't rent the movie it's terrible

adidas_666uk was written on August 4, 2002

Bare Nipples

Probably being too generous for *** maybe 2.5, YES you do see Gillians Breast and nipple but its soon covered up by that guy. This is sadly probably the only nude scene Gill will ever do but we can all wish! GILL PLEASE DO ANOTHER NUDE SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!

KDE was written on November 20, 1999

Both breast, just.

Sadly as mentioned above, you really do see very little. Unfortunately as she is really famous now, I think that we are never likely to see anymore, so we are going to have to make do. Damn!

sandman was written on September 23, 1998


You see her tits rubbing against this guys bear chest. Not much really. One star. Maybe 2.5 if you pause it

Htr was written on February 9, 1999

Like above

She's kissing this guy, and takes off her bra, while pressed up against his chest. We see a quick bit of areolae but Ms. Anderson refuses to show us her assets in their full glory and keeps them pressed up against the other guy!What you do see is nice, but it'd be nice if see showed us more of her breasts.*** because it's Gillian Anderson.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

It's Gillian! Not great, but that's all you'll get.

She's got a lengthy scene that's mostly in a partially see-thru bra. Then the guy pulls it off and there's a nipple flash before she presses up against him. Probably the best frames are as she's lying down and her breasts are exposed - somewhat Julia Roberts' Pretty Woman scene. It's really not that great but if your a fan of Gillian's this about all she'll do.

DarkHorse was written on June 4, 1999

topless having sex

Very NICE body though you don't see all that much.

NuderyDude was written on July 12, 2005

Nice Side Breast Shot

Gillian is in a clinch with a dude, making out, he's barechested she's in a bra. They're goin' pretty good *smooch, smooch* then he reaches for the bra clip and undoes it. As he removes the bra she leans in against him so her breasts are pressed up against him which conceals her nipples but when the bra's removed affords an excellent view of the side of her milky round ones. Normally such a shot would be tame BUT IT'S GILLIAN DUDE. She rarely shows much and is all class which makes it 3 stars for me.

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Briefly topless

Scully finally pops her top. In her pre-X-Files career, Gillian Anderson starts making out with a guy and he removes her top and bra, briefly revealing her smallish tits as she rubs up against him. Most of it is from the side, but if you freeze-frame it, you can catch one of her nipples (I'm not sure which one it is), in plain view for all to see... you can't see it when it's at normal speed. Gillian Anderson, alongside Julianne Moore, is one of those beautiful actresses that isn't afraid to show her stuff while delivering excellent performances. I just hope she'll be like David Duchovny and show more skin.

rovingeye was written on October 15, 1999

Better Than Expected

I've heard a lot of people state how disappointed they were with this scene, but if you don't expect too much you'll be pleasantly suprised. No, it's not the nude scene that we were all hoping for, but it is erotic since there is something left to the imgination. No doubt...this woman has some nice breasts. Let's hope we get a plain view some day...

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

T and A

This is a horrible movie with tons of bad acting. The ONLY positive to this movie is seeing a young Gillian topless in a love scene. You can clearly see her breast and you get a shot of her butt too. I would give this a thumbs up.

CrazyKing was written on January 1, 2003

Making out

Big fuss about nothing really. I had heard much about this scene but don't expect too much - it's very bad. With pause you might be able to see a glimpse of her nipple - yawn.
Perhaps if you're a fan you'll find this scene erotic but I didn't.

Vijkay was written on March 13, 2002

Brief breasts

Gillian Anderson is a Goddess, so it's a shame that this scene is the extent of her nudity so
far (on film at least). Seen from her left side while kissing her partner, her top is removed revealing a slightly see-thru bra. This is soon removed too, and in the process, a very brief glimpse of her left nipple is seen. Her lovely looking breasts are now pressed against her lover's chest, and as he leans her back, a brief glimpse of her right nipple is seen. That's about it I'm afraid. Lets hope she does some better nudity soon!

badboy78 was written on September 13, 2006

THE love scene

You WILL need the dvd for this but as shes kissing her unknown co-star u can definetly pause and see her whole breast try not to wear that puase button out to much.

Jomyboy was written on October 12, 2000


well .. i think the scene is pretty cool ....
to see gillian nude in any movie is always cool ..
nice show of her boobs .. they are quite small though and dont look in the best of shapes !!!!
But still ... one worth a watch !!!

packman1 was written on November 12, 1999


you have to be fast with the pause but their is not much anyway but hey its all we have! maybe one day she will do a good one!

silk was written on November 5, 2002

sex scene

excelent shot

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