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2008 Flashbacks of a Fool 2 Reviews

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Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)
whiteraven was written on September 9, 2010

Nude during MFF threesome opening credits (Brunette)

Gina Athans plays Apple. She is the brunette (who leaves her dog behind) in the threesome shown from about the 2:26 - 4:27 minute marks as part of the opening credits and denoting the debauched lifestyle of the Daniel Craig character. Difficult to tell if they were suppose to be prostitutes, friends or groupies. Normally the type of scene that would be a three or more but as noted shown in a distorted fashion to reflect the drugs (cocaine) and set emo. But she is fully nude and comfortable with it. A bit of touching was going on and the girls seemed to spend as much time with each other as with Craig. (She is a professional model.)

lattara was written on April 23, 2008

Drugged-up Threesome

Gina is the brunette (I believe) in the three-way sex scene with Daniel Craig that plays right at the start of this film. The scene is shot with lots of fast cuts, close-ups, and image distortions - presumably to mirror the drug-enhanced goings-on - and it's not clear quite what nudity belongs to Gina and which to Julie Ordon but there are several breast and buttock views in the mix.

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