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year title
2008 Bedtime Stories 1 Review
2004 Naked Temptations 2 Reviews
2004 Naked and Betrayed 0 Reviews
2003 Voyeurs Sex Club 2 Reviews
2001 Sinful Temptations 1 Review
2001 Passion Lane 0 Reviews
2001 Emmanuelle 2000 1 Review
2001 Desire and Deception 4 Reviews
1999 Sexual Matrix 2 Reviews

Gina Ryder's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Best Sex Ever, The 2 Reviews

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Chicago was written on July 8, 2002

4 scenes in "Mystery Writer"

At :01.5-:01.75, Gina is pressed up against a wall, legs wrapped around her boss' ass as she's being pumped...breasts seen below her shirt and over her bra. At :03.75-:05.75, late at night Gina enters her boss' office with her outfit nearly off, he undoes her bra revealing her large breasts, takes off her panties (side ass and pubes), and she mounts and starts thrusting him on the chair...minimal bouncing despite rapid, hard thrusts = fake boobs. At :14-:15.5, Gina decides to get back at her boss by doing the guy down the hall...pubis and breasts as they go at it on the desk. At :18.5-:21.25, Gina and Susan Featherly have a f/f after Gina's boss is fired. Susan's topless, Gina's breasts come out of her red lingerie top at :19.25, they pour and lick white wine off each others' chests, Gina does a nice tongue lick and suck on Susan's nipple, Susan does a bad simu-oral, and Gina does a MUCH better simu-oral on Susan as there's no doubt her tongue is out and down on her...breasts mostly. Despite the f/f, 'Mystery Writer' is the weakest in the series so far.

Alex263 was written on April 16, 2006

2 with her boss (m/f)

Gina has sex with her boss twice in this movie and although the guy is kinda on the old side she does a great job of trying to screw him into the ground. She is so dam hot! Email me if you wanna chat more about her.

Bedtime Stories (2008)
Chicago was written on September 9, 2002

2 scenes in "Like a Virgin"

At :02.5-:05.75 in this episode, Gina imagines a fantasy as she is seen at (where else in this series?) the foot of the bed with the guy behind her...large fake breasts while stimulating herself with her hand down her panties. He then moves to simu-oral her, she gets on top (bouncing breasts and pubes, side ass) before he gets on top as she covers and stimulates herself with her hand. At :22-:26, Gina has a f/f with Kim where Gina's the focus. Her breasts are unleashed over the top of her silk lingerie as Kim then holds her and gives her a hand-job. The scene cuts to Gina being totally naked...ass as she rolls over on Kim's lap at (where else?) the edge of the bed. Kim then simu-orals her before there's a long close-up of Gina's ass while Kim strokes it and finally lays her head on it.

Naked Temptations (2004)
Alex263 was written on April 17, 2006

m/f scene

I totally agree with the above reviewer (and hopefully he will email me to chat more). This scene is totally hot from a male and female perspective. Gina Ryder has this quality about her that says, squeeze my boobs and do me until i am fully sexed and sweaty...and then do it again. Damn Gina...

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

a few scenes, all pretty much the same but very sexy

In the beginning of the film she is in bed with a guy and they both get naked and start to fool around. She shows off her awesome breasts while being done by the guy. Its a very hot scene and she is very revealing during it. Her next scene is in a darker room but she is still able to be seen ok. The whole time she is riding him on his lap with her back facing his front. But she is nice enough to let his reach around and do whatever he wants to her nice and juicy big boobs. Her last scene is at the end of the film and its very long. She first sits on the guys lap and lets him undress her and squeeze her breasts alot. After they are both naked she sits on a chair and he goes down on her for a while while he occassionally reaches up to grab her boobs. Then she returns the favor. Then she sits on his lap with her back facing him again and she rides him very fast making him moan. She shows off her boobs alot during the scene also. She then lays on his chest so that her can squeeze her boobs some more(I WISH I WAS HIM SO BADLY) Then she turns around and rides him with her front facing his. She rides him real hard and fast and they both go into orgasims. Then they finish off with a kiss and the scene ends. This is one of my favorite clips ever, its a must see.

Naked and Betrayed (2004)
Voyeurs Sex Club (2003)
Alex263 was written on April 16, 2006

First scene with guy

I agree with b00bman. Gina is a big boobed fox. The way they shake when the guy is doing her from behind is worth the price of admission alone. Email me to chat more about Gina.

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

Great scenes, a must see

Her first sex scene is with her and a guy in a bedroom. The undress eachother and move to the bed. The whole time the guy does her from the back which makes Gina's massive boobs shake alot. The do doggy-style and then they do it laying down(still with him from behind) and she lets him play with her boobs occassionally while she goes into many orgasims. The scene is nice and long too. After the sex they both get up revealing the naked rears to grab their clothes and get dressed. Her next clip is with a guy on a couch. At first she rides him cowgirl-style then they move to the couch. She rides him on his lap with her back facing him and grinds into him real hard. They do alot of screaming and theres alot of boobs moving. She really gives it her all on this guy. Her next scene is a lesbien clips. The two girls kiss and rub eachothers boobs and then start licking eachother. Then they both sit up and at the same time they finger one another real hard and they are both screaming alot going into orgasims. GINA IS SO HOT. I LOVE HER BODY! This is a great movie for those who love hot gurls with big boobs showing them off.

Sinful Temptations (2001)
Chicago was written on June 15, 2002

1 f/f/m scene

Why the focus in the scene is on the unattractive Lisa Throw rather than the more attractive adult film actress Gina is a mystery. At :38.5-:41.75, Gina has a f/f turn 3-some scene backstage with Lisa and the guy in the dressing room after a photo shoot. At :38.5-:39, Mia walks in on naked Gina/Lisa standing close to and touching each other and the guy watching as the two ‘party.’ After Mia leaves, the scene resumes at :39.5 with Gina kissing down her body (breasts, pubis), then Lisa kissing Gina’s breasts. The scene then turns into a slow moving standing 3-some with the focus mostly on Lisa as the guy does her from behind bent over the counter with Gina standing to the side. The sex is incredibly weak and you want to see more of Gina and less of Lisa.

Passion Lane (2001)
Emmanuelle 2000 (2001)
Chicago was written on August 18, 2002

1 scene

At :54.5-:57, Gina is behind the "Crew Only" door with a guy who takes off her top revealing her large breasts before simu-oraling her over her panties then without them. She squeezes her enhanced twins...ass too as they stand and kiss. She then gets it from behind while standing; there are some brief pubes also as she turns to do it standing facing, but not enough to earn it a 4th *.

Desire and Deception (2001)
Chicago was written on January 12, 2003

2 scenes late

After looking a little homely early, Gina freshens up and is ready to doff clothes with a guy at 1:05:45-1:08:45; while on the couch he removes her top revealing her largish breasts. The scene cuts to him sexing her from atop, she switches to the superior position adding a view of her arse in addition to her breasts (…but with odd rhythmic sex) before the two do it doggie-style and climax. Gina takes the movie home when at 1:26:20-1:27:53 on the bed, the guy unhooks her bra revealing her breasts before doing her from behind…breasts and some pubes in the shadows, and hip/ass after while lying on her side.

b00bfan was written on May 24, 2006

Rough and on the couch

Gina has great sex in this film. First she is making out with a guy on a couch. Then he takes off her shirt to reveal her very large breasts. She lets him squeeze, rub and suck on them for a bit and then the scene jumps to the sex part. She gets on top of him and grinds into him real smooth and deep which makes her moan alot. Then she kicks it into gear as she starts riding him faster. After that, she bends over for him to give it to her from behind. She really backs her butt into him nicely as he props his knee on the couch to give her continuous thrusts as fast and deep as he can and she starts going into orgasims. Once they get tired, the guy starts humping her slower as he reaches down to cup her juicy boobs until he finishes off.

Alex263 was written on April 16, 2006

guy/girl scene (2 of them)

There's two scenes in this movie when we get to see Gina in all her splender. The first scene on the couch is especially good. Check out the look on her face after he takes her shirt off...priceless. She wants it so bad in this scene and especially after her short is gone...damn. The guy is hot and pretty much into it too for "guy" fans although I don't recall seeing in any other movies. Enjoy this one.

coresoft was written on December 27, 2004

Two scenes with Erik

Gina has two scenes with Erik Carrington, both of which are so similar to each other you'll barely care to watch both. The first is better with some nice doggy action but this porn slag is not cute, not talented and her tits don't move. You could fit a ruler between these cans. If you like her, you'll like this scene but the girl can't act and her fake porno moans ruin an otherwise passable scene.

Sexual Matrix (1999)
Chicago was written on March 11, 2001

Strip Poker

As best I can tell, Gina is the blonde playing strip poker at :17.5 (3 min.) She has huge breasts for her size with smallish areola as you see her breasts and ass as she and the guy do a 69 and have sex on the couch.

coresoft was written on January 6, 2005

swinging scene with Steve

Gina is one of many porn stars that do not belong in softcore. The only porn stars that pull it off are the ones you probably don't realize have done porn, like Flower Edwards or Holly Sampson. Gina's hilariously fake implants and general slutty look do nothing to hide the fact that she couldn't make a Viagra addict hard.

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