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2000 Bossa Nova 1 Review

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Bossa Nova (2000)
nudity_elitist was written on June 23, 2002

what a crock

There are no less than 4 actresses I would have enjoyed getting an eyeful of in this vacuous flick. So, upon seeing that the guide listing said nudity (N) I watched every minute of it. Long story short, nothing. And I was praying for especially Giovanna to bare at least breast. But no. How does this happen? There isn't even enough skin here to warrant a brief nudity (BN) tag. My guess is that since this is a foreign film there is probably a Brazilian version complete with what I was after, and somehow the (N) followed it to this version by mistake. Whoever's mistake that was costed me 2 hours of my life. Giovanna's a fox, though!

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