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Hill, Arissa 2 Reviews
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Doyle, Katie 1 Review
Cannatella, Trishelle 5 Reviews

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Tonya Paoni
Sarah Jones
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004


this chick is beat but hey its a playboy shoot

Silverfish was written on August 31, 2003


as a fan of survivor, i was looking forward to this, because sarah jones looked fantastic on the show. i was disappointed. three stars for the frequent and abundant nudity, during a photo shoot and a walk/outdoor shower at the beach. it loses the fourth star because she didn't look her "survivor" best. who knew that a near-starvation diet, a tan, and weeks on a tropical island could transform a slightly overweight, pale looking woman with implants into a goddess? alas, she's returned to her former self.

Arissa Hill
slavedriver was written on August 12, 2003

I was hoping for Irulan, but she'll do....

More of the same type of nudity from Arissa, but more hairless puss and ass shots per second, hence the extra star. It does NOT mean I think Arissa is better looking than Trishelle, but rather I believe her nudity was more complete (which is what the stars are for, not personal feelings). Arissa's chapter was 6 minutes long, 2 minutes longer than Trishelle's for some reason, which sucks. It seems to me that Arissa has the better body of the two as far as tone, and roughly the same size tits (though Trishelle's might be slightly larger). Now, if they can just get Tonya from the Real World "wherever-it-was" (chicago?)--the one with the medical problems--and Irulan from Vegas that would be quite lovely.
The rest of the girls on this video are completely unknown to me and not really that good looking with horribly fake tits. I'll leave them for someone who can appreciate them to review.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 22, 2003

Her too

This is Trishelle side kick from the real world very hot half african american half italian very cute she also does the playboy with trishelle its gonna be great

Shannon Dragoo
Katie Doyle
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on August 30, 2003

nude throughout

this brunette from road rules gets naked in her layout she aint that bad

Trishelle Cannatella
ff was written on February 25, 2005


This is a Playboy video so what dou expect? You see her very nice breasts but there's not much on the lower frontal nudity department. There was a couple of shots that showed her completely shaved crotch but the best shots are the ones where she's in a see-thru panties with her legs spread showing her vagina.

StevieW was written on August 10, 2003

Gotta get this!!

I've seen partially nude scans of Trishelle and Arissa on a website called Celeb Nakedness,one word-WOW. They are obviously natural beauties,not a fake beauty like Mary Beth Decker of the current Road Rules season[who is pretty but has a very fake looking breast implants and a totally shaved pussy],I hope their pussies are hairy,their tits are both big and they both have nice hinys too,these girls look as great as I knew they would be!! I'd be nuts not to get this DVD!

slavedriver was written on August 12, 2003

How about a review from someone who has actually SEEN this?

Like myself, for example. All of the women are in brief scenes which are spread throughout this 53 minute documentary of Playboy photo shoots (magazine photos in the near future?), but each does have a chapter dedicated to themselves. Trishelle's is about 4 minutes long and shows her mostly topless in glamour poses, with one quick naked ass shot and what is apparently a clean shaven pussy, but obscured by clothing strands. Over all that she's talking about how nervous she was and blah blah blah. I don't know where the other reviewer got the idea that she is a stripper, so don't buy into that theory. I wouldn't call her particularly over-the-top hot, but at least she's one of the few chicks on this vid to have real tits. It's the familiarity factor which makes this interesting to me; I never watch that Big Brother or Survivor crap, and only infrequently was bored enough to watch the Real World, but the Las Vegas one I seemed to hate the least, as it were. Three stars for tons o' big boob action, one brief ass and a couple clothing-obscured furless beaver shots.

slavedriver was written on August 12, 2003


My disgust for implants overcame me. In actuality, only Tonya Paoni and Sarah Jones have fakes, so Trishelle is not "one of the few" women to have them. She is in the majority on this vid...fortunately.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 22, 2003

Nude Nude Nude

Now trishelle has been a stripper for awhile now since real world ended for her and now she takes it all off on this presentation from hugh hefner it comes out august 5th everyone reserve their copy now gonna be alot of hot chicks from reality tv shows like survivor road rules and real world! Trishelle is so hot and has the best tits cant wait to see them!!!!!!

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