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Misty Mundae
Penis was written on September 15, 2003

Nude throughout but the best scene comes at the end

Nude throughout as usual but the best scene appears at the climax (literally). The conclusion of the "film" takes place in a large field and involves Misty and a large group of her girlfriends engaged in a full scale orgy. Full nudity from all. One of Misty's best scenes to date.

Ruby Larocca
BushLeague was written on September 15, 2003

She's a lover and a fighter

She's completely naked wrestling another babe in a thong. During the struggle, her entire nuditude is displayed, except for P-lips. Her 34b, no jiggle cantaloupes with pointy nipples, her feather quill of a pubic hair strip, and her very firm heart shaped ass.

Darian Caine
vizier was written on May 1, 2016

naked throughout

She has 6 scenes,fully naked in all.several loves scenes,2 "gladiator"matches that end in girl/girl action and of course in the mass girl orgy at the end.Typical seduction cinema film,all the girls are naked and getting it on thoughout the film.

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