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Kristoffer Tabori
tungtung was written on July 3, 2004

shower scene and being raped

kristoffer tabori is a handsome actor from the seventies who frequently plays teenager roles in movies.
this movie is about a jailhouse. in the shower scene, Tabori goes frontal, which is real surprising.
in a later scene, he was raped by other inmates (yes, raped). but in the DVD version, this scene didn't show Tabori's butt or frontal.

by the way, Alan Alda is leading man in this movie but he didn't do any nude scene.

moviedoctor was written on January 6, 2005

rape scene

A handsome actor with a good looking, taut booty. Kris is the son of the late classical actress Viveca Lindfors. I wonder what she said when she found out that her son bared his tushie in a flick?

donby was written on July 9, 2004

Shower scene, one frontal shot, one rear

This nude scene is extrememely brief. You will have to pause and go slow. The very boyish Tabori has the frontal, another inmate has the rear shot. Alan Alda is in the scene, but we see only his chest.

A later rape scene has no nudity whatsoever.

This is a tv movie from 1972 and probably was considered hard-hitting for its time. Since it came from tv, one can only assume that the nudity was added later at the time of the dvd release.

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