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year title
1983 Lonely Lady, The 1 Review
1981 Spaced Out 2 Reviews
1978 Felicity 2 Reviews
1978 Alien Prey 2 Reviews

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Lonely Lady, The (1983)
Antman was written on June 27, 1999

Brief Topless Scene

She is the girl in the back seat with the obnoxous guy. Brief glimpse of breasts before she goes down on him. Scene occurs pretty early in the movie.

Spaced Out (1981)
Antman was written on June 27, 1999

A few topless scenes

Ms Annen has a few topless scenes in this terrible British sci-fi spoof. Her first topless scene is about 20 minutes into the movie.

thedoc was written on February 17, 2002

cloth changing

she is a wild reed in this movie but semi-sweet like chocolate and you can definently see her frontal nudity via the outfit showing her breasts and pubes.

Felicity (1978)
StevieW was written on June 2, 2002

Nice girl,nudity best thing in movie!!

Glory Annen is a marvel in this Australian softcore film. She appears fully nude several times throughout this film,she showers after ballet practice[fully nude,she has small tits and a pretty full bush],skinny dips in a river while 2 boys watch [only tits and a brief ass shot,but still good],then she leves her boarding school and travels to Japan,where things really get hot 'n' heavy! She trys on panties at a gay guy's boutique [lotsa bush and ass,very nice ans lasts awhile!],loses her virginity to a creep on a car hood who asks her to get "bare assed on the leather", she takes a bath while a guy watches her,meets a gorgeous Japanese girl named Mei Ling and they go to an oriental bath and of course have sex with each other [it's inevitable in a film like this,ya know??]! Then she meets a guy wh eventually breaks his leg and they have sex and then at the end of the film skinny dip and walk nude on the beach [this guy has a nice penis BTW,not that I'm gay or anything!]at the end of the film. If you're looking for this film,go for the unrated version,there is a heavily [and I do mean heavily!]edited R-rated version that cuts out all the good parts and reloops a scene with Felicity making out with a guy to pad all the stuff that was cut! It's a waste,like the R-rated version of Young Lady Chatterley,but that's another section!! See ya,SteveieW

Antman was written on June 27, 1999

Several nude scenes

This movie used to show up on cable all of the time, but I have not seen it in a long time. Ms Annen is the star of the film and appears nude many times.

Alien Prey (1978)
Antman was written on December 6, 1999

Two fair scenes and several lesser ones

(34 min) Breasts and buns during a lesbian sex scene interrupted several times by intercuts of other stuff. The scene is too dark to see very much, and the best part is the vocal orgasm she has when her lover uses a manual technique. (79 min) Breasts in a scene with the alien guy when he rips her panties off and has rough sex with her. Much better lighting in this scene. (Note) She is also briefly topless at 22, 46 and 65 minutes.

Coptional was written on June 26, 2007

Lesbian scene

Three stars easily for the lesbian scene...both breast and butt bared, although the spread-legged rear shots had a conveniently located bar on the bedframe block a more intimate view. Scene was shot in the dark, a pet peeve of mine in a lot of movies, not just nude scenes. Great stiff nipples, and a great vocal orgasm.

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