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year title
1982 Melanie 1 Review
1980 Those Lips, Those Eyes 1 Review
1979 California Dreaming 2 Reviews

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Melanie (1982)
soulman was written on October 22, 2001

Boob Shot

We get a nice boob shot when she's in waking up from bed .

Those Lips, Those Eyes (1980)
derek22 was written on March 4, 2003

breasts look nice

She shows her breasts while in bed with Robby Benson.

California Dreaming (1979)
Antman was written on July 3, 1999

Two topless scenes

The first scene is pretty brief, but the second is one of my favorites. It is a humorous sex scene near the end of the movie.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on December 8, 2010

Three scenes of quick T&A, plus one very hot bikini

Glynnis is all kinds of sexy in this movie, but for the real goods, you will need to pause and enjoy. She spends an awful lot of time wearing a fabulous pink bikini, with frequent pokies and some nice, lingering ass shots. Then there are her nude scenes. In the first, she enters the bathroom while taking off her top, showing off her nice, firm breasts. The second is towards the end, when TT makes awkward, awkward love to her. Both breasts, while on her back, but defying gravity quite naturally. TT tries to get her panties off and we get a quick flash of her fabulous backside. The third is during the morning after. We get a quick flash of one tit and, as she runs out of the room, you can catch a quick flash of her ass. Real quick. Keep that remote handy.

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