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Farrell, Amy 1 Review
Cherewchenko, Luba 1 Review
Carr, Vicki 1 Review
Bousman, Lena 1 Review
Bew, Corlee 1 Review
Alexis, Nora 1 Review

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Amy Farrell
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

Panty-hose heaven

Amy Farrell plays, Nancy Weston, the reporter trying to help the detective find the go-go girl killer. She gets drunk a lot, and at the end of the Stripper-of-the-Year contest, blitzed out of her skull, she climbs on stage, pushes Vikki Carr away and starts taking her clothes off. She has a nice thin figure but we don’t get to see much of her (just her bra and panties and bare legs). Right after the contest she is carried into her apartment and dropped on her couch, showing off her bare butt in sheer pantyhose. When she rolls onto her side, you can make out her dark pubes through the crotch. Over the next minute, while she fights off the killer, and for the next 3 or 4 minutes while the detective defends her as well, we can see her bare panty-hosed butt at least one more time. Her small, pointy boobs poke through her thin dress throughout the scene as well. For those of you with a panty-hose fetish, the last 5 minutes of this flick is pretty good.

Luba Cherewchenko
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

Strip-tease to please

Luba plays the (blonde) next-to-last contestant in the Stripper-of-the-Year contest. She strips down from white lingerie, to a g-string, in about 3 minutes, showing us her thin, lovely figure, with long legs, well-defined abs, B-cup-cakes (natural) and small, muscular butt. Her dance is intercut (annoyingly) with audience reaction shots.

Vicki Carr
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

Final strip-tease scene

Vikki Carr (not the famous singer) plays the final contestant in the Stripper-of-the-Year contest (in the last 10 mins. of the film). IMHO she’s the cutest chick in this movie and she has the nicest figure. She strips from a mini-dress down to a g-string in about 4 minutes, intercut with audience reaction shots. The camera does linger on her fabulous figure for 7 or 8 seconds at a time though, affording us a great view of her thin, shapely form, complete with real C-cups, long legs and firm, round butt.... and the killer doesn't lay a hand on her !

Lena Bousman
rocco-rules was written on June 4, 2005

Ogling herself in a mirror

Lena is credited as the "second go-go dancer", and she appears about 10 minutes into the movie, chewing bubble gum, wearing pink panties and a white teddy, and looking at herself in a mirror. She touches her upper body, while lowering her top and freeing up her b-cups. We get to ogle them for about 40 seconds, as she massages them, before the killer bops her on the head and .... well, go see the movie to find out how she dies !

Corlee Bew
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

Small boobs with big tassles

Corlee, a thin petite brunette, plays the first go-go dancer or stripper. She wears a g-string that shows off her small tight butt and two large tassles that almost cover her tiny titties completely. She dances and jiggles for about 3 minutes. You can see her from various angles, especially the close-up low angle.

Nora Alexis
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

The Cucumber and the Tender butt

Nora plays Lola Prize, an older stripper, with a fuller (but not fat) figure, who does a proper strip-tease routine. She starts out dressed like a man and ends up in a black panties and bra before her routine is interrupted by a feminist group. Later, after talking to and flirting with the detective, and being rejected by him, she walks to her refrigerator, showing off a muscular pair of legs and butt in panties, and pulls out a cucumber ! We can see her large boobs and nipples thru the transparent bra. Before she can "use" her versatile vegetable, the killer appears, cuts her throat, bends her over the table, pulls her panties down exposing her full round butt and beats it bloody with a meat tenderizer (I kid you not). We get a 5 or 6 second view of her nice ass before it's turned into hamburger. What happens next I can't describe - you'll have to see this sick flick yourself.

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