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Grace Jones' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1992 Boomerang 1 Review
1986 Vamp 1 Review
1981 Deadly Vengeance 1 Review
1975 Let's Make A Dirty Movie 0 Reviews
1973 Gordon's War 1 Review

nudity reviews for Grace Jones member submitted

Boomerang (1992)
[email protected] was written on May 17, 2002

0:33:30-she takes off her panties to show some specialist, Lloyd, what she means by "the essence of sex"; 1:19-after Halle Berry tells Eddie Murphy she has an idea for the "Strange" commercial, a video supposedly of Ms. Jones(shot from behind) i

In the first scene, the viewer is probably supposed to believe that was the only pair of panties she was wearing, but I think the opposite. The second scene could be showing her body, but you never see her face in the video clip plus you only see the side of a left breast, so it's crap just like the first one.

Vamp (1986)
cecil was written on February 23, 2002

stripper and vampire

She is a feline for her strip routine. She removes her robe and her top consists of a silver wire spiral over each breast and a third covering her lower frontal region. She is also covered with short white stripes. We get some close up views, but I couldn't tell if the stripes were painted on her skin, or if she wore a body suit. Later she is sitting atop Robert Rusler wearing the same three spirals, minus the stripes. Besides making out her breasts underneath the spirals, we also see close views of the side and top of her bare rear.

Deadly Vengeance (1981)
Striker was written on October 23, 1999

Sex scene

Grace does a very revealing love scene in this movie. There are some great shots of her tits and ass although I'm not sure if there are any clear beaver shots. Certainly worth a look anyhow!

Let's Make A Dirty Movie (1975)
Gordon's War (1973)
taurus was written on January 11, 2008

Top ripped open

At :43 her top gets ripped open by the bad (?) guys showing both tits, then they are seen again after they ransack the drug lab.

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