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Mary-Louise Parker
BMac was written on June 9, 2005

Barely noted

Like many average people, skinny, small-breasted Mary-Louise Parker looks better with her clothes on. But if you're a fan, there's a gratuitous 8-second shot of her beginning at 1:00.59. She's in a dark bedroom, but there's enough light that Parker's little boobies are visible. They're OK, but if you're looking for nudity, you can do better than Mary-Louise Parker. Fortunately, there are other reasons to watch this movie.

Gordon was written on November 12, 2001

Sheet pulled down to reveal breasts

We see Mary-Louise's character in bed as the sheet covering her nude body is pulled down to her waist. We get a brief look at her nice breasts, although the scene is rather dark. Mary-Louise is also so thin that her ribs are very visible; not that attractive in my book.

Alphonse was written on April 30, 1999


Kevin Kline's having a dream and flying around L.A. He ends up looking in Mary's apartment window, and he sees her lying in bed. She slowly pulls a sheet down, exposing her naked breasts. They're not the best tits in history, but they're nice enough. Great movie, worth seeing for other reasons.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

Topless Mary-Louise

We get to see her chest. The scene is a little sterile looking and not too sexy. But she sure is, too bad she never hit it big after Fried Green Tomatoes.

BouncyTits was written on May 10, 2001

good topless scene

About 1 hour and 10 minutes into this movie, Kevin Kline's character is going on a psychological tour of his life. As he flies around the city, he stops at his secretary's apartment (who he's been doing a little bit of cheating with). Mary-Louise Parker ("The Client") is lying topless in bed with a sheet up to her neck. The sheet is slowly pulled down to reveal Ms. Parker's nice sized hooters. It's kind of brief (about 5 seconds) but it's a good look at a sexy actress. The movie is pretty good, too, although could have been better if its message was more subtle and it wasn't so preachy.

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