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2012 Chroniques Sexuelles d'une Famille d'Aujourd'hui 3 Reviews

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Chroniques Sexuelles d'une Famille d'Aujourd'hui (2012)
GDH was written on January 12, 2013

Now with added penis!

The uncut German version of this ('Die Sexuellen Geheimnisse einer Familie') features, happily, more explicit nudity than the French cut: there are several good views of Annoni's penis - both flaccid and erect - in the sex scenes mentioned in my 2 July 2012 review.

GDH was written on July 1, 2012


We get good views, from a variety of angles, of hairy, chunky Annoni's bum during two sex scenes with Leïla Denio.

hickeyfan was written on July 9, 2013

All seen

In the first scene, when he pulls the actress's bra off, he seems to be the kind os star, who will avoid showing more. Well, his flaccid penis is seen clearly. This while making love, his butt is seen. Once done he has a leg covering his penis. The girl reached down, and his erect penis can be seen in the girl (marie)'s mouth.

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