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Annette Bening
jizz_mopper was written on November 24, 2013

Full frontal

Annette Bening is so, so painfully hot in this movie that whenever she was on screen, even clothed, I had an erection, then I was rewarded, and she showed the goods! First scene, she's laying on a bed and you get a good look at her sublime breasts as she talks to her landlord, the second nude scene is the creme de la creme, in which she's seen completely naked (full frontal) standing in a doorway. You get a good look at her medium sized breasts (which jiggle slightly as she walks) and her tasty looking bush. A slightly closer view with both boobs and most of her bush following this. I'm so jealous of Cusack in this scene, getting to grind against a naked Annette Bening. Man oh man, what I wouldn't give to munch into that glorious bush!

soulman was written on July 14, 2002


Bening is so hot in this film. She has 2 scene. The first she's tempting her landlord with a choice between her fully naked bod and the rent money (guess which one he chooses). Long lingering look at her tits while she entices him. The second scene takes place in Cusack's room where she emerges from the shadows nude. She then has him chase her across the room. Although the lighting could have been better, it's still a good look. Good look at her tits in both scenes.

BOD was written on November 11, 1999

lots of topless scenes

there are a lot of scenes here where she is topless and there is one full frontal nudity in a scene where she runs. You get to see her tits lots of times and in the full frontal scene, you get a glimpse of her bush.

Dante was written on January 14, 1999

various topless and full frontal

Plays Jon Cusac's girlfriend. Has a few topless scenes and one full frontal standing in a doorway...not bad.

alekhidell was written on September 24, 1999

naked romp

As she runs thru Cusaks house, you can see everything tits, ass, bush. Earlier scene shows her tits.

misterioso was written on December 25, 2001

Offering herself to the landlord to cover the rent

I was tempted to give this 4 stars because Annette is such a total sweetie, the kind of girl you'd love to take home to mom, or take off to bed. Unfortunately, this is the only nude scene by Annette that made a lasting impression on me.
Her body is beautifully exposed and her offer to the landlord would tempt most any man. Although her breasts aren't large, they fit her body nicely. Where can you find a cuter babe than this?

BMac was written on July 12, 2008

Nice but going nowhere

The two scenes cited by other views occur about 41 minutes and 1:13. The first one is decently lit and provides a good look at Annette Bening's attractive, average-sized boobs. The second benefits from adjusting the brightness. Bening's got a nice bod and I wouldn't argue with three stars, but both scenes cut off just before the fun is about to start.

StevieY was written on September 9, 2000

full-frontal Annette

Annette, the very beautiful and talented star of American Beauty, appears fully nude in this movie. Her lovely breasts, cute rear and furry pubes are shown in all their glory. It's easy to see how she caught Warren Beatty's eyes. Great nude scene and an exciting thriller co-starring John Cusack and Anjelica Huston. Definitely worth seeing!!

Icemanfr was written on April 11, 2007

Young Annette, Nude Bening

You can see hear in lingerie and after she's completely nude on her bed. You can only see her tits but wow, she looks great in her 80s look.

mcgreedy1 was written on November 19, 2006

Scene in doorway

The brightness level makes a big difference in both the doorway and earlier scene in bedroom. Raise brightness to about 95-98 percent when checking out both these scenes on the DVD.

dav345 was written on June 10, 2004

full frontal, real brief rear

A "normal" actress might get 2 or 2.5 stars for this scene - Annette gets a small bonus for being Annette. She has 2 nude scenes of note. In the first, she shows boobs and a HINT of pubic hair while laying on the bed in the nude to seduce her landlord into letting her out of her rent obligations. In the second, she puts that hairy bush on FULL display, albeit briefly, while standing in the doorway. Then, you see her cute heiney VERY briefly while she runs behind some curtains (you have to use your DVD slo mo to enjoy the butt). Overall, nice exposure from a lovely actress with a great bod.

uga was written on September 2, 2000

Grammy nominee shows ALL!!!

Annette is incredible. What makes these nude scenes so exciting is that her image is so squeaky-clean. She is a well-respected actress and a mother of four. But here she is in this flick playing such a naughty girl and showing off every bit of her awesome body! And I don't mean quick flashes of blurry skin. She lays on the bed on her back fully nude and unashamed. Plus, she plays such a sexy character. A must-see!

nudity_elitist was written on August 4, 2001

I Love You Annette

This movie is simply a gem. Annette is so fukkin cute i could cry. She gives her "all" in this performance. You don't have to go far down my favorites list to find the name Annette Bening. It's too bad this movie is all I have of her all her glory. I love you, Annette....you make me weak in the knees!

Cyclone was written on September 30, 2000

Lots of skin, but poor quality

I was quite surprised to see so much of Annette in this movie. Several breast shots, her butt, and even her bush...but that doesn't mean that I was impressed. She seems to have a good (but not great) body, but several of her revealing scenes were hurt by poor lighting and shadows. I'd really like to recommend these scenes, but honestly, I can't.

sirspread was written on December 15, 2003

lying on bed

35 mins into the film she is naked on her bed we get good looks at her breasts although the camera is not that close.she has smallish breasts and they are not that appealing.

axl was written on September 21, 1999

Teasing Cusack

While teasing John Cusack she runs from one end of the room to the next.The scene doesn't have the best lighting and although Bening is completely nude you only get to see T&A.It's still good though.

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