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1996 Más que amor, frenesí 2 Reviews

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Más que amor, frenesí (1996)
dvdcollector was written on December 20, 2003

Getting penetrated from behind

Nice-looking actor plays a gay character who gets fucked in the shower by a married man. The scene is a full thirty seconds. Because the other character gets far more exposure, this scene gets "only" three stars, but the butt and the body are definitely worth looking out for!

Mattg was written on April 22, 2002

Great ass and great gay sex scene

Gustavo plays the lovable gay character in this ensemble piece about various young adult Spaniards looking for love or lust. Within the first minutes, Gustavo strips down with his boyfriend, a closeted husband. They make out passionately, disrobing, and then end up in the shower for some hot sex. Great ass shots of both he and co-star Javier Albala during their hot shower/sex scene. It's really quite hot and explicit. After a little foreplay, Albala starts to fuck Gustavo's character from behind, and the camera pans away to look in the mirror just behind them. Very hot scene. Gotta love Euro flicks in which the only real sex scene is a gay sex scene. Fuck North America and the U.S. puritanical movie industry.

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